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Genre narrative


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Genre narrative

  1. 1. Ancillary 1Product ……………..Genre ………………..Technical and audiocodes –Design and layoutFonts/Colour scheme/written style(lexis/tone)Chandlerwhat are theconventions ofcontent?Iconography Setting/Miseen SceneCharactersChandler: what arethe conventions ofcontent in yourAncillary one?I have chosen to usemainly dark colourswhen creating mydigipack. The typefaceused has beenspecifically chosen toappeal to my genre.The Guttenberg designprinciple has beenconsidered for myancillary.The elevator givesthe album aquirky feel.I have includedbarcodes andlabel records tomake thedigipack seemmore real.The position thegirl is in ispowerful.The girl used on my ancillaryis fashionable and representspower. A blur has beenadded for effect making thegirl stand out more.Neale: What are theinstances ofrepetition anddifference?The layout is similar tothose of a POP album.The album looksquirky linking into thePOP genre whilst thecharacter fashionable.The colour schemeandfont used representthe house style of thealbum and are similarto those of a POPdigipack. The housestyle is consistentthroughout.Elevator is arepetition as thequirkiness of Popis representedhowever I havenever seensomeone use an‘elevator’ torepresent this‘quirkiness’making it achallenge tostereotypes.The colourscheme I havechosen for mydigipack isdaring as Popalbums arestereotypicallybright thereforeI havechallenged theaudience.Attractive performer on thealbum cover with theposition she is in standingout.Have you appliedNeale’s mentalmachinery to yourwork? How?The font used for ‘Letit Roll’ represents astereotypical fontused for a POP Cd. Thefont is large grabbingaudience’s attention.Elevator The house-stylecoloursPosition the girl ois stood inwill make the audience feelpowerful and gives theaudience a feel of what thealbum is going to be about.Chandler’s theory allows me to explain how I have used typical conventions of digipack inorder to create my ancillary album digipack and poster. There is a consistent house styleshown across my digipack. The house style includes the colour scheme used which is mainlyblack. Black gives the album a darker edge making it more mysterious. It challenges the POPconvention as POP is associated mainly with bright colours however I think the black workswell linking in with the album and the effect I was trying to produce. The black also suitedthe dark colours I used.The typeface used on my album relates to the pop genre making itappeal to audiences. The image of the girl standing in the elevator with her head and handpushed towards the sky represents power. The elevator also links in with how the pop genreis stereotypically known to be ‘quirky’. You are unable to see the girls face as I wanted theattention to be focused on the name of the album and artist which is also why I used ablurry affect to bring the focus away from the character. Neal’s theory describes how themusic industry repeats itself through the main micro aspects of media. The positioning ofmy ancillary products are fashionable similar to other cd digipacks and posters. The font has
  2. 2. been specifically chosen to appeal to appeal to a pop audience. The audience for Pop is widehowever I believe my target audience would be teenagers and young adults. Manyalbumschoose fonts that suit a specific audience for example a soft curvy font is morefeminine whilst a straight jiggered font is male based. I have chosen to use both kinds offonts on my album giving it ‘gender neutral’.I have created verisimilitude by adding thebarcode to the back of my album along with record labels such as ‘Parklife Entertainment’and ‘Universal.