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Magazine blogging


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Presenting material on a blog

Published in: Education
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Magazine blogging

  1. 1. Media Blogging Digital Platforms
  2. 2. Rationale • AS:
  3. 3. Rationale • A2 Planning
  4. 4. Rationale • A2 Evaluation:
  5. 5. Rationale • A2 Evaluation question 4
  6. 6. Rationale • The problem with this is that the goalposts seem to change every year. Methods that might get a good mark one year might not get one the next because someone at OCR has decided that another platform is the in thing – though we only find out when we see the moderator’s report AFTER the results come in, so we have to use as many as we can and hope for the best while looking for others and encouraging everyone in the class to use them
  7. 7. Blogger • Students have to create blogs to present their work and they need to be linked to the departmental blog, which acts a as a hub so they can access each other’s work, we can see their progress and, ultimately, the moderator can see it. • We also use this blog and the GCSE one to post resources and tips for the students • •
  8. 8. • Megan Burnett’s blog – Megan did a lot of the work on this and tried out most of the platforms
  9. 9. Slideshare and Slideboom • Slideshare and Slideboom are effective ways of presenting Powerpoints on the blogs. • Students have to sign up – but it’s free, • Slideshare won’t allow you to present moving images on a free account • Slideboom will, for a limited number of posts • The Powerpoints can be uploaded on the host site and then students copy and paste the embed code to their blog
  10. 10. Front Cover Analysis Using Slideshare. Example The Website
  11. 11. Meta-chart and SurveyMonkey • The idea behind presenting work is to be visual wherever possible. The board doesn’t like huge blocks of text, so Meta-chart was a good aide for presenting results of questionnaires and surveys • • SurveyMonkey seemed the obvious choice to produce questionnaires: •
  12. 12. Questionnaire/survey results Meta-chart. My Example The Website
  13. 13. Magazine Questionnaire SurveyMonkey My Example The Website
  14. 14. Reader Profiles Microsoft Publisher was used in this particular case, though other students used Photoshop My Example The Website
  15. 15. Flat Plans – necessary to show projected layout of print work, even the students do it retrospectively and change the date of posting – not that we encourage that, of course…. This example uses Publisher; other students have sketched out their designs, scanned them and posted the results and others have used Photoshop My Example The Website
  16. 16. Emaze • This is a really attractive way of presenting work because of the visual trickery, such as the 3D effect – though in school, this won’t work on some of the computers, so you’ll have to take my word for it • It’s similar to Slideshare, but flashier and you upload your text and pictures straight to the site, not via a powerpoint • All these sites are free and provide tutorials •
  17. 17. Emaze – to present Marjorie Ferguson’s theory of facial expression My Example The Website
  18. 18. Prezi – probably the most commonly used method of presentation after Slideshare and it comes with a range of forms and backgrounds. Again, text and images have to be uploaded directly to the site My Example The Website
  19. 19. – another slideshare type platform My Example The Website
  20. 20. Powtoon – a way of presenting slides using animation – and with music, if you want it. Animoto and GoAnimate are similar platforms, but you only get a 14 day trial for free My Example The Website
  21. 21. • Other slides-type presentations where the material ius uploaded directly and not via powerpoint: Canva - • Visme • And this one - Zoho My Example The Website
  22. 22. – allows students to present ideas for planning
  23. 23. Fodey snippet.asp This site can generate newspaper headlines and was used by Courteney Harding to create a poster for a local newspaper
  24. 24. Soundcloud • Sound files can be uploaded to Soundcloud and embedded into a blog post so the students can produce podcasts
  25. 25. Especially useful in Y13 where students are expected to present part of their evaluation, research and planning to camera – as well as presenting their finished production. Some students went the extra mile and used split-screen to so they could display the work they’re talking about YouTube
  26. 26. • The proof, I guess, is in the pudding and all these methods have been used by students over the past couple of years, but we’re always on the look out for new platforms