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Storyboards and website for comics


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Guide for the exam

Published in: Education
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Storyboards and website for comics

  1. 1. Drawing Tasks for Superhero Exam • Could be… • Poster, which we’ve done in class. Remember to include names of stars, title, BBFC age certificate, web-site, social network symbols. • Website – which we’ve done in class but I’ll add another version at the end of this powerpoint • Promotional Partners – the type of toys, products etc that might be produced to promote a film • A cover for a DVD or box set – use your poster idea.
  2. 2. Storyboards for Superhero Movie You might be asked to produce a set of storyboards. This set is just an idea and at 12 pictures, I’ve probably made two too many.
  3. 3. • You may be asked to storyboard a trailer or a short sequence. • I doubt you’ll be asked to provide more than 12 images If it’s a trailer, remember to have the production company logo (you may be given the name) and have one slide with the title of the film and its website
  4. 4. Must Haves… • A variety of camera distances. Make sure you have at least two long shots, two close-ups and two medium shots • Edits • Times – probably no more than three seconds; make sure the times are quicker as the action gets more exciting • Music and sounds of action • If you can’t colour them, indicate bright mise-en-scene when it starts and everything seems okay and a dark mise-en-scene when the bad guy is there