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Just because you have a website, and hopefully a social media presence, doesn’t mean that people can easily find your business online. There are millions and millions of websites on the internet so how can website stand out from all of the others to attract customers to it?
You need to be regularly updating your website, undertaking simple steps which will increase your search engine optimisation (SEO), and using other online marketing techniques to be driving people there, but this requires careful consideration and planning.
These slides will help you plan your digital marketing approach to ensure you are driving customers to your website and making the most of your online business opportunities.

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  • Introduce yourself / –
    Elearning ebusiness eportfolio consultancy, and supplier of connected and essential services
    Managing a community website since 2008, and my own business website from January 2012 so sharing from the perspective of a small business owner, and someone who works with a lot of small businesses, and not a website developer
    Also write blog posts on this topic for VV & ePF Australia, and develop small business short courses, including ‘Building and managing a website or blog’, for TAFE Now (TAFE NSW)

    Encourage questions / discussion

  • So why is now a good time to be working on your business website?
  • The internet is a game changer, with a number of industries significantly changing or being ‘broken’, for example :

    Music industry being changed by ‘peer to peer’ file sharing which significantly impacted the number of retail music
    eBooks means that we are seeing less and less bookstores
    Murdoch can’t dump his newspaper shares quick enough as it’s a dying industry
    Places like Harvey Norman, Myer etc are feeling the impact of online shopping

    Deloitte Access Economics (NBN Business Readiness Survey) is predicting that:
    One third of business are significantly being impacted by the internet now, with nearly 5 out of 10 businesses feeling some impact (32% + 17%) on the short fuse

    Where does your business sit on this chart?
  • How many people have a website?

    Get people to give you their URL – have a look at them – discuss likes / dislikes
  • How many people have a website?

    Who is your target market and where are they?
    What is it’s purpose?

    Do you manage it or do you outsource this?

    In August 2012, less than half of Australian businesses (43.1 per cent) had an online presence, such as a website, eBay store or social media page.

    The gap between micro and big businesses remains quite large, with just 33.2 per cent of micro businesses having a web presence compared to 97.3 per cent of big businesses.

    Businesses in the agriculture, forestry and fishing (13.0 per cent), transport, postal and warehousing (21.6 per cent) and construction (31.9 per cent) industries were the least likely to have an online presence.

    Source: Digital Business (August, 2012) - http://www.digitalbusiness.gov.au/2012/08/02/more-australian-businesses-getting-online-latest-abs-statistics/

    Stats from the annual Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australia Businesses , reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics  (ABS)
  • How does it function on your mobile phone or the iPads?

    These images are screen shots from my mobile phone.

    The image on the left demonstrates that this website does not have a ‘responsive’ design – ie the website doesn’t recognise that I’m viewing the website on a small device.

    Scrolling from left to right is a no-no – Up and down is ok and we are used to doing that when we are reading feeds, such as in Facebook.

    The one on the right (our website) compacts itself so it’s easy for a person to navigate the site
  • How does it function in different web browsers?

    The image on the right shows no content – is this because it doesn’t show up on this type of browser?
    Wasted opportunity – as I clicked on the link to this site from their email promo.

    Content should be clearly visible (without stretching the screen) on a mobile device (image on right)

    How easy is it to navigate – find information?
    Both sites have ‘search’ functions
  • So you have a website (or you’re planning on getting a website), now what?

    What other things should you be thinking about with your website?
  • Search Engine Optimisation requires looking at key words, key features, online advertising and regular updating of your website

  • Look at the Vanguard Visions Consulting dashboard for a page

    What keywords or ‘search terms’ / mega-data are you using and why? (See next screen)
    Use them a lot in the content of the page
    Use the SEO wizard / plug-in in the back-end of your website (See next screen)
    Thematic words – ‘telecommunications’ – also use: mobile phone, telephone, etc (Use a thesaurus or Google Adwords)
    Google.com/trends for what’s happening
    Google analytics offers limited key words – ie lots of organic Google searches on VVC was “Allison Miller” – add this to the mega-data
  • Look at the Vanguard Visions Consulting web page

    Key features?
    Unique Page titles/URLs (Unique Resource Locator)
    Landing page should have a call to action … Call us now on ……. Click here to register to receive updates about this and other similar programs
    Images – use ‘alt’ tags which are a “call to action” … book now, call us
    Encourage ping backs or hyperlinking or blog comments from / to other credible websites
    Cross linking your website from other pages, your blog, your e-list, flyers etc
    Privacy page – to build trust around your website … states what you do with people’s information who register with your site … “We only use your contact details for processing your purchases; sending you our blog / e-newsletter. We do not pass on or sell …. “
  • http://c4lpt.co.uk/

    Other advertising
    on your website (ie Google Adsense “an easy way to earn money from your online content. Simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website, mobile sites, videos, site”)

    How often are you updating your website?
    What are you updating it with?
    Is it bringing people to your website?
    How are you promoting the new content beyond your website?
  • Content is King when it comes to websites so:

    What types of content do you use on your website?
    Text, images, embedded video,

    What makes it unique / original?

