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Henry jenkins


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Convergence Culture

Published in: Education
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Henry jenkins

  1. 1. Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture
  2. 2. • Jenkins sees fans as cultural producers and that cultural identity is something in which we participate. • Remember – Collective Identity is not just representation by the media but SELF-CONSTRUCTION by users of the media • He refers to “Convergence Culture” (2008) • This is a step beyond work that developed as a result of filmmakers work with communities – like Amber Films in Newcastle, which has created films after working with local communities, set in those areas and using local people for their casts – or even their photography work, as seen in the recent exhibition, For Ever Amber, featuring images taken by photographers who worked in local communities. • Increasing access to a range of digital technologies has enabled people to express themselves to a potential audience of millions I the age of web 2.0 • He sees this as the intersection of old and new media – an area where consumers fight for control – a reflection of the growing power of individuals and grassroots groups to affect the media landscape • Jenkins – each of us constructs our ow personal mythology from bits and fragments of information extracted from the media around us • Collective Identity becomes a shared space that is continued on blogs, YouTube and social network sites
  3. 3. • Scotswood: Then, Now, Next – created by the Pink Ladies group based at Scotswood Area Strategy. • 2,363 views • Broadcast on the Newcastle - based YouTube Channel, Archive For Change, a repository for short local documentaries about the Scotswood area in Newcastle – some original and some already existing and uploaded to the site. • Remember, this sort of thing doesn’t have to use sensationalist plotlines to capture its audience
  4. 4. • Will this lead to a breaking down of old identity borders? • Maybe, but there are fan blogs and non-official web pages that continue to extend and re- represent the particular views of WC life that have been mediated through literature, photography, journalism, film, television and now on the internet