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The Little Known Strategy That Can Massively Impact Your Marketing Results


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This is what you're going to learn
1. How Does Influencer Outreach Fit Into A Larger, Integrated Strategy?
2. What Is "Influence" & Who Has It?
3. How To Borrow That Influence For New Opportunities

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The Little Known Strategy That Can Massively Impact Your Marketing Results

  2. 2. Influencer Identification & OutreachWhat You’re Going To Learn•How Does Influencer Outreach Fit Into ALarger, Integrated Strategy?•What Is "Influence" & Who Has It?•How To Borrow That Influence For NewOpportunities
  3. 3. Introduction• Who is SocialMatica – When you absolutely must know for sure, what’s real and what’s hype…trust SocialMatica – Quantitative & Qualitative Social Dashboard
  4. 4. Have You Ever…?• Flipped Through A Woman’s Magazine
  5. 5. Did You Look At The Ad?• More Inclined To Buy?• Less Inclined To Buy?
  6. 6. Have You Ever Seen This?
  7. 7. Did You Look At The Ad?• More Inclined To Buy?• Less Inclined To Buy?
  8. 8. The Theory Goes• More consistency• More channels• More confidence• More conversions
  9. 9. Where Does Influencer Outreach Fit?• Depends On The Positioning – Strategically To Seed Ground – Tactically To Get Leads
  10. 10. If It’s a Commodity…• SEO & Promotion Can Be Successful
  11. 11. How Marketing Stuff Works• Content• SEO• Promotion• Community
  12. 12. Community Basically Means• We need to create relationships by – Creating content and responding to the responses – Responding to content – Sometimes pointing back to our home base
  13. 13. Something’s Happening• The Value Of Social Real-Estate• Every time you interact• Building a new relationship• Open a new network
  14. 14. The FB Millions• More than 650 million active users• 50% log on everyday• Each averages 130 connections• There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
  15. 15. All The PossibilitiesThe Very Near Future Today
  16. 16. Social Outposts• Social Marketing Real-Estate• For Rent!
  17. 17. Examples
  18. 18. Examples
  19. 19. Examples
  20. 20. Typical Arrangements• Pay• Trade• Any compensated agreement must be disclosed, even if it’s a gift• Unpaid agreements do not (hold that thought)
  21. 21. The Types Of Opportunities• Blog Posting• Banner Ads• Video Testimonials• Facebook Posts• Sponsored Tweets
  22. 22. The Benefits• Influencer outreach is a useful leverage strategy• Influencer outreach is useful for credibility• Promotes the use of lay-celebrity• Endorsement without the obvious sales-pitch
  23. 23. This Fits Just About Anywhere• Depending on how well known your content/concept/keyword/idea is.• The closer to commodity the concept is, the better it is to begin with blogger outreach. The farther away from commodity the less likely youre going to be able to communicate the need and value to an influencer.
  24. 24. What We’re Hoping It Will Do
  25. 25. What We Need• Mutual Common Benefit With Their Audience• Community Identity Should Match Offers
  26. 26. How Do We Traditionally Do This?• The Glamour Factor or What I Call
  27. 27. What Do We Need To Do• We Need To Understand & Rank Their Influence• We Need To Know Why We Should Work Together
  28. 28. What Do We Need To Rank Influence?• Influence Is Not Free Standing – It’s The Actualization of Performance.• Performance Context• Engagement• Audience• Kinetics
  29. 29. P.E.A.K Defined• Performance – How Well Are They Performing• Engagement – Do They Get Response? What’s Their Traffic, Relative To Other Statistics? Social Activity?• Audience – What Is The Size Of Their Digital Addressable Audience Online?• Kinetics – Which Networks Are They Most Prolific; Successful?
  30. 30. Leverage SocialMatica• VerticalPoint – Demo At The End•
  31. 31. Why You Should Work Together• Content• Audience• Reach• Performance
  32. 32. Content• This is primary• Our approach strategy• Also provides community access• The conversation
  33. 33. Audience• Traffic• Social• Comments• RSS Count
  34. 34. Reach• This is difficult to determine externally• Here are a couple of methods – Video comments & relative to subscribers (think email click rates) – RT’s – Facebook Fan Page Comments (relative to total likes)
  35. 35. Performance• Use Verticalscape• Use Agencysnap• VerticalPoint shows it as well
  36. 36. Quick Demo• Interact with the community• Isolate the conversation• Pin point the best distribution points• Pin point the best channels• Know the difference between popularity & a good blogger reach out opportunity
  37. 37. Questions?www.socialmatica.comtraining@socialmatica.comIf you’d like a fee account to AgencySnap, justsend us a note to the email above and we’llreply with login details.