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Chapter Dashboards – Part 2: Gather, rather than hunt for your data


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Learning Objectives:
- Identify the status of current data processes
- Steps to improve the data gathering process
-Tools other organizations are using

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Published in: Technology
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Chapter Dashboards – Part 2: Gather, rather than hunt for your data

  1. 1. Gather, rather than hunt for your data Chapter Dashboards – Part 2:
  2. 2. What’s Measured is Real  Aligning your organization  Engage to create  Setting KPIs Part 1 Series Overview Gather, Rather Than Hunt For Your Data  How to find the data Data Utilization How to Share & Leverage Data  Putting your data to use  Keeping cadence Part 2 Part 3 watch?v=2_KGW-_6sos
  3. 3. Today’s Learning Objectives Process Identifying the status of current data processes Next Steps Steps to improve the data gathering process Tools Tools other organizations are using
  4. 4. Kyle Bazzy Director of Growth Proud Detroiter Billhighway Technology that solves real problems exclusively for component-based organizations Founded in 1999 Why Are We Qualified?
  5. 5. Develop a Plan 01 02 What’s Next? 03 Start Small 04 Tough Love 05 Simple Tools Data Aggregator 06 07 Why Data Aggregation? 08 How to Pay for Tools 09 Lessons Learned 10 Ask Me Anything AGENDA What You Will Learn
  6. 6. I. Develop a Plan 01 Why? Why is the data being collected? 02 What? What data will be collected? 03 Where? Where will the data be collected? 04 Who? Who will collect the data? 05 When? When will the data be collected? 06 How? How will the data be collected?
  7. 7. Manual or Automatic?
  8. 8. How would you rate your process? (scale of: 1 = dreadfully manual, 2= in-between, 3 = fully automatic?) Question
  9. 9. 01 Share & Leverage Data 02 Senior Leadership Commitment 03 Test Data Collection Process (e.g.Pilot) 04 Keep Collectors in Mind II. What’s Next? “All of the different policy changes that I’ve implemented have not come from me. They’ve come from my CEO in the form of a letter or e- blast, or they’ve come from the board of directors, or they’ve come from the state chapter advisory group.” – Dresden Farrand, MPA, MPP, CAE, Senior Director of Membership and Chapters at CoSN
  10. 10. 01 Analyze the state of your data 02 Review your bylaws 03 Determine long-term goals04 Examine current processes III. Start Small
  11. 11.
  12. 12. IV. Tough Love 01 It all begins with you! 02 Are you holding them accountable? 03 Cadence04 Have you asked how to make the process easier?
  13. 13. V. Simple Tools Excel or worksheets Google Analytics Current Programs: AMS, Survey Tools, Marketing Automation, Accounting Package
  14. 14.
  15. 15. VI. Data Aggregator Examples  Zoho  Data Cracker  Data Hero  OfficeReports  Discover Text  Google Forms
  16. 16. The problem: NCACPA had too many data systems & only collected data 4 times a year because it was too painful The solution: Worked to centralize the organization’s data storage—not by replacing or consolidating existing systems but rather by building a “data mart” to integrate with all of them VII. Why Data Aggregation? North Carolina Association of CPAs staff spent 16 hours— two solid business days— generating a complete report of its key membership statistics, pulled from its association management system and compiled in Excel. 16 hours
  17. 17. VIII. How to Pay for Tools Service Fee Model • Split costs with chapters • Requires HQ buy-in • Take % of transaction • No upfront cost to chapter • Make separate revenue stream
  18. 18. Lessons Learned 01 Know what you have & use it02 Start small03 04 It all starts with you Create a plan
  19. 19. What medium would you prefer for an online CRP community/forum? Question
  20. 20. Q&A – Ask Away!
  21. 21. How to Share & Leverage Your Data Chapter Dashboards – Part 3: • Understand and reflect on how data is shared in your organization • How data is used to make decisions in your organization • What data do you already have that would be valuable to yourself or other decision makers? Date: Wednesday, November 16th Time: 12:00-12:45 PM E.S.T.
  22. 22. Knowledge Bank bank/association/
  23. 23. Knowledge Share Session Chat about a chapter project, initiative or challenge that you have on your plate. Even if it’s just to bounce some ideas around or hear what we’ve seen other use. Additional Resources
  24. 24. Kyle Bazzy 586.480.6419 (cell) AMA: Ask Me Anything