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Audience research findings


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Audience research findings

  1. 1. Audience Research (questionnaire) findings Q1.What is your gender? As we can see from the pie chart, the number of females participated in this survey much more than males, which occupied 67%. I gave out all the questionnaire in random through asking whether they would like to do this survey. This result means that the opinions are are more representative of a female point of view. Females are usually paying more attentions in music and latest news in fashion, on the other words, females are always the target group of people in music/ music video area. I will take this account when targeting my product towards a specific audience. On the other hand, I know my target audience will be female mainly as my artist is a handsome and young man.
  2. 2. Q2.Which of the following categories does your age fall under? Although I have listed all the intervals from 0 to 60+, the people are only coming from three different age groups. Most participants are from “16-20” age group, and some people comes from “36-40” age group with 13% people coming from “60+” group. In my opinion, young people are always the target audience for pop genre music, the pie chart above reflects this clearly. As the main group of supporting the pop genre music, the target audience of my media product will be teenagers and young adults, as they have more interests in pop music and music video. To be more precise, this answer will be particularly useful and influential when choosing a target audience and constructing my video.
  3. 3. Q3.Please assess the following popular music genres against your opinion of them.*
  4. 4. A close-ended question, respondents here indicated that Pop and Rock music were the most favourable genres, which 40% people have chosen “ love” individually. However, taking into consideration the second choice (“okay”) as well, pop comes out as the overall winner. On the contrary, there is no one “love” Rap music, but 20% people hate this
  5. 5. genre. Although there are most of selected people choosing “okay” of rap, it still has a large amount of people who do not like it. In term of R&B, Heavy Metal and Dance, people seems have less knowledge about them so that some people chose “neutral” or “don‟t like”. Also, some people hate those kinds of music indeed(to be honest, I am one of them because I really hate dance and heavy metal music). My song choice, “ Price Tag” is a combination of the pop and rap genres. Interestingly, the pop is the winner but rap is the last favourable genre. But I believe I can challenge it in my music video in order to let more people accept rap music. Q4.Outline your favourite music video(s) and why it is your favourite.* 1. This is a answer from a female between 16 to 20 years old. She wrote that she liked narrative-based music video, which contains some interesting or moving story in it. The reason why she prefer stories in music video is the story helping her to understand music and attract people. 2. This is a male from the same age group. He said he liked Nirvana unplugged in New York the best. Because it showed their personality and brilliant music skills. Nirvana is a United Kingdom-based progressive rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I thought him must be keen on rock music so that even though it was a
  6. 6. really old band, he still can find out them and like them. 3. This is a male from “60+” group. He likes the “PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT by MEAT LOAF”. It was first released in 1977 on the album Bat Out of Hell, with vocals by the American musician Meat Loaf alongside Ellen Foley. It is most notable for its unique structure and length, and has become a classic rock radio staple. 4. This is a female from “ 16-20” age group. She likes “ When You‟re Gone by Avril Lavigne” the best. This is a narrative based music video, which I have analyzed it before. Personally, I love this music video very mush as well, it is such a impressed music video which has given me a deep impression. 5. Here is a answer from a Jason Mraz‟ super fan. He said he loved every single music video by Jason Mraz, and the reason is because he likes everything about Jason Mraz. In my opinion, his songs can be regarded as combination of pop and rock genre music, which are the most popular genres shown from the research results. Moreover, here is a list of people choosing their favorite music videos: You belong with me – Taylor Swift Lazy day – Bruno Mars Love story- Taylor Swift 23 – Miley Cyrus
  7. 7. Part of me – Katy Perry Learn to Fly –Foo Fighters In conclusion, as most of the participants are between 16 to 20 years old, pop are still the most popular genre in music video. Although I know people find it difficult to single out a particular video, this question was required indeed. Some people didn‟t write down any feedback about this question but fortunately, I still got some answers which helps me a lot in knowing which kinds of music video audience will like. In addition, I found out that Taylor Swift „s music videos are very popular and liked by many teenagers. I am going to watch more videos of her music and get some ideas from them. On the other hand, I noticed people prefer narrative-based music video. There is a short story in my initial idea of my music video so I feel I am safely covered here.
  8. 8. Q5.Please assess the following music video criteria against what you feel makes a music video interesting.* Summary: Very important: the artist‟s performance/star image/the pace of editing matching the tempo/making the audience think and ponder over certain…/ Important: interesting camera angles/telling the audience a story/special
  9. 9. effects Neither important nor irrelevant: juxtaposition of different shots/a distinct “digesis”/ “world”/close-ups of the artist/a banding of reality Not important: taking issues of representation/jump cuts/objects, characters, actors, camera,etc/ In all, the artist‟s performance can be regarded the most important in music video shown from this audience research. In this situation, I am aiming a great artist performance going to be presented in my media product, as I am going to find out the most suitable actor. In addition, interesting camera angles are important. In my opinion, the “camera angles” is not the main point but the “interesting” is. Audience are looking forward to something new in media product, so that they prefer some brand new and interesting camera angles to bring them into the music videos. The pace of editing matching the tempo and special effect are also regarded as some important parts for music video, as they are very basic requirement for a pop music. It is surprise that some categories are not important for some individuals. For example, although jump cuts are not crucial, I feel they can make the beat of the song combine with the images better, in order to present a impressed video.
  10. 10. Q6.Of the following, which do you feel outline your reasons for watching music videos in general?* To be entertained was the winner here, followed by identifying with the artist, lyrics, themes and /or narrative and learning something, both of which occupied 27% of this pie chart. As we can see, music videos mostly mean entertainment and released the pressure from work and study. So that a good music video must be entertaining in order to attract more people (let them feel relax and happy). On the other hand, there are so many real media product exist. If a music video want to be successful, it has to be more innovative, i.e. special idea of story narrative, new technique in creating the music video, fashion costume and make up, combine other countries‟ culture and so on. I have to do both of challenge and improvement of the real media product in order to create a good music video.
  11. 11. Q7.Would you rather a ”pop” video be performance-based, narrative-based, or a fragmented blend of the two?* As we can see, more participants chose “performance-based” in this questions. It can be said, I have give out more “ star image” and the actor in my video has to have a excellent performance. I chose “ Price Tag” and in its original music video, there are a large amount of “star image” and actor‟s performance. In my initial idea, I want to combine the narrative and performance. Actor‟s performance will be the main line in my music video, but some short story will be added in order to make the video more substantial. Q8.Do you enjoy “pop” music videos that tackle issues relating to representation?*(e.g. race, sexuality, age, gender, stereotypes, etc)
  12. 12. Q9.Who is your favourite singer? I have got a list of the name of participants‟ favorite singers: Sam Tsui, Jason mraz, Stereophonics, Radwimps, Adele, One direction, Katy Perry, The Stone Roses, Avril Lavigne, ABBA, Marcela Morelo, Ramones, Nirvana, etc.