The Truth About Google+


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You will learn
1. 3 Tactics, using Google + That Will Destroy Your Competitions Morale
2. 3 Of the most notable features of Google +
3. Why You Should, or Should Not Spend Any Time Worrying About Google +

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The Truth About Google+

  1. 1. SocialMatica’s Social Media Workshop SeriesTHE TRUTH ABOUT GOOGLE+
  2. 2. The Truth About Google+What You’re Going To Learn1. 3 Of the most notable features of Google2. 3 Tactics, using Google + That Will Destroy Your Competitions Morale3. Why You Should, or Should Not Spend Any Time Worrying About Google +
  3. 3. Introduction• Who is SocialMatica – What We’re About – Why We’re Doing This – Free Software Tool• Who is Joshua Barnes – Director of Social Strategy• Hash Tag #smtca Questions – This week or future workshop content
  4. 4. A Couple Assumptions• You’re Unsure About Google+• You Don’t Know How To Use It• You’re Looking For Some ValidationOf Your Google+ Opinion
  5. 5. Some History• This is Google’s 3rd Try – Buzz, Waves, Plus• Google Has Lot’s Of Money• They Are Changing TheirSearch Algo• They Are Competing WithFacebook• Facebook Doesn’t Want ToBe A Search Engine (yet)
  6. 6. My Research• At First I Could Only Find One ORIGINAL Positive Article On Page One & It Was Plagiarized By Others• Google+ Is Got A Full Court Press
  7. 7. The High Light Features• Video Casting (Hangouts)• Group Segregation (Circles)• Feeds (Home Page Feed – Circle Content)• Google Apps (Mail & Search) Integration
  8. 8. Sub-Features• Huddle – Mobile Video Chat• Sparks – Personalized Content For Your Feed• Shortcuts – J = scroll down – K= scroll up – Enter = Start commenting – @Username = links to the user so that they can see it in their profile/stream – “text” = makes the text inside the brackets bold – _text_ = makes the text italics
  9. 9. The Features• Let’s Talk About Hangouts• Initial Thoughts – Feature RICH! – Very Cool, Very Fun• Screen Sharing Integration• Youtube Integration• Mic & Camera Integration• Chat Window
  10. 10. Getting It Setup
  11. 11. Start The Hang Out
  12. 12. Invite More People To The Party
  13. 13. Discuss Central Content
  14. 14. The Demoralization Tactics!• Support• Training• Public Internet Radio – Blog – Podcasting – Google will be releasing a totally public service soon
  15. 15. Tactic # 1 – World-Class Support Channel• Start A Video Support Channel• Steps – Build A Customer Support Circle – Invite All Of Your Customers To It – Invite Them To Watch This Video (To Know How To Use Gplus Hangouts) – Start A Hang Out • Invite Them or Have Them Invite You – Screen Capture The Hang Out – – (V)BLOG About How You Solved The Problem – Post To FaceBook With A Bit.Ly Link
  16. 16. Some Notes About Notifications• If you invite people to join a hangout, a post will appear in their stream telling them that theres a hangout going on, along with all the people in that hangout currently.• If 25 or fewer people are invited, theyll receive a notification that theyve been invited to join a hangout.• If you invite individuals that are signed in to chat, theyll receive an IM with a link to join.• If someone invited to a hangout tries to start their own, theyll be told that theres a hangout already going on and they may want to join that one instead.• Other hangout participants have the option to share the hangout with their Circles. So, its possible that people you dont know may learn that youre hanging out.
  17. 17. Tactic # 2 World-Class Training• Advertise Free “your skill-set here” Training• Use Screenr For Free Desktop Capture• Post To Youtube – Break It Up Into Parts (use for lead capture)• Post To Twitter On Revolving Posts• Post To Facebook• Consider Building A Landing Page
  18. 18. Tactic # 3 – The New Podcasting• Head To A Coffee Shop• Work From Home• Pick 2-3 Subjects Or Headlines• TALK!• Remember DEMCAD?• Auto-Distribute ToYour Networks
  19. 19. Why Google+ May Or May Not Be Right For You• G+ Very Horizontal (at first)• Requires GMAIL• The Company Pages Don’t Really Offer Anything Innovative• Slow Adoption So Far• Cool, Interesting, But Not Necessarily Compelling
  20. 20. Questions?www.socialmatica.comtraining@socialmatica.comIf you’d like a free account to AgencySnap, justsend us a note to the email above and we’llreply with login details.