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Blogging brings you business - but how? - August 2014


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Many businesses have their website in set and forget mode hoping this will be a useful digital shop front which will attract new business. Static websites may as well be invisible online, and they do not make the most of an expensive investment in terms of online customer service opportunities.
Blogging or having a ‘latest news’ section on a website means that your business can not only help your website flourish, it can bring their business’s personality alive to attract new business, and maintain existing business relationships.
This presentation demonstrates the power of blogging for your business to support your digital marketing strategies, as well as improve customer service strategies.

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Blogging brings you business - but how? - August 2014

  1. 1. Salisbury / Modbury Blogging brings you business – but how? Allison Miller, Vanguard Visions
  2. 2. You’ll find these slides at:
  3. 3. Session Overview • What is blogging? • What should you be blogging about? • The blogging process • Writing a blog post • Key considerations • What will you investigate further? • Workshop evaluation
  4. 4. What is blogging?
  5. 5. Blogging not flogging • Sharing not selling • Customer-centred not company-centred • Value add • Building relationships – improving customer service • Driven by organisational goals • Give to get CC-BY Image by Gideon Burton – Blogging Street Cred -
  6. 6. Image: Digital Divide - Internet is changing everything • 92% of Australian business have internet access • Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013) • 79% of Australian homes have the internet • Good e-practice guidelines for disadvantaged learners in VET (2013) • 90% of Australians have an internet-enabled smartphone • AIMIA Mobile Phone Survey (2013)
  7. 7. Example
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Example
  10. 10. What should you be blogging about?
  11. 11. Which blogging themes / topics? CC-BY Image: by Geralt - Exchange Of Ideas Silhouettes Man Woman Face -
  12. 12. Blogging themes / topics Issues, Reminders, How to’s Feedback, Good news stories CC-BY Image: by Geralt - Exchange Of Ideas Debate Discussion Entertainment Competitions, Polls / Surveys
  13. 13. Join industry online groups Tips for getting topic ideas Subscribe to training announcements Join workforce development online groups Survey staff, learners, clients Social media trends Read other RTOs’ blogs
  14. 14. Blog topic generator
  15. 15. The blogging process
  16. 16. Understand your target market CC-BY Image: Clipart – Target with arrow by anonymous -
  17. 17. Your blogging goal CC-BY Image: by Public Domain Pictures - Goal Soccer Sport Aim Ball Grass Objective Cup -
  18. 18. What content? Image: Content Spray Paint Logo - CC-D23 BY Expo Image: 2011 – Marvel Panel -
  19. 19. Types of content? Where from? How? CC-BY Image: US Army 53138 United States Army Africa - official website and social media center.jpg - _official_website_and_social_media_center.jpg
  20. 20. Using the right keywords “Great content first, keyword research second!” – Jason Chesters 4 Key Steps the Pros Use to Get Traffic from Search Engines by Jason Chesters CC-BY Image: by Cambodia4kids Beth - Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects -
  21. 21. Which keywords? 4 Key Steps the Pros Use to Get Traffic from Search Engines by Jason Chesters CC-BY Image: by Cambodia4kids Beth - Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects -
  22. 22. Email lists Driving people to your blog Social media Online forums Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Traditional advertising Other online advertising
  23. 23. Measure and monitor CC-BY Image: Understanding the relationship between cause and effect by Brian Solis -
  24. 24. Use those stats - Data Analytics • Google Analytics • Blog Analytics • Facebook Analytics • • Conversions / referrals
  25. 25. Measuring your ROI CC-BY Image: DIRECT ROI INDIRECT ROI Immediate sales/contracts Sales/contracts which come at a later time Increased hits on your website Referrals for business from unknown sources Reduced time spent on customer service or information provision Increased enquiries about your business
  26. 26. Rinse and repeat CC-BY Image: PDCA Cycle -
  27. 27. Writing a blog post
  28. 28. Compelling blog headline CC-BY Image: Casera Black Beans by Caribbean Shibe - 7 Headline types: 1.Get what you want 2. Crystal ball and history 3. Problems or fears 4. Fact, fiction, truth or ties 5.How to, tricks of the trade 6. Best or Worst 7.Ways to fail Top 6 types come from “Authority Blogger” via Jeff Bulla’s 8 Key steps to blogging mastery ebook:
  29. 29. Keep with the first paragraph Ways to keep them: 1.Pose a question 2. Use a quote 3. Use a powerful story 4.Enticing (or scary) facts / stats 5. Provide context / background / mental image 6. Analogies Jeff Bulla’s 8 Key steps to blogging mastery ebook: CC-BY Image: by Nemo - Paragraph Return Carriage Arrow Next Line Text -
  30. 30. Chunk and change Support filtering: 1.Sub-headings 2. Small paragraphs 3. Short sentences 4. Lists / Indent 5.Images, Infographics, Video, Podcasts, Slides etc 6. Bold, underscore, italics 7.Hyperlink – your website, flyers, eBooks Jeff Bulla’s 8 Key steps to blogging mastery ebook: CC-BY Image: SJ3868 : Blacon Community Mosaic at Blacon Old Station site - segment 5 -
  31. 31. Call to action Speak to us, share with us, click here, CC-BY Image: Megaphone Shout Action Call Scream Loud Speak by Mickyroo -
  32. 32. Key considerations
  33. 33. Who’s responsible? Lurking’s OK Blogging policy Stay up to date
  34. 34. What will you investigate further?
  35. 35. Workshop evaluation
  36. 36. Allison Miller 0400 732 270 Register for eUpdates: Connect on: Twitter - Facebook -