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The Mystical World of Chapter ROI


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In this slide deck, we cover:
- Common obstacles that stand in the way of tracking ROI
- How others in the association space are tackling these challenges
- What drives ROI
- How to start tracking individual component performance

You can view the recording here:

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The Mystical World of Chapter ROI

  1. 1. the Of Chapter ROI Unicorns are impossible to find. Chapter ROI doesn’t have to be.
  2. 2. Why Are You Here? ?  You’re not sure chapters are worth the effort  Chapters require a lot of time, money and resources to support  I’m sick of fighting with my chapters!  Members had a poor chapter experience  Not sure if membership structure & chapter model is working  HQ colleagues question if you even need chapters!
  3. 3. 05 One of the fundamental problems that associations have when it comes to this value assessment and performance evaluation process is that, in the majority of the cases with associations with chapters, the data sets are fragmented. They don’t have a unified data set. Peter Houstle, Mariner Management Are Chapters Worth The Effort? CALCULATE ROI 5% NO PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT 1/3
  5. 5. 03 04 What Are We Discussing Today? 01 02 03 Strategy Component Challenges ROI How to drive & track chapter ROI Resources Share resources
  6. 6. Kyle Bazzy Director of Growth Proud Detroiter Billhighway Technology that solves real problems exclusively for component-based organizations Founded in 1999 Why Are We Doing This?
  7. 7. 05 The Challenge Is Real… International Association of Administrative Professionals  Surveyed members  Found poor member experience at chapter level resulting in members not renewing Air Conditioning Contractors of America  Membership increasing in states WITHOUT chapters  Declining in states WITH chapters Source:
  8. 8. Organization: CoSN • CoSN Membership CoSN State Chapters Told to Grow Chapters with no budget and one staff person Education Technology: CTOs Create 501c3 Institutional Membership Umbrellas under existing 501c3 Component Model: 12 Chapters Run by Volunteers or Employers Doubled component model to 26 2 Inactive Chapters
  9. 9. What makes a good component? • Provide good member experience • Willingness to build brand awareness • Deliver products and services of national and will they invest in other offerings • Sustainability of the organization • Shared revenue model Bob Harris, CAE – Association Consultant Structure + Strength + Sustainability = Strong Component
  10. 10. Stronger Chapters = Stronger Associations • Increased members by 38% • Increased sponsorship revenue by over 300k • Increased products and sale by over 70k • Doubled membership in 4 states • Increased retention by 24%
  11. 11. Chapter Challenges Communication Challenges Governance Challenges Staffing Challenges Obstacles to ROI 01 02 03 04
  12. 12. Chapter Challenges Leader Suffer from a dysfunctional leader Misalignment Volunteer, Staff & Board Misalignment National Opposition Active opposition to national strategic initiative Burnout Volunteer burnout Recruitment Inability to recruit new members
  13. 13. Staffing Challenges Chapter Volunteer Leadership 65% Full-Time HQ Employees 3.3 Mariner Management’s 2016 Chapter Benchmarking Study
  14. 14. 05 How Does This Stand In The Way Of ROI? Meet Eugene the Unicorn! Component Relations Professional (CRP) @ Federation of Mythical Creatures (FMC) FMC has seen high turnover due to recent demographic changes; it’s been hard to get new volunteers… The Result  Some chapters have become unresponsive and less structured  Inconsistency and lack of transition to new volunteers
  15. 15. Communication Challenges Alignment  37% of associations indicated that their chapters are somewhat or rarely aligned. Cadence  Do you have regular communication with chapters?  Do you have portals or knowledge bases, etc. for volunteers to get information?  Are there set expectations for volunteers?  Do you have a process for volunteer transition/training? Quality control  Are chapters just hitting quota (number of events, etc.)?  Or do they consistently deliver the professional experience members need and expect?
  16. 16. 05 Meet Eunice the Unicorn! Eugen’s coworker at FMC Eunice is the new Director of Membership Services In the past, members received different messages and had different onboarding experiences, plus they didn’t have a place online to renew their membership The Result  Value props get lost in translation. It’s like a game of telephone from national to the chapters to the members.  Members find it too hard to renew, buy products or register for events – so they stop trying to How Does This Stand In The Way Of ROI?
