The Truth About Social Media Tools


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What You’re Going To Learn
The Difference Between Listening & Quantalyzing
The Marketer's WorkBench - The Tools You Need & What They Do
The SavvyMarketers ToolKit Give Away

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  • Really excellent presentation on the WHY behind measuring your social media influence & impact - not just the WHAT or HOW of measuring social proof or customer engagement. See the video at
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The Truth About Social Media Tools

  1. 1. SocialMatica’s Social Media Workshop SeriesTHE TRUTH ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIATOOLS
  2. 2. The Tools & The BreakdownWhat You’re Going To Learn1. The Difference Between Listening & Quantalyzing2. The Marketers WorkBench - The Tools You Need & What They Do3. The SavvyMarketers ToolKit Give Away
  3. 3. Introduction• Who is SocialMatica – What We’re About – Why We’re Doing This – Free Software Tool• Hash Tag #smtca Questions – This week or future workshop content
  4. 4. A Couple Assumptions• You interact with social media daily (or your supposed to be)• You need to save time & be efficient• You need the knowledge that givesyou and advantage• You may need proof…
  5. 5. What’s The Problem?• Providers with solutions in search of a problem (“me” centered)• Results: “does social data matter if theres no activity”• Social isnt strategic, its a novelty• For those in the know, time, knowledge and proof become scale issues• People are disenchanted with Klout and similar tools
  6. 6. Listening V.S. Quantylizing• Its not reacting to data, its organizing data• Its not measuring you, its measuring your competitive social context• Its being sure and not assuming anything that you dont have to• Its collecting all the data we need to measure our activities and the reactions to them, but in context to our message and audience.
  7. 7. What Do We Need To Focus On• Systematic Approach• Toolkits That Make Sense• Measurements That Make Sense
  8. 8. What Are The Layers Of A Good Marketing Program• Strategic Planning & Design• Tactical Execution & Maintenance• Measurement• Lead Generation• Social CRM• Engagement• Cross-Media Integration• Offline• Media Buys• SEO• And on, and on, and on…
  9. 9. What Categories Are We Going To Focus On?• Research• Monitoring• Measurement• Social CRM• Engagement• Campaign Tools• SEO
  10. 10. The 3 Dimensions We Have• Influencers (Social Identities)• Keywords (Topics)• Brands (Topics Relative To Companies)
  11. 11. The Marketers ToolBag• Let’s Talk About The Tools
  12. 12. Basic Keyword Research• Facebook – –• Twitter – –• Google, Bing
  13. 13. Monitoring Applications• Radian6 (Me Focused)• Collective Intellect (txt analytics)• Sysomos (not too impressive)• Twitter• TweetDeck• NetVibes• Google Alerts
  14. 14. Measurement Tools• Google InPage Analytics• AgencySnap• VerticalScape• Conversocial• Kred
  15. 15. What Is SCRM?
  16. 16. Social CRM• ShortStack (FB)• WildFireApp• Engage Sciences (FB & Twit)• Conversocial
  17. 17. Engagement (can be part of SCRM)• TweetDeck• Hootsuite• Netvibes• – Awesome for scheduling content
  18. 18. Campaign Tools• Strategic Research & Measurement – VerticalScape – VerticalPoint – Influencer Identification• Activation – SurveyMonkey – (free form builder)
  19. 19. SEO• Google Keyword Tool• SpyFu• SEOmoz• TubeFool• TubeTool Box
  20. 20. A Process To Think About• Think Strategy – Who Is Your Audience – Where Is Your Audience – How Will I Measure Progress• Think Tactics – What Can I Do That Is Self-Validating As Effective – Why Would They Want What I’m Giving – How Will I Measure It?
  21. 21. Organize Your Work• Organize Your Tools Into Each Category• Plan Out When You’ll Need To Be In Those Tools• Try To Avoid Reactionary Tool Use• Get Off The Email Crack Pipe (unless I’m emailing you)… : )
  22. 22. SavvyMarketing Tool Bag• If You Comment On Our Facebook Page & Let Us Know How Much You Like Our Workshops We’ll Send You – Sample Content Calendar – Sample Strategic Social Media Execution Plan – Sample Campaign Performance Tracking Document•
  23. 23. Questions?www.socialmatica.comtraining@socialmatica.comIf you’d like a free account to AgencySnap, justsend us a note to the email above and we’llreply with login details.
  24. 24. Link Index• • •• •• •• •• • •• • (beta) Semantic• Research On Your Twitter and Facebook Interactions• Rss Graphitti (FB APP) •• Competitive Research •• er Lets you reply directly to the• Tweets and view the Tweets from the members’ profile pages. •