Introduction to Google+


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How to access Google+

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Introduction to Google+

  1. 1. Introduction to Google+ Asst. Prof. Dr. Kanda Runapongsa Saikaew Department of Computer Engineering Associate Director of Computer Center Khon Kaen University
  2. 2. Topics•  How to access Google+•  Profile•  Circles•  Hangouts•  Stream•  Mobile•  Search
  3. 3. How to access Google+•  From Google Apps, press yourname+•  Type URL at the browser
  4. 4. Google+ Home
  5. 5. Profile•  It all starts with your profile.•  Choose what people find when they look for you and include things like •  what schools you’ve gone to •  what companies you’ve worked for •  how people can get in touch with you.
  6. 6. How to View and Edit Profile
  7. 7. Circles•  Finally! Circles make it easy to organize your online social world by putting different groups of friends and team members in separate lists, family in another, and whatever other groups you dream up•  Easily post different updates to each circle•  You can create as many circles as you want, make each as large or small as you want, and change (or abandon) any of them whenever you want.
  8. 8. How to View Circles
  9. 9. How to Add a Person into a Circle•  We can simply drag and drop a person into a circle
  10. 10. How to Remove a Person from a Circle•  Click at the circle that a person is in and then click the cross sign of that person•  We can undo the removal by simply clicking undo
  11. 11. Hangouts•  Hangouts let up to ten people have a video chat together using this shared space for anything •  Study sessions •  Club meetings •  Collaborating with colleagues all over the world •  Holding foreign language labs with several students at once•  You can share your screen or add a Google Doc to get even more done with your team
  12. 12. How to access Hangouts
  13. 13. How to Start a HangoutHangout: Video chat with up to nine people at once, face-to-face-to-face.
  14. 14. Inviting People to Join Hangout
  15. 15. Lauch Cacoo for Google+•  Go to then click g+ Hangout
  16. 16. Using Cacoo for Hangout
  17. 17. Using Hangout withCo-op Students at Bangkok
  18. 18. Stream•  Your Google+ Stream is the place where you publish updates, pics, links, news, and events•  It’s also the place to see all the posts, photos, videos, links or location markers that people in or out of your circles have shared with you•  And you only have to see comments and links from people whose posts interest you•  Google+ lets you easily select the sources of your Stream.
  19. 19. Sharing and Publishing
  20. 20. Viewing All the Posts
  21. 21. Mobile•  You don’t spend all day in front of your computer, but you probably carry a mobile with you when you’re on the go.•  Google+ brings your Profile, Circles, Stream, and Hangouts to your mobile and adds in some extras •  Location check-ins •  Instant Upload for photos •  Messenger for quick group chats.
  22. 22. Instant Upload for Photos•  This ones simple. When you snap a photo on your Android phone, its automatically uploaded to Google+
  23. 23. Search•  Type what you’re looking for into the Google+ search box and your results will include your own posts, trending topics from across the web, and people (whom you can add to your circles), all at the same time•  You can then save that search for easy future checks of what’s new in this particular area of personal obsession.
  24. 24. G+ Search
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