    How can you enhance it? – Images (Alt tag), Hyperlinks, Comments, Voting/Polls, Give aways, Infographics, Members’ only section, Forums, FAQ, testimonials / customer reviews (Google+)

    Source: 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue - http://www.copyblogger.com/create-content-ideas/
    Steal content and ideas
    Get it from somebody else — either content, or ideas, or both. “borrowing with the author’s blessing”.
    Done right, this can produce some valuable content that the authors you “stole” from will thank you for using!
    Curate content. Find your ten favorite websites, and then find your favorite post on each of them. Publish a post listing these top ten posts, and explain why you like them.
    Ask friends for ideas. If you’re tapped for ideas, then reach out to your friends and colleagues, and ask them what they’d like you to write about.
    Ask your audience. You can kick the last strategy up a notch by reaching out to your audience.
    Do an interview.
    Solicit guest posts.

    Create content without creating content
    If you have to create your own content, then there are a whole bunch of ways to do it without “creating content”.

    Create a best-case study. Think about your favorite blog, company, or product, and write a post about why you like them so much. Explain what you think they’re doing right, and what others can learn from their example.
    Create a worst-case study. Same thing, but focus on a blog, company or product that you hate. Explain your frustrations with it, explain why it is successful anyway, and explain what you would do differently.
    Write a review. Think about a product that you like, and are happy to endorse, and write a review about it. Explain your success. Think about a time when something went really right for you, and write a post explaining how you got it to happen. Explain all of the steps that you took to get there. Draw out the lessons that you learned, the lessons others can learn as well.
    Explain your failure. A post about your most challenging experiences is likely to be powerful just by virtue of how intense the original experience was for you, explain what you learned from the process.
    Link to old favorites. Go through your archives, and make a short list of your old favorite posts that newer readers probably haven’t read. Do a quick deconstruction, and explain what you were thinking when you wrote the posts, what worked, and what didn’t.
    Find out what’s trending. Visit google.com/trends, click on the “More Hot Searches” link, and pick something from the list.

    Get inspired
    The last thing you can do when you’re fresh out of ideas is to recharge and get inspired.
    Go for a walk.
    Go to the theatre.
    Explore new cultures.
    Tell your story.
  • Blog or weblog? –
    Add refresh content without changing the site map
    SEO love them
    User Engagement/Interaction through comments
    Subscribe via email/RSS

    Commenting on other blogs with a similar industry focus – leave a link back to your website.
  • Learn some HTML - http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
  • Online Store or other eCommerce

    Do you do any e-commerce?
    Online Stores?
    Intermediaries ie Eventbrite, PayPal Others?
    Do they help drive people to your website – include website / social media links on your e-commerce pages

    What design, functionality and security do you use?

    What is the user experience like? –
    Once spent 15 mins trying to buy a book and couldn’t work out how to pay for thing
    Retail Store promoted ‘Buy Online’ options but on the website there were no ‘buy online’ option buttons for some of the stock?
  • Shopify and Magento (owned by eBay) are two common ecommerce websites

    Source: Nina Cross - How to Create an Online Store and Shopping Cart With Thesis
    - http://diythemes.com/thesis/create-online-store/

    Retail –
    Make it a visual experience:
    Image Gallery Landing Page - products arranged in a grid, with products spanning horizontally and vertically
    Standard Landing Page - your products will be listed vertically with product details right on the homepage

    Make it easy to search:
    Categories / Products

    Make it easy to buy:
    User friendly shopping cart … minimum number of steps
  • If you don’t see things, but you run events or PD – Eventbrite is a great service.

    They ‘organically’ bring people to your event registration form, allow you to promote your web presence, and you can hyperlink back to your website.
  • Getting people to your website – other than SEO

    What social media sites (social media optimisation SMO) do you use to ‘encourage’ people to go to your website – special offers, interesting blog posts,
    Facebook Page – Facebook boost of posts; Facebook Page Ads Promotions
    LinkedIn Company Page – LinkedIn Groups
    Google Plus Company Page – Google Plus Groups
    Pinterest / Instagram

    eLists / eNewsletters –
    Subscribe option on your website
    Lots of hyperlinks to your website –
    Email marketing service (ie Mailchimp) to track which links people are engaging with

    SMS Messaging – include call to action – eg Laubman and Pank reminding me to book an appointment – included phone no and URL

    Traditional – Newspaper/Mag ads; flyers/brochures; email signature; business card; pull-up banner; sponsorship; letterheads/footers in documents –
    Include QR codes or bit.ly or tinyurl

  • Google Adwords? – Pay per click to your website (Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing SEM)?
  • Send info in email with recording link and slides.
  • ROI – Return on Investment or Realization of Influence

    How do you know if your efforts are getting you anywhere?:

    Google Analytics
    Website Analytics
    Facebook Analytics
    Conversion to sales / referrals /
    Benchmarking and evaluating
  • Google Adwords? – Pay per click to your website (Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing SEM)?
  • Now that you have all of these great content ideas, it is time to consider how you a going to pull it all together.
    One great way to do this is to start with a blog post which is connected to information on your website and/or contains a call to action, and then you:

    Condense down into information tasters and tempers, and send out this information through your email marketing list, with a hyperlink back to your blog if people would to read more, and
    Develop quirky or interesting comments or questions, and push them out through your social media spaces, with a link back to your blog post
    Pose questions in industry/customer relevant groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google+ which is related to your blog post, and add a link back to this post to create a conversation about this topic
    Lurk in industry/customer relevant groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google+ and/or subscribe to other businesses’ blogs, and add a comment to a post which is related to your blog post and add a link back to this post

    Your ultimate aim is to drive people to your website which has the ‘call to action’ of how you would like the person to interact with your business ie buy something or register for something or enquire about something, call you or recommend you etc.

