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Those businesses which are highly engaged online are twice as likely to be growing their revenue, however only small percentage of Australian small businesses are fully making the most of the internet.
This presentation covers how digital disruption is impacting Australian businesses, and help you understand can do to ensure your business is a digital survivor.
You will be encouraged to set yourself actions to further investigate key digital business strategies which will help you utilise the economic and social benefits of a digital economy to ensure that your business does not end up as digital road kill.

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  • Introduce yourself / –
    Elearning ebusiness eportfolio consultancy, and supplier of connected and essential services
    Managing my own business since January 2012 so sharing from the perspective of a small business owner, and someone who works with a lot of small businesses
    Active digital presence
    Also write blog posts on this topic for VV, and develop small business short courses, including ‘Digital Disruption impacting Australian businesses’, for TAFE Now (TAFE NSW), deliver webinars and host digital capability event ie 2013 – National NBN-enable Digital Economy Forum

    Encourage questions / discussion

  • What does it mean to be running a business in a digital era?
  • “ High digitally engaged small businesses are more than twice as likely to be growing as small businesses with very low digital engagement.
    Only 28% of small businesses with a very low digital engagement reported that they are growing, versus 63% of small businesses with a high level of digital engagement.”

    “These small businesses also have better growth prospects, more diversified sources of revenue and a bigger
    customer base.”, as well as better job creators.

    Digital engagement refers to:
    Having a digital presence
    Using the internet
    Using digital marketing

    Source: Connected Small Businesses: How Australian small business are growing in the digital economy
  • The internet is a game changer, with a number of industries significantly changing or being ‘broken’, for example :

    Music industry being changed by ‘peer to peer’ file sharing which significantly impacted the number of retail music
    eBooks means that we are seeing less and less bookstores
    Murdoch can’t dump his newspaper shares quick enough as it’s a dying industry
    Places like Harvey Norman, Myer etc are feeling the impact of online shopping

    Deloitte Access Economics (NBN Business Readiness Survey) is predicting that:
    One third of business are significantly being impacted by the internet now, with nearly 5 out of 10 businesses feeling some impact (32% + 17%) on the short fuse

    “A new wave of digital disruption is about to hit Australia’s health, education and utilities sectors and may have implications for the local economy, warns consultancy firm Deloitte.” Herald Sun (190614)

    Where does your business sit on this chart?
  • Where is your business at on the Digital Superhighway Matrix (developed as part of mmBOP with NCI, WFBP)

  • And to become a digital survivor
  • Get online – let people are either looking for you or your business
    Personally – LinkedIN profiles – more than a CV – professional network, currency
    Business – Facebook page or YouTube Channel or Pinterest Boards or a website

    Clear purpose - meet target market needs – show how unique you are
  • Using the cloud and multiple devices to access your information from anywhere.

    Understand the Cloud and be multi-devices

    The ‘Cloud’ refers to cloud computing services (both hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet regardless of which device you are using.

    The name the ‘Cloud’ comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol used to demonstrate the complex infrastructure of cloud-based systems, such as can be seen represented by the Cloud image on this page.

    Checking emails
    Making appointments
    Talking to the Tax Office
    Process payroll from anywhere
  • Social media is an addictive space for people – returning regularly

    It’s more than just selling
    Build customer base
    Raise awareness of your org/brand
    Listen and learn
    Connect and build a relationship

    Facebook = 13 million Australian users – great for business to consumer relationships
    LinkedIn = 3 million Australian users – great for business to business relationships

    It’s about being there

    Kill all social media spaces even if you don’t use them
  • Blogging brings you business
    Facts tell, Stories sell
    Give to get
    Hook to come to your website
    Better customer service – if you’ve been asked the same question more than one – blog about it

  • Targeted information for a captured audience

    Build an email list – current customers, queries, ‘subscribe’ to our elist on website, social media, email signature

    Use a email newsletter service

    Monitor the interaction
  • Currency –
    industry or professional currency
    Doing business or doing business online

    Build relationships / networks
    Offer support

  • Don’t let distance or time be a barrier

    Drive/Docs and GHangout

    Working collaboratively with competitors helps to:
    Build networks
    Broader your ideas and opportunities
    Reduce the loneliness of working on your own
    Widen your employee base
    Offer personalised customer service
    Do surveys for feedback
  • Attend PD on improving your online engaging include the Polaris Centre’s Digital Enterprise workshops
  • Being more engaged online increases risk of cyber-fraud, hackering or phishing
    Password protect all devices
    Latest anti-virus
    Allow software and browser updates
    Subscribe to Stay Smart Online
  • You need to measure your engagement online to ensure it is helping you achieve what you set out to do – and your ROI is not just sales, hits on your website or ‘likes’ on your Facebook page:

    Influence, Engagement, Share of the voice (among your competitors)
    Referrals / Enquires
    Reduce number of calls for help or Q&A
  • Turn to the person next to you and tell them if there is anything else that you would suggest that small businesses do to ensure they are digital business survivors.
  • Continue to receive ebusiness and digital marketing information via our eList
  • Don't let your business become digital road kill - 250614

    1. 1. Don’t let your business become digital road kill Northern Business Breakfast 25 June 2014 Allison Miller Director
    2. 2. Slides available at:
    3. 3. Running a business in a digitally distrupted economy
    4. 4. Source: Deloitte Access Economics: (2013), Connected Small Businesses: How Australian small business are growing in the digital economy “High digitally engaged small businesses are more than twice as likely to be growing as small businesses with very low digital engagement.”
    5. 5. How is digital disruption impacting Australian businesses? Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013), Digital Disruption
    6. 6. Where does your business sit? Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013) –
    7. 7. Digital Superhighway Matrix
    8. 8. Top 10 tips to avoid your business becoming digital road kill
    9. 9. What will you action?
    10. 10. 1. Get a digital presence Image: Allison Miller: - Image: Vanguard Visions - - Image: Smiling Samoyed Brewery
    11. 11. 2. Work from anywhere Images: Cloud image - - Screen shots by Vanguard Visions
    12. 12. 3. Use Social Media Social Media Build customer base Raise brand awareness Share industry information Listen to others Images: Screen shots by Vanguard Visions
    13. 13. 4. Communicate online Images: Screen shot from -
    14. 14. 5. Email is still effective Images: Screen shots by Vanguard Visions
    15. 15. 6. Use online networks Images: Screen shots by Vanguard Visions
    16. 16. 7. Work collaboratively Images: Screen shots by Vanguard Visions
    17. 17. 8. Increase digital capability Images: Screen shots from - -
    18. 18. 9. Interact safely online Images: Screen shots from -
    19. 19. 10. Measure your ROI Images: Screen shots from Vanguard Visions
    20. 20. What else would you have in your digital business survivor toolkit?
    21. 21. What will you action?
    22. 22. Subscribe to our eList
    23. 23. Want to know more? More info: Register for eUpdates: Follow on: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Google+ - Pinterest -
    24. 24. Connect with me at: Allison Miller 0400 732 270