Socialization And Mass Media


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Socialization And Mass Media

  1. 1. SOCIALIZATION and MASS MEDIA Influence on _ View on l’e“‘P‘*°“"° Socialization Socialization Functionalist Confliet Symbolic
  2. 2. FUNCTIQNALIST Y Stresses how socialization contributes to a stable society Infl n n i ’ ’ n Network programs “encourage” social integration by exposing the entire society to shared beliefs values, and norms
  3. 3. CONlj‘LICT Y Socialization is a way for the powerful to keep things the same Infl n n i ‘ ’ n Newspapers owners and editors exercise power by setting the political agenm for a community
  4. 4. SYMBOLIC INTERACTION Y Socialization is the major determinant of human nature Infl n n i ’ ’ n Through words, pictures, children’s book we expose the young to the meaning of manners, love, parenthood
  5. 5. MASS _MEDIA Communication designed to to reach the general population. Examples: T. V., magazines, news papers, radio, movies, internet, tapes, discs Images of achievement and success, activity and work, equality and democracy
  6. 6. INFLUENC_E of MEDIA By the age of 20 you will have seen 1 million commercial messages You will spend and entire year of your life watching TV By age sixteen the average American will have seen 20,000 homicides on TV Is data outdated?
  7. 7. STATISTICS There are 31.6 million 12-19 ye'ar-olds in the U. S. - the largest generation ever. (U. S. Census Bureau, 2000) °Teens are exposed to an estimated 3,000 ads at day. (Adbusters) °65% of U. S. teens have TV sets in their own rooms. (Kaiser Family Foundation) °83% of U. S. teens reported going online last year. (Teen Research Unlimited)
  8. 8. STATISTICS con’t ‘In 1998, U. S. companies spent nearly $200 billion on advertising. Worldwide ad spending is estimated at $435 billion. (Advertising Age and the United Nations Human Development Report, cited in Klein) ‘Last year, U. S. teens spent an estimated $105 billion and influenced their parents to spend an additional $48 billion. (Teen Research Unlimited)
  9. 9. Africa Parliicncd. 191.1 D Franco D England I Germany [3 Portugal - Bclgiult D Italy — Sat‘-n Independent "In much the same way that the British Empire tried to take over and profit from its wealth, corporations look at like this massive empire they are colonizing and their weapons are films, music, books, CDs, Internet access, clothing, amusement parks, sports teams. " Robert McChesne__v