SocialMatica - 3 Audience Building Tools You Must Have


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SocialMatica - 3 Audience Building Tools You Must Have

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SocialMatica - 3 Audience Building Tools You Must Have

  1. 1. SocialMatica’s Social Media Workshop Series3 AUDIENCE BUILDING TOOLS YOUMUST HAVE
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaWhat You’re Going To Learn1. 3 Audience Building Tools That Speed Up Time Market2. Audience Targeting Strategies3. How To Work Smarter & Not Harder
  3. 3. We Identify True InfluencersIdentify ThePeople, Content &Approach Strategy OnAny Topic – In Minutes
  4. 4. We Measure Online Success 1. Know How To Rate Bloggers 2. Know How To Rate You & Your Competitors 3. Know How To Rate The Online Locations You’d Like To Advertise In 4. Keep All Your Data In One Location! 5. Weekly Performance Reports That Summarize How The Needle Moved
  5. 5. For The Next 30 Days• Free Access To VerticalScape• Free Access To Influencers In – Hip/Hop/Music – GOP Election – Automotive – Digital Storage – Fitness/Cycling/Running – Mobile App Development – NASCAR
  6. 6. Want Free Access?Sign Up At The End Of The Workshop We’re Here To Help You Save Time! Gain Knowledge!! Have Proof!!!
  7. 7. Couple Of Assumptions• You have a blog• You have a youtube channel• You need to conduct research• Blogger outreach
  8. 8. How To Build An Audience Checklist• The Politician-Effect – Identify a community – Identify community leaders – Understand the concept of the network, how visibility is gained• Are there tools to help visibility en-masse
  9. 9. Form Your Content• The Police Scanner Effect – Content can be anything – Content should be somewhat rare – Content should be innovative
  10. 10. Know Your Audience• The Town-Crier-Effect – Doesnt Matter If You Get It Right The First Time – Iterate – Antagonize The Establishment
  11. 11. Become A Thought Leader• The Thomas Jefferson-Effect – Be known for your brand identity • Be quotable • Build your brand and your image like you would if you had high-school to do all over again
  12. 12. Traffic Sources• Paid (PPC)• Earned• SEO• Blogs Comments• Social Media Networks• Network Traffic• Authors/Bloggers/Social Identities (Our Focus)
  13. 13. The Three Tools• Strategic Campaign Research – – VerticalPoint• Social Network Management (Youtube) – TubeToolBox• Capturing Your Audience – 12 Audience Engaging WP Plugins – Links Included
  14. 14.
  15. 15. All In One Search Tool• News• Social• Blogs• General Search• Business & Financial• Images• Videos• Plus Custom Widgets, Facebook, Etc
  16. 16. Helps Us Decide• What Content We Can Target• Tells Us What Authors We Can Target• What Is Performing At The Top
  17. 17. What If You Could Build A SandBox• Full of your influencers & rank them?
  18. 18. Now The Influencers• The Full ListOf influencers• Access totheir audience• Concentricmessagingcampaigns
  19. 19. 1-20 through…
  20. 20. 23,337
  21. 21. A Tracking Feature
  22. 22. Included The Content
  23. 23. Gather some from Current Page• This feature in Tube Toolbox allows you to pick and choose certain users from the current page.
  24. 24. Gather all from current Page(s)• This feature allows you to gather all users and/videos from the current visible page in your browser.
  25. 25. Gather from Search Results• This works exactly like gather all from current pages except you enter the search term into Tube Toolbox rather than into YouTube.
  26. 26. Automate Tasks• What tasks can Tube Toolbox automate?• Sending Friend Requests• Sending Messages• Sharing Videos• Posting Comments on Videos• Posting Comments on Channels• Subscribing to Channels• Unsubscribing from Channels• Accepting Friend Requests
  27. 27. Now Capture
  28. 28. 12 Must-Have WordPress Plugins• All In One SEO Pack• Add To Any Share/Bookmark/Email Button• Sociable• Ultimate Google Analytics• Contact Form 7• Exclude Page From Navigation• Redirection• Advertising Manager• Twitter Widget Pro• Google XML Site Maps• Member Access• Shockingly Simple Favicon
  29. 29. Full Descriptions Attached• All the links and descriptions will be in the follow-up email
  30. 30. Some Services You Should Know About••••
  31. 31. Want Free Access? Sign Up NowWe’re Here To Help You Save Time! Gain Knowledge!! Have Proof!!! Questions?