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Having a business website is a key component of a business’s marketing strategy in a digital economy, however, knowing where to get started and how to manage it can be a very daunting task. For a lot of small businesses, outsourcing the creation and management of their website just isn’t a viable option. To overcome this, a number of businesses are using simple to operate website platforms like WordPress.
These slides go through why so many people are using WordPress as a business website, and how to get started creating and setting up your WordPress business website.

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  • Introduce yourself– Elearningebusiness eportfolio consultancyWork with prominent business development programs/leaders like the City of Salisbury and City of Marion, as well as universities, VET providers and schoolsE-business Workshops / Webinars for national organisations such as ACPET, Wendy Perry & AssociatesDelivering this workshop as a small business owner who has created and manages three Wordpress sites, and not a WordPress website developerEncourage questions / discussionOPEN Creating a wordpress blog / Dashboard - Visions Website / Dashboard
  • So why is now a good time to be creating a business website?
  • The internet is a game changer, with a number of industries significantly changing or being ‘broken’, for example :Music industry being changed by ‘peer to peer’ file sharing which significantly impacted the number of retail musiceBooks means that we are seeing less and less bookstoresMurdoch can’t dump his newspaper shares quick enough as it’s a dying industryPlaces like Harvey Norman, Myer etc are feeling the impact of online shoppingDeloitte Access Economics (NBN Business Readiness Survey) is predicting that:One third of business are significantly being impacted by the internet now, with nearly 5 out of 10 businesses feeling some impact (32% + 17%) on the short fuseWhere does your business sit on this chart?
  • Why are you interested in creating/have you created a WordPress Business website?
  • Who has ultimate control of your website is very importantIf you are outsourcing the hosting / development of your website ensure you;Have site admin rightsAre about to export (back-up) your website at any time
  • See Rhys’ blog post - 3 signs that you don’t have as much control over your WordPress website as you thought you would. - don’t see the “Plugins” or “Appearance” button on your side menu bar when logged in to WordPressYou have Administrator access but you still can’t install or switch themes or install new plugins.You can’t find your WordPress blog.
  • Planning your websiteDefine your target marketDemographicsDigital capabilityWhere are they online?What are they looking for and why?How will they find your website?What happens when they find your website?What’s the purpose of your websiteHow would you like your target market to interact with your website?What content will you have on your websiteWhat types of content are there?What types of content best suit your business?How will you present this information?Where will this information come from?What will you call your website?Does the name tell people what business you’re in?What URL?How are you going to brand your websiteLogos, bannersColour schemesFont
  • Planning your websiteNow that you’ve determined the contentSpend a few mins brainstorming or doing a mindmap of the content of your websiteDetermine key / main themes
  • Planning your websiteWhat are some ‘common’ tabs or headings?What order will you have them in?
  • Headings (html code) <h1>Heading One</h1>
  • Headings (html code) <h1>Heading One</h1>
  • Site AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsPiwik Analytics
  • What will you investigate further and why?
  • Ask participants to complete the online workshop evaluation
  • Creating and managing a WordPress business website - March 2014

    1. 1. Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions Consulting Salisbury / Modbury Creating and managing a WordPress business website
    2. 2. You’ll find these slides at:
    3. 3. Session Overview • Why is now a good time to be creating a business website? • Why is WordPress so popular? • vs • Planning your WP business website • Designing your WP business website • Creating your WP business website • Setting up your WP business website • Creating content in your WP business website • Managing your WP business website • What will you investigate further? • Workshop evaluation
    4. 4. Why is now a good time to be creating a business website?
    5. 5. CC-BY Image: Telecommunications - Better infrastructure / access • 92% of Australian business have internet access • Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) • 79% of Australian homes have the internet • Good e-practice guidelines for disadvantaged learners in VET (2013) • 90% of Australians have an internet-enabled smartphone • AIMIA Mobile Phone Survey
    6. 6. Internet is already a game changer Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (2013) –
    7. 7. Why is WordPress so popular?
    8. 8. CC-By Image by: Wikipedia - Open Source Software • Free to download the software • Get free website • Lowers levels to entry • Flexibility / adaptability • Lots of choice (formats, plugins, customising, (Relatively) easy to use • Simple to setup and manage • Online help and support • Community support • Developers • eg Northern Adelaide WordPress Business User Groups
    9. 9. vs
    10. 10. vs Business arm of WordPress Community arm of WordPress WordPress hosted (free / fee) Self / 3rd Party hosted WordPress has super-admin Self / 3rd Party has super-admin Latest updates Update yourself Others? Others?
    11. 11. 3 signs that you don’t have as much control over your WordPress website as you thought you would For more information:
    12. 12. Planning your WordPress business website
    13. 13. • Target Market • Purpose • Content • Naming your website • Branding CC-BY Image: Wikipedia - Planning your website
    14. 14. Designing your WordPress business website
    15. 15. Site map via mind map CC-BY Image: Wikimedia Commons -
    16. 16. Tabs (headings) CC-BY Image: Common headings Your headings Home About (your company) Contact us Blog
    17. 17. Creating your WordPress business website
    18. 18. Getting started
    19. 19. Creating a user
    20. 20. options
    21. 21. Naming your site
    22. 22. Choosing a theme
    23. 23. Preview your theme
    24. 24. Connect your social media
    25. 25. Connect a blog post
    26. 26. Your WordPress user account
    27. 27. Your WordPress Business Website
    28. 28. Setting up your WordPress business website
    29. 29. Dashboard
    30. 30. Appearance
    31. 31. Users
    32. 32. Tools
    33. 33. Settings
    34. 34. Plugins
    35. 35. Creating content in your WordPress business website
    36. 36. Media
    37. 37. Pages
    38. 38. Posts
    39. 39. Comments
    40. 40. Feedback
    41. 41. Headings = <h1>heading 1</h1> Hyperlinking Uploading images Uploading & linking to files Tables <table> (MORE CODE NEEDED) Content
    42. 42. Naming the page Content = Key words Tags Categories Sub-pages Preview / Private / Publish SEO / Meta-data
    43. 43. Managing your WordPress business website
    44. 44. • Site Analytics • Google Analytics • Piwik Analytics CC-BY Image: ROI
    45. 45. Backing up CC-BY Image: Wikipedia -
    46. 46. What will you investigate further?
    47. 47. Workshop evaluation
    48. 48. Want to know more? More info: Register for eUpdates: Follow on: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Google+ - Pinterest -
    49. 49. Allison Miller 0400 732 270