2 how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts


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2 how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

  1. 1. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?The genre I based my main product and ancillary tasks on is Pop. This is why I used particularconventions that allowed me to create successful products. I used the Guttenberg design principlewhen creating my ancillary products by placing the name of the artist ‘Roar’ in the middle of theprimary optical area and strong follow area. I believed this to be a strong place to put my artistsname especially as the background image of the CD features a female punching the air whichhappens to be underneath the artist’s name. I used the setting of an elevator to create a quirky lookfor the album as the ‘pop’ genre is common for being unique whilst the strong pose representsstrength and power. These qualities would appeal to the audience making them want to buy thealbum and giving them a glimpse of what kind of music will be on the album. All of the font used onthe front cover of the CD is coloured white as this is the colour that stands out most whencontrasting with the image. The style of font used for ‘Let it Roll’ adds to the quirkiness of the albumwith the font featuring in white boxes making it stand out even more. The artists name ‘Roar’features a simpler font with the ‘o’ featuring a dot inside making it look more creative. I used asimple black background for my CD along with white text that makes it stand out. For the back coverof my created album I used the colour black then faded it to white. The fade deteriorates from fullblack to white starting from the primary optical area. I decided to place a barcode on the right in theweak fallow area as this is where the price will be. This is a good place to put the barcode as it is thelast place the individual will look making them want to buy the album through the conventions usedbefore seeing the price. They will be more likely to buy the album this way. The text used is a serieffont. I have chosen to use this font to make the album more informal and appeal to the audience.The font is a convention of the pop genre due to its style. Making my ancillary product more realisticI used the logos ‘Universal’ and ‘Parkwood Entertainment’ and placed it above text that wouldappear on any album. There is synergy between all three products as they all work together keepingwith a consistent house style. Conventions of the pop genre have been used so that if the album wasmade in real life it would be successful.Whilst creating my advert I took the album covers image and placed it onto an A4 document. Thedocument I am using is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop allowed me to place a black background ontothe image so that the text was able to be seen. I used the colour white sticking with the albumshouse style and because it would stand out on a black background. The pop genre is known on theadvert through the text showing a ‘young’ style that would appeal to the genre. Part of the textremains sans serif making it informal and appealing to my audience of teenagers and young adults.However part of the text is also sans-serief as the ‘cinema’ effect of the advert is shown. The advertand digipack are a demonstration of synergy as the housetyle has remained consistent throughout.You would be able to tell that the advert is advertising the album automatically through the albumitself being shownand the house style.Synergy has been again used when comparing the music video to the advert and digipack. This isthrough the genres quirkiness. The abstract clips of teenagers having fun link into the conventions ofthe pop genre. This includes the different locations used whilst the elevator shot links into theabstract theme to the video. The elevator shot would be classed as an abstract image however itsrepresentation for the album through ‘power’ and ‘strength’ make it appropriate.