Progressives in Government


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Progressives in Government

  1. 1. PROGRESSIVES in the WHITE HOUSE “ The welfare of each of us is dependent fundamentally upon the welfare of all of us."
  2. 3. Teddy Roosevelt 1901-1909 “Trustbuster” How did he become President?
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  4. 7. <ul><li>McKinnley assassinated </li></ul><ul><li>At 42, the youngest President ever. </li></ul><ul><li>A man of privilege – supports the common man. </li></ul><ul><li>The first “modern president.” </li></ul>President Teddy Roosevelt                             
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  6. 10. “ It is the duty of the President to be the steward of the people” Stewardship
  7. 11. “ In life, as in football, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard”
  8. 12. Teddy Roosevelt 1901-1909 “Trust Buster”
  9. 13. “ I believe every American deserves a Square Deal
  10. 15. Sherman Anti -Trust Act, 1890 Railroads Steel Tobacco Sugar TR filed 44 anti-trusts lawsuits
  11. 16. The Plight of the Coal Miner Coal Strike of 1902
  12. 17. The Great Strike of 1877 Remember: The role of the Federal Government in labor disputes
  13. 18. Coal Miner Strike of 1902 140,000 coal miners in Pennsylvania strike and demand a 20% raise and 9 hour work day, and the right to organize.                             
  14. 19. TR
  15. 20. The Role of TR Roosevelt invites both sides to the White House to talk. Threatens to send in Federal troops to take over mines Opposing sides agree on arbitration commission to settle the strike RESULTS: 10% pay hike and 9 hour work day and……                             
  16. 21. “ For the first time, the American people are represented at the bargaining table…”
  17. 23. Railroad Regulation 1887 Congress passes Interstate Commerce Act and the Interstate Commerce Commission 1903 Elkins Act - made illegal for RR’s to give or receive rebates 1906 Hepburn Act – Gave Congress the power to regulate RR rates.                             
  18. 24. Meat Inspection Act, 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, 1906
  19. 25. Protecting the Consumer 1906 Meat Inspection Act Influence of Upton Sinclair 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act Influence of Dr. Harvey Wiley 1996 Pure Food and Drug Act Updates More Scientific meat inspection methods                             
  20. 26. First President to take actions toward conservation of the environment (Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902)
  21. 27. Roosevelt established policies (Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902) to set aside money for protecting the nation’s environment and its wilderness lands. A total of 150 million acres of land in Alaska and the Northwest were added to land already under the protection of the Federal Government .
  22. 28. In 1904 TR vows not to run for re-election after his second term. He hand picks his successor William Howard Taft who wins easily in 1908 What did he accomplish?                             
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  24. 30. WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT 1908-1912 GOVERNMENT REGULATION Busted over 90 trusts in 4 year term Dissolved Standard Oil Monopoly (1911) Ida Tarbell? attacked tobacco and steel monopolies                             
  25. 31. The Election of 1912 Wilson: “New Freedom” Gov’t in the Economy; Free market competition Roosevelt: “Bull Moose Party” Gov’t action to supervise big business Taft: Conservative Progressivism And the winner is…                             
  26. 32. Teddy Roosevelt enters the 1912 Presidential race as a candidate with the “Bull Moose Party”
  27. 33. Influence of the 3 rd Party Candidate The People’s Party (Populists) 1892 The Progressive “Bull Moose” Party 1912 A Third Party Platform often provides an outlet for protesting politics by focusing on extreme solutions to controversial problems                             
  28. 34. The Election of 1912
  29. 36. Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921
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  31. 38. Wilson’ Agenda Don’t regulate trusts, break them up! Don’t expand Gov’t, shrink business! Give greater freedom to the average citizen                             
  32. 39. 16 th Amendment – Income Tax 17 th Amendment – Direct Election of Senators 19 th Amendment – Women’s Suffrage LEGISLATION                             
  33. 40. Creates the Federal Reserve Board to regulate Banking and the nation’s money supply Federal Reserve Act                             
  34. 41. What does the Fed do? The privately owned, publicly controlled Bank of the U.S. created in 1913 i ts functions include: Processing Checks Serving as the Gov’t Bank Controlling the nation’s money supply                             
  35. 42. LEGISLATION Federal Trade Commission Act (1914) and Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914) Designed to eliminate unfair business practices!!!