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Album posters

  1. 1. Rihannas album ‘apologetic’ features the main house style colours of black and gold. The colour gold is usually associatedwith ‘bling’ which is one of the typical conventions of the RnB genre .The colour black gives the album an edgy feel and canbe related to an individual being ‘sexy’ and ‘mysterious’ which is what most of Rihannas fans see her as. The large‘Unapologetic’ bold text featured in the middle of the poster uses sans-serif font and makes the album more recognizable.The text surrounding the album name also uses the type face sans-serif and has been written in large capital letters allowingit to stand out. The main ‘apologetic’ text is written slanted in a graffiti type font. The graffiti type font would appeal to theyounger generation. The rest of the album features a simpler text; the text however uses rounded letters to give the album amore feminine approach which appeals to Rihannas primary audience of females. The size of the texts varies fromimportance for example the artist’s name ‘Rihanna’ is the second biggest text written in gold which catches the audience’seye making them automatically know the album is Rihannas. Rihanna is well known meaning she does not need a picture ofher on the poster to sell the album, this shows just how big the artist actually is. The text telling the audience the date thealbum is available from is bolded which would stick in the individuals mind more making the audience go buy the albumwhen it is available.Ben Howard’s music is based in the folk/rock/indie genre meaning the album advert itself would have to have typicalconventions of the genres to conclude the album itself to the audience. A blue/green colour has been used to represent thesea. The neutral colour would appeal to both genders giving it a wider audience. The image of the sea gives it a care-free,wide open feeling of nature which links into the genre of folk/indie. The diver used on the poster could represent anindividual diving/searching for the music. It also relates to the album title of ‘Every Kingdom’ i.e. searching every kingdom.The white text used on the album allows the text to stand out on the background. The typeface of sans-serif has been usedto give the poster a more informal approach appealing to its primary audience of young people. Ben Howards name hasbeen placed at the top of the poster in the middle of the page as this is the main primary optical area. Ben’s name has beenbolded allowing it to stand out. Also Ben does not need to use a picture of himself on the front of the poster showing howwell known the artist is. All of the text used including the image of the diver is based in a central area. This is effective as theaudiences reading gravity would allow them to read the whole poster. One of the most important pieces of information isthe date the album is available to buy or download which is why it is placed at the bottom of the poster. Placing it in thisarea means the individual will read this information last and therefore remember it. Capital letters have been used for all thetext allowing it to stand out even more.
  2. 2. Jesse J’s music is based in the pop and RnB genre. Herposter and album cover have been created usingtypical conventions from this genre to appeal toaudiences. The image used on the front of this posteris the same as Jesse J’s album cover which makes itmore recognizable. The house style colours used areblack gold and white. Black is seen as a ‘sexy’ colourand can seem mysterious. The colour black used onthe poster could relate to the songs on the albumbeing serious issues. Jesse J uses direct address tocapture the audience’s attention. The open mouthpose makes this the first thing the audience wouldlook at. Black lipstick has been used on her lips with ahint of gold. This allows the lips to stand out from herpale complexion. The hint of gold feature on top of herblack lips accompanies the house style. The goldcolour is associated with the RnB genre through theuse of typical conventions such as ‘bling’. The typeface‘Jesse J’ is serif giving it a formal feel. This gives thealbum a rich look linking into the RnB genre. The fontused for the album title ‘Who You Are’ looks as thoughit has been hand written and ‘Jesse J’ in a fun, fancyfont which would appeal to the younger generation.Jesse J is a well-known artist and has been placed onthe front of the poster to bring in more of an audienceand allow the poster to be more recognizable. Theblack background which features information aboutthe album and Jesse herself allows the white andyellow text to stand out. The more recognizable songssuch as ‘who you are’ and ‘price tag’ have been placedupon the black background using n a larger font toentice the audience. Interestingly there is no datestating when the album will be out making this anunconventional music poster.