  17. 17. Governance Challenges Chapter Responsibility Risk Management Limited Effectiveness Uniqueness Between Chapters
  18. 18. Member retention/renewals Event upselling New memberships Product sales What Drives ROI? aka ROI
  19. 19. What Should You Measure? 41% Membership Retention 40% Member Recruitment 27% Event Participation
  20. 20. When done right, the chapter experience can be one of the biggest drivers of member retention. ARMA members named their chapter engagement as their top benefit on member- satisfaction surveys, [Trevor] Mitchell said. “If we’re investing in them, it increases our national retention rate and growth rate.” When done right, the chapter experience can be one of the biggest drivers of member retention. ARMA members named their chapter engagement as their top benefit on member- satisfaction surveys, [Trevor] Mitchell said. “If we’re investing in them, it increases our national retention rate and growth rate.”
  21. 21. Where Do You Start? Measuring and tracking ROI is impossible without data…
  22. 22. Member Retention = ROI Member Turnover  Renewal rates? Engagement rates?  What data do you have to support this?  Quality of chapter data?  Is it a manual or automated process? (think of the volunteers and your staff!)  What are your plans for the future to get this data? The ROI  Increase in renewals or maintaining a high percentage = ROI  To measure you need accurate chapter member and financial data 38% Membership Renewals 38% of members cite lack of engagement with an association as the number one reason for not renewing their membership
  23. 23. 20% Member Attendance In one sector, associations reported only about 20% of all members attended chapter-hosted events Conference & Events = ROI Consolidate the Process  Technology tools or standards provided by parent  Event turnout?  Incoming dollars?  Member experience?  Chapter spend on tools? The ROI  Costs of tools are easy to measure  Compare against engagement/participation and retention 1. Member Engagement  Member Value  Member retention 2. Member acquisition 3. Registration Fees
  24. 24. New Members How many new members do your chapters bring on each month? Year? New Membership = ROI Sharing Data is Key  Chapters and parents need to share data – regardless of level of affiliation  Support chapters need  What is working and share with other chapters The ROI  # of new members per chapter and the costs of membership  Understanding how majority of members are acquired  Categorize and determine an average cost per type of acquisition Dues $$ How much are those members paying to the parent? The chapter?
  25. 25. Types What types of products and service are chapters providing? Product & Service Sales = ROI Standardization Can Help  Too much variation makes ROI more complex  Standard fees for specific types of products and services  Consistent process to share volumes and revenues with parent The ROI – What You Need  Categories of products and services and identify cost associated with each  Time, promotion, etc.  Product and service feeds – how much?  Volumes Payment How much are they charging? Promotion How are they promoting the product/service?
  26. 26. Strategy 1. Form a working group of locals 2. Identify chapter PAIN 3. Get HQ on board 4. Give a little to get a little
  27. 27. Keep It Simple #1
  28. 28. Know What Matters #2
  29. 29. Know Your Obstacles & Challenges #3
  30. 30. Collect The Data #4
  31. 31. Interpret The Data #5
  32. 32. Learn From Other CRPs #6
  33. 33. Components as Drivers of Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement Date: Tuesday, October 4th Time: 12:00 pm E.S.T Speaker: Dresden Farrand, MPA, MPP, CAE Senior Director of Membership and Chapters, CoSN Stronger Chapters = Stronger Associations. Understand how to strengthen and acquire new chapters. Find out how CoSN increased membership by 38% What’s Up Next?
  34. 34. ASAE/Associations Now  Component Relations  Governance Structure  The State of Association Chapters Mariner Management   Chapter Performance Dashboards  Tech Tools for Chapters Marketing General Inc.  bank/ People Power Unlimited   Active Chapter Video Series Association Success  Transform Culture Books  Transformational Governance: How Boards Achieve Extraordinary Change  Component Relations Handbook: A Guide to Successfully Managing and Motivating Chapters, Affiliates, and other Member Groups  Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition  What Makes High-Performing Boards Whitepapers  The Association EXEC's Guide to Improving Organizational Performance Additional Resources
  35. 35. Kyle Bazzy 586.480.6419 (cell) AMA: Ask Me Anything