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Daredevil (mark steven johnson 2003)


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Daredevil - basics

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Daredevil (mark steven johnson 2003)

  1. 1. Daredevil (Mark Steven Johnson 2003)
  2. 2. • Matt Murdock - lawyer • Friend and partner- Foggy Nelson - comedy character • Powers- blind but other senses are exaggerated work out where things are with soundwaves etc. • No super strength but he’s agile and fit • Uses martial arts • Has billy club - can swing from buildings
  3. 3. Origin • Origin blinded by radioactive material that heightened senses - As a child, Matt was blinded by a toxic waste spill. The accident enhanced Matt's other senses and gave him sonar to "see" via sonic vibrations • Matt's father, boxer Jack "The Devil", was killed after refusing to turn in a fixed fight for the mobster (who has connections to the Kingpin) who had employed him earlier. After his father's death, Matt promised to stop all crime that controlled Hell's Kitchen, New York as the vigilante crime-fighter "Daredevil". • Matt now fights for justice
  4. 4. Elektra – love interest • Elektra – strong female character – featured in her own film after this one • Daughter of Greek millionaire who’s connected to the |Kingpin through business deals and no longer wants anything to do with him • Attractive, independent, skilled at martial arts • Matt fancies her/ she fancies him - flirt by fighting • Bullseye kills her dad with DD’s billy club but she blames Daredevil who was distracted • She fights him but is killed by Bullseye – who DD goes after
  5. 5. Bullseye • Bullseye deranged hit man who can turn anything he throws into a weapon – even a paper clip • DD defeats him by dragging his hands in front of a sniper’s bullet and sending him crashing through a church window where he falls on top of a car but at the end of the film, he is getting his powers back and we see him kill a fly with a syringe needle lands on the writers car
  6. 6. The Kingpin • Kingpin – mobster - tough and muscular ‘business’ who has become rich through criminal activity, especially the drug trade. • Sees himself as the ruler of Hell’s Kitchen – the area of New York that Daredevil lives and works in • Hires Bullseye as an assassin to kill Elektra’s father • Defeated by Daredevil • Earlier DD allows a criminal who didn’t get convicted to die on the underground tracks • Later allows kingpin to live jail as if he learned during course of film DD said, I'm not the bad guy the kid don’t hurt me when DD was beating up a thug • Key theme justices how it’s carried out police see him as a vigilante police can’t take down the kingpin