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Spider man (sam raimi, 2002)


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Spider-Man - basics

Published in: Education
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Spider man (sam raimi, 2002)

  1. 1. Spider-Man (Sam Raimi, 2002)
  2. 2. • Peter Parker – in high school; clever science nerd; not well-liked bullied by Flash Thompson and his friends • Lives with elderly Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a small house located in New York • Likes Mary Jane Watson – but she is seeing Flash Thompson • Friend – Harry Osborn – son of scientist/industrialist Norman Osborn. Norman seems to like Peter more than his son, who doesn’t seem interested in what his dad does. Harry later goes out with Mary Jane
  3. 3. Origin • Bitten by genetically modified spider - increases strength and senses, can climb up walls and can produce webs that allow him to swing from building to building and which also can be used as a weapon • Uses strength to make money by wrestling – selfish at first to impress Mary Jane Watson [going out with Flash] because he wants to buy a car • He allows a criminal who has just robbed the man in charge of the wrestling to go past (because he didn’t pay him enough), then he later kills his uncle • Becomes Spider-Man, the hero – vengeance at first, then justice
  4. 4. The Green Goblin • Villain – Green Goblin – Norman Osborn – scientist/businessman who makes weapons – likes Peter Parker – his son is Peter’s best friend • Norman goes mad due to an experiment + being kicked out of his own company. He becomes The Green Goblin, although he’s not aware – the bad side of his personality takes over • The Goblin attacks parade to get back at the people who fired him - Spider-Man saves M.J who falls for him. • Later, he saves her from being mugged and again from the Goblin, who challenges him to either save Mary Jane or a tram car of school kids – he does both! • Goblin tries to kill Spider-Man but he kills himself by accident.
  5. 5. Ending • Eventually, Mary Jane wants to go out with Peter Parker but he can’t – she’ll be a target for any enemies • Norman Osborne’s Funeral, he remembers his uncle Ben’s words: “With great power comes great responsibility” • This inspires him but at the same time, it will limit his social interaction because he fears his friends will become targets of the villains • Harry suspects Peter Parker of being Spider-Man and wants to avenge his father - a story that is continued in the sequel.
  6. 6. Themes • 1. Secret identity + it’s problems e.g love with M.J; Aunt May threatened; Harry-friendship ruined • 2. How is he viewed? Mostly loved but Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle uses his paper to criticise him • Peter Parker takes photos of Spider-Man and sells them to Jameson who then uses them against Spider-Man! • New Yorkers side with him and throw rubbish at the Goblin when Spider-Man is rescuing Mary Jane and the schoolchildren • Personal life – nerd, bullied, love, school • Power and responsibility