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Evaluation task question 4[1]


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Evaluation task question 4[1]

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the constructionand research, planning andevaluation stages?- Jodene Chisholm
  2. 2. I used a variety of media technologies so that I wasable to produce my music video. Some of the mediatechnologies included filming devices, internet, editingsites and social networking.
  3. 3. I used the internet to find research on three digipacks. Ichoose the artists Emilie Sande, Lana Del Rey and Mumfordand Sons. I choose these artists as I wanted to compareeach genres way of portraying the artist and how theymanipulate audiences into buying the CD by making itappeal to specifically them.
  4. 4. When creating my ancillary products I used the softwareAdobe Photoshop featured on my computer. I used varioustechniques on the software so that I was able to create asuitable ancillary that would eventually lead to a completeddigipack. To get an appropriate style of font that wouldappeal to my audience I used the website ‘dafont’. I thentyped in my selected artists name and print screened itonto a word document. After cropping around my artistsname I then copied the image into Adobe Photoshop whereI was able to edit it further and place it onto my ancillaryproduct. I also changed the colour of my image
  5. 5. I used a variety of mediatechnologies whilstresearching and planning howto create my music video. Iused the software‘MindGenius’ when planningmy initial ideas, creatingbranches on differentconventions so that I wasable to choose more easily towhich route I wanted to take.I also used the software ‘slideshare’ to convert certaindocuments into embed codes making it easier for me toplace onto my blog.
  6. 6. I used an iPhone to film the majority of footage for my video. Ifound this to be most useful as for parts of my video I wanted ahandheld effect which would give the video a more personaltouch. It was also easier to film the video on the iPhone ratherthan the Panasonic video camera. This was because the iPhonewas easy to carry around due to its shape and weight; I alsousually carry my iPhone with me at all times..The Panasonic however is a large videodevice to which I found difficult to travel with.The video quality of the iPhone I found to bejust as clear as the Panasonic which is why Ichoose to do this. I still however used thePanasonic camera for parts when first creatingmy video.When placing the footage onto the computer I hadto use a USB lead however at some points duringthe process of editing we were unable to use thisway of placing the footage onto the computer and sohad to send the footage from the iPhone on email.
  7. 7. I used Adobe Premier whilst editing my music video.This software enabled me to cut parts of my footage sothat I was left with only the parts that I needed. I couldthen place the footage at appropriate times making sure itfitted with the song and matched the lyrics. It also allowedme to add effects such as fades so that the footagerunned more smoothly and fitted better with the song. Asmy original footage picked up sound that I did not want inmy music video I simply deleted it using the cut button.
  8. 8. The social networking site Facebook was used whilstevaluating my music video as I set up a ‘Media Focus Group’.The focus group consisted of me inviting a group of individualsto the group where I had placed my music video with a set ofquestions. This was successful as I ended up getting feedbackback.
  9. 9. We use digital technology to distribute media from the samemachine. This is called technological convergence. It is onlyrecently we have been able to do this for example in the pastyou would have to record a song in a studio however intoday’s day’n’age we are able to record a song using an appsuch as ‘logic’ on our very own Ipads. I have usedtechnological convergence through editing my music video onAdobe, turning it into an MP4 and then distributing it to aworldwide audience on YouTube.