Gordon on the move with Mahara, Moodlemahara Meetup


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Allan Fairchild

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Gordon on the move with Mahara, Moodlemahara Meetup

  1. 1. Moodle-Mahara Meetup AdelaideAllan FairchildAdvanced Design & Building8 May 2013Gordon on themove with
  2. 2. Background...• mahara introduced in 2010• initial funding support from AFLF• trialled with 14 students for study tour• cohort included 2nd year building &design students• subsequent funding todevelop groups function• further trials with diploma ofbuilding students
  3. 3. Why we needede-portfolios...• efficient means of storing information• enhanced presentation• ability to access files remotely• safe storage of students work• encourage collaboration andsharing of resources• improve engagement
  4. 4. Current project....• funding support from E-learning forParticipation and Skills project (DIICCSRTE)
  5. 5. Objectives for project…• use of e-portfolio across wider studentcohort• develop stronger opportunities for pathwaysto higher education• use of mahara for e-portfolio• common assessment across 6 groups– include site visit journal with pics/video/notes– use of blogs– progressive feedback from teachers online
  6. 6. New paradigm forassessment....
  7. 7. HouseWatchCommonAssessmentBAT BDA (A) BDA (B) BCB BSV IDD2nd semesterStructure of groups…Noel Ryan Neil Bell-WarrenDanny AllwoodBrian Kenwood Bernie Smithteaching teamMarilyn Edgar
  8. 8. Groups…5 groups for the HouseWatch project have beenestablished in Mahara.
  9. 9. View for the house watchproject…a template view in Mahara has beendeveloped in consultation with the teachers
  10. 10. Assessment outline…• students are to observe the construction of a residentialdwelling• create an e-portfolio using Mahara• document all construction stages providing illustrativeevidence of stages• evidence will include an annotated digital story, journal ofsite visits, photographs, videos and research information
  11. 11. User guide…• training guide forstudents and teachershas been developed toreflect access viaMoodle
  12. 12. What we did...• information sessions• developed help notes• created templates• training• enlisted mentors• ongoing coaching
  13. 13. Our first experience withMahara...• initially– clunky– lack of training materials– social media but not as easy asFACEBOOK– confusing at first...admin, artefacts, views, groups, fileuploading
  14. 14. Mahara Setup?MyPortfoliopersonalfilesyourviewGroupssharedfilesviewtemplateCopy ViewTemplateTeacher Admin AreaStudents Work
  15. 15. Our learnings...• establish the purpose first• collect your files “artefacts”• develop roll out strategy• pilot with small user group• establish boundaries• enlist enthusiastic staff
  16. 16. Student thoughts...• more clunky than facebook• privacy and trust issuesinitially• concern on future access• eventually warmed to it
  17. 17. Examples of studentseportfolios...
  18. 18. Mahara login via gordon online…Mahara login
  19. 19. Note: Images in this presentation have been sourced from MS Office 2007 and study tour e-portfoliosQuestions?