    Brainstorm or develop a mindmap of a topic for a blog post. Now determine what will be the:
    Condensed version for your email list
    Quirky comment for your social media sites
    Interesting questions / comments you will add to others people’s posts
  • What will you investigate further and why?
  • Driving customers to your website

    1. 1. vanguardvisionsconsulting.com.au Driving customers to your website Marion Library Service 6 June 2014 Allison Miller Director & Principal Consultant
    2. 2. Slides available at: slideshare.net/vanguardvisions
    3. 3. Session Overview • Why is now a good time to be working on your business website? • You have a website • Driving customers to your website • What will you investigate further?
    4. 4. Why is now a good time to be working on your business website?
    5. 5. Image: Telecommunications - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunication Better infrastructure / access • 92% of Australian business have internet access • Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) • 79% of Australian homes have the internet • Good e-practice guidelines for disadvantaged learnersin VET (2013) • 90% of Australians have an internet-enabled smartphone • AIMIAMobile PhoneSurvey(2013)
    6. 6. Internet is already a game changer Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013) – http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_AU/au/services/financial-advisory/deloitte-access-economics/05660fd56ab1e310VgnVCM1000003256f70aRCRD.htm
    7. 7. You have a website
    8. 8. Image: - Hypertext Transfer Protocol http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/75/Internet1.jpg Website? Target market? Purpose? Managing it? User experience?
    9. 9. Different devices/browsers?
    10. 10. Different devices/browsers?
    11. 11. Driving customers to your website
    12. 12. Image: SEO Blocks - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/Seo-blocks.gif Key words? Key features? Advertising? Updating?
    13. 13. Key words or ‘search’ terms
    14. 14. Key features Unique Page titles / URL Call to action Alt tags Cross linking Images
    15. 15. Other advertising?
    16. 16. What’s your action?
    17. 17. Image: Content Spray Paint Logo - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Content_-_spraypaint_logo.jpg D23 Expo 2011 – Marvel Panel - http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6070/6081398164_0aec977321_o.jpg Cloud Computing aka “the Cloud” Types? Unique/Original? Enhancements? Blogging?
    18. 18. Should you blog?
    19. 19. Learn some HTML <table width="615" border="2px black" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"> <tr> <td>row 1, cell 1</td> <td>row 1, cell 2</td> <td>row 1, cell 3</td> <td>row 1, cell 4</td> <td>row 1, cell 5</td> <td>row 1, cell 6</td> </tr> </table>Standard html coding from www.w3schools.com/html
    20. 20. What’s your action?
    21. 21. Image: eCommerce Logo - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9c/E-commerce.jpg eCommerce? Design? Functionality? Security?
    22. 22. eCommerce Websites
    23. 23. Other eCommerce Websites
    24. 24. What’s your action?
    25. 25. Image: Focus Chart - http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8248/8517733992_e4db3ce19a_o.jpg Social Media? Google Adwords? eLists? SMS? Traditional?
    26. 26. Google Adwords
    27. 27. eLists
    28. 28. Subscribe to our eList bit.ly/digitalcapability
    29. 29. What’s your action?
    30. 30. Image: Understanding the relationship between cause and effect by Brian Solis - http://www.flickr.com/photos/briansolis/6786026984/ Analytics? Conversion? Benchmarks? Others?
    31. 31. Google Analytics
    32. 32. • Determine/Review • Target market • Purpose • Design fit for purpose • Regular original content • SEO / SMO / SEM • ROI / Tracking / Benchmarking • Feedback / Input • Review / Revise / Plan Driving customers to your website - Overview: Image: by Vanguard Visions Consulting -
    33. 33. Updating your website/web presence is like exercise, unless you’re doing it regularly, it’s a waste of time. Miller, 2013
    34. 34. What will you investigate further?
    35. 35. Want to know more? More info: digitalcapability.com.au Register for eUpdates: bit.ly/digitalcapability Follow on: Twitter - twitter.com/digitalcapabili Facebook - facebook.com/digitalcapability LinkedIn - bit.ly/DCLinkedIN Google+ - bit.ly/DCGoogleplus Pinterest - pinterest.com/vanguardvisions
    36. 36. vanguardvisionsconsulting.com.au Connect with me at: Allison Miller 0400 732 270 allison@vanguardvisions.com.au vanguardvisions.com.au au.linkedin.com/in/theother66