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Wheres the beef

  1. 1. Where’s the Beef?Do InfluencersReally Matter?In the past few weeks I have been traveling and visiting with potential clients,investors and marketing executives. I am struck by the skepticism that surroundsthe POWER 3rd party influencers exercise over the Internet and those who surf it.In this month’s Harvard Business Review there is a great article on how SocialMedia is impacting Branding and the new rules governing it. While reading Istumbled across a few interesting factoids relating to the power of online reviews:500 Billion- that is the number of “opinions/impressions’ consumers share withothers online about products and services annually. I don’t know about you butthat is an “Insanely” BIG number! These are not ad agencies pumping outcommercials that reach an audience of 500 billion, nor magazines that are passedaround and read by 500 billion people (each person on the planet 8 times).Even more amazing is that 60% of those impressions/opinions are shared onFacebook and 16% of those users generated 80% of the messages and posts.Do you think the notion is valid that a few KEY INFLUENCERS can drive amarket? I sure do. It is mind blowing to think that so few can wield such powerover one platform.
  2. 2. What’s more startling is a report I just read from Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanleyon the amount of marketing and advertising funds invested in the InternetAd/Marketing Channel as being woefully below the relative time spent on theInternet. She predicts that in the next three years $50 Billion in additional fundswill be directed to on-line advertising tripling the current amount spent!YOU, ME, EVERYONE will be obsolete very quickly if we are not trying tofigure out how to leverage KEY INFLUENCERS and social platforms likeFacebook and Twitter. At SocialMatica we are testing the top channels todetermine the ones that click with our audience and passing that information alongto our clients.Stay tuned for my next post….I am going to finally tackle Twitter the real-timeinformation network and how it will change the dynamics of interactive TVviewing, event participation and product testing.JimFacebook.com/socialmatica@jimweldonjrPosted in: Social Media Investment