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Onlinecommunity statedpt


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Presentation about online community building and management for the US Department of State.

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Onlinecommunity statedpt

  1. 1. Online Community Management : October 2010 Susan Tenby, Online Community Director: TechSoup Online Community and Social Media Team @suzboop on Twitter
  2. 2. TechSoup Global: The technology place for nonprofits. TechSoup is a popular, comprehensive online content and community destination for nonprofits that provides unbiased information and technical know-how to ensure that nonprofits make the best possible use of technology. Aggregated Knowledge
  3. 3. TechSoup Provides ICT Resources, Knowledge and Community to Nonprofits and Libraries . . .
  4. 4. Where is TechSoup Global Today?Australia Belgium Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Egypt France Germany Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Italy Japan Kenya Luxembourg Macau Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Taiwan United Kingdom United States
  5. 5. TechSoup’s network of Partner NGOs is leveraging TechSoup to establish localized versions of the product donation platform in other countries like… UK Poland Belgium global network
  6. 6. TechSoup Community • 17 Forums • Events Calendar • Member Spotlight • Community Blog • Meetups • Second Life • Surveys • Webinars • Soup Recipes • Managed by two Community Managers, a project manager, two part time contractors and volunteer hosts and star users •
  7. 7. Community Map
  8. 8. Online Facilitation: Forms of Facilitation: Real-time/Synchronous/live chat Asynchronous Online Social Networks Webinars/live events Comments on Image-based Communities
  9. 9. Community doesn’t just happen: Just because you launch it, doesn’t mean they’ll come Social Media is the technology. It doesn’t make a community! Trust and interaction over time make communities.
  10. 10. Role of the Community Manager • Public Face, adding human trust element • Metrics and sentiment, listening for the org • Conversation facilitator • Networker, connector • Cheerleader/spotlighting stars • Volunteer Manager • Represent the community to the org • Content Editor/curator • Party Host
  11. 11. Why Facilitate Online • Benefits of creating Community Online • Cost and geo-location • Starting and archiving of thoughtful conversations • Giving your members a reason to think about you btw conferences • Encouraging affiliate or sub-group membership • Encouraging a members-only tone to community– rules and lexicon • Great to get user input and to achieve greater transparency • A way to procure relevant dynamic, current content • Easy way to get volunteers, b/c low-impact time commitment
  12. 12. How to Facilitate Online • Consider purpose of the community closely • Write up and Stick to a Terms of Service • Don’t feed the trolls • Highlight your star members, give them permissions • Welcome your newbies and direct them • Profile personalization and multiple points of contact • Have Frequent and Regular Events • Have management meetings outside of community w/stars • Highlighting popular discussions, cross reference content • Cross-platform recruitment is good- not redundancy • Make sure questions are promptly answered, from all virtual locations • Go outside your platform to connect multiple points of entry
  13. 13. Holding the space • Own your authority • Don’t be afraid to interrupt/publicly shame • Allowing your users to be uncensored • Sticking to the Standards and TOS • Self-policing members • Moderating & closing off-topic conversation • Common understanding of moderation w/members • Repetition of procedures and organization • Redirect and focus as needed • Cross reference appropriate outside resources • With Video/web-streaming, make sure camera is focused appropriately
  14. 14. Tools to get the job done: TechSoup community’s menu… • Webinars • Forums • Twitter • Facebook • Second Life • LinkedIn • YouTube • Meetup • Flickr • Google Groups/Email lists • Blog Comment monitoring
  15. 15. Why Webinars? • Online or “virtual” seminar • Combines audio and visual aspect • Live broadcast - one to many/several to many • Allows you to reach people all over the world, without the need for travel • We expand the listener-base to Second Life • Enhances Engagement, listening together
  16. 16. Keeping the Momentum Going: After- life • Archive and make easily accessible • Follow-up email of participants • Giving them alternate points of membership in community • Clear calls to action , i.e. signing up • Highlighting star participants • Circling back with opt-in email addys, inviting to future events • Request feedback and suggestions for future events • Report back on the actions you took based on that feedback • Stats/Metrics recap in follow up email • Email helpful individuals and invite to plan future events • Resurface event threads periodically • Expanding the message beyond the room
  17. 17. Nonprofit Commons in Second Life • Through this community, we provide free office space to qualifying groups, hold meetings, create a cooperative supportive learning environment and foster outreach, education, fundraising, all in a virtual space. • Our goal is to create a learning community of practice for nonprofits to explore and learn about the virtual world, and to investigate the many ways in which nonprofits can utilize this unique environment.
  18. 18. Community through images/tags
  19. 19. Video: The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life • Insert video here
  20. 20. Leadership and assistance through virtual community organizing strategies • