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Year 13 – to do


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Media Studies

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Year 13 – to do

  1. 1. Year 13 – to do…
  2. 2. • Evaluate at least THREE (that’s THREE, Hannah) similar products – for the main task and the ancillary tasks • Produce a PITCH for your production – if you can, emphasise a unique selling point (USP) and you must talk about your target audience • Produce a questionnaire to help you understand the needs of your target • Present the findings of the questionnaire in bar graphs or pie charts or whatever – but remember to COMMENT on the findings
  3. 3. • Produce some initial storyboards and try to break down difficult scenes carefully – you can produce up to date storyboards later • Cast and location work – you can take photos so this isn’t presented just as text. If you need permission to film in certain locations, you must make a note of this on your blog – it all counts as research • Music rights. Most, if not all, of you will be using music from other sources. You need to get in touch with the publishing company to ask permission. It’s unlikely they will say no; it’s more likely they won’t bother to reply – but post your email/tweet/whatever anyhow…
  4. 4. • Flat-plans for ancillary tasks – you are all capable of getting full marks for these tasks. You can, of course, make alterations later in light of any new decisions you make • You must update your blog on a regular basis and you must produce a podcast – maybe one every two weeks. If nothing else, you can recap what you’ve done. • Any changes to plans must be blogged – it all counts as progress
  5. 5. Narrative and Character Theories • You need to show some awareness of both – there’s a powerpoint on the A Level blog. • Ask if you’re stuck • It might be a good idea to apply them to one of the texts you’ve looked at AS WELL AS YOUR OWN • Bear in mind that character types in Propp may be combined or, at least, not as straightforward as he implies
  6. 6. • Script! Yes, you need a script. Your ideas may well change, but you need to have a script. If it’s a music video, then break down the action in terms of the lyrics • Anyone working in a pair must have specific tasks assigned to them. Even if you both contribute to everything, you will have to pretend that the tasks were divided out and you both did something specific in order to help their marking
  7. 7. • When you film – make a call sheet • See to-write-call-sheets/ • sheet/ • There’s an example here, but yours won’t need to be as detailed: professional-call-sheet-template/