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Eportfolios offer an excellent way for learners to manage and demonstrate their learning, however, they are not always the natural first choice e-learning tool for a lot of educators. This means introducing eportfolio systems like Mahara can be quite alien to a lot of educators. It requires careful planning and support to ensure educators can confidently and successfully incorporate Mahara into their teaching and assessment program. This presentation explains what you should consider when introducing Mahara to educators.

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  • Welcome everyone and introduce yourself –Elearningebusiness eportfolio consultancyePortfolios Business Manager for the Australian Flexible Learning FrameworkFacilitate ePortfolios Australia and Moodle-MaharaMeetupWork with prominent business development programs/leaders like the City of Salisbury and City of Onkaparinga, as well as universities, VET providers and schoolsE-business Workshops / Webinars for national organisations such as ACPET, VELG Training, TDC, Wendy Perry & Associates
  • How doesMahara complement LinkedIn (Portfolio vs Profile)Mahara as their inwardly reflective, portfolio (internal)LinkedIn as their outward, professional profile (external)People often wonder what the difference between LinkedIn and an eportfolio.LinkedIn is a very important online professional network site which enables you to learn from and with other professionals well beyond your current professional network. But it’s a ‘public’ site, where your information is shared openly.While an eportfolio is a more private place where you can invite others to view all or some of your information. This is often where your reflective journal is stored – either private or limited access or open to the public, but where you control how people interact with it.
  • Pedagogy oh pedagogyLetting go – moving from sage on the stage to guide on the sideChallenging their values about learningLearning centred – teaching them how to fish
  • UniSA – Nursing template by David Birbeck but could easily be contextualised for an educator
  • JIT resources / supportUser ManualYouTube videosMahara championsMentors / coaches
  • Mahara Hui 14 - What to consider when introducing educators to Mahara - 200214

    1. 1. What to consider when introducing educators to Mahara? Mahara Hui 14 Allison Miller 19 March 2014
    2. 2. Slides available at
    3. 3. Session Overview • Users before instructors • Pedagogy oh pedagogy • Contextualising their learning • Time to explore, discover and grow
    4. 4. CC-BY Image: Wade M – Why? - Encourage educators to be Mahara eportfolio users (with a purpose) Before becoming Mahara eportfolio instructors (with a mission)
    5. 5. LinkedIn Mahara Internal Professional Network Journal - Private Reflections Private CV External Professional Network Groups – reflective dialogue Public CV
    6. 6. CC-BY Image: Father and son fishing - Pedagogy oh pedagogy
    7. 7. Find this document at: Contextualising their learning through examples
    8. 8. Contextualising their learning through examples Find this example at:
    9. 9. Contextualising their learning through templates Find this template at:
    10. 10. Find this template at: Contextualising their learning through templates
    11. 11. Evidencing professional standards for teachers using eportfolios Webinar – 26 March 2014 Contextualising their learning through PD etc
    12. 12. CC-By Image: Vanguard Visions – Matrix Melanie - Time to explore, discover and grow
    13. 13. Find more info at:
    14. 14. 2014 Moodle-Mahara Meet-up Byline? 30 September 2014 Venue TBC, Melbourne
    15. 15. 2014 Eportfolio Forum & Workshops Moving Forward 1-2 October 2014 La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus, Melbourne
    16. 16. 2013 Eportfolio Forum Digital Identities, Footprints and Networks Great resources available follow ePortfolios Australia: • Twitter: • Facebook: • LinkedIn: • Slideshare:
    17. 17. Allison Miller 0400 732 270