3. feedback complete


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3. feedback complete

  1. 1. 3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?As part of my evaluation I needed to get feedback regarding my created music video. I was able toget feedback by setting up a focus group on the social networking site Facebook. I firstly created thegroup and added a selection of people. I made sure my selection was a broad range of ages and anequal number of genders so that I knew I would get the best possible results. I asked questions suchas what improvements could we make? What about the video did they personally like or not like?Does the video appeal to the target audience of teenagers and young adults? And if the video usesconventions based in the pop genre?The audience’s responses to improvements that we could make were all mainly the same. Audiencesthought that we should sync the video up to match the lyrics of the song more as in parts it didn’tseem to fit. They also thought there should have been more shots included on individuals miminglyrics. I agree with this and think that improvements should be made in this area. If I was to createthe music video again I would take this into account ensuring the improvements were met.When asked what about the video did they personally like or not like? Audiences responded bysaying they particularly enjoyed the editing of the video. The footage shot that we split into two orthree boxes seemed to be favourite parts. The audience also liked the variety of settings used andagreed that this was a typical pop convention. They also personally liked how consistent the videowas. In my feedback audiences didn’t give an answer to what they personally didn’t like about thevideo. I think this is because they didn’t want to offend me however if they had criticised the videomore I could have made improvements so that my music videoappealed to them more.Feedback gave results that my video appealed to audiences of teenagers and young adults withreasons being that we used characters that were of the targeted age group. Also appealing toaudiences as they can relate to what’s happening in the video through what they are doing andsettings that were chosen. One individual also said that the song type we have chosen would appealto audiences this can be true to an extent but is a very stereotypical view.Audiences gave feedback on what conventions were used for the pop genre. The feedback told methat the settings that were chosen fitted in with conventions of the pop genre this included thefootage of the DJ and club. The feedback also stated that the editing of the split screen was aconvention of the pop genre and worked well within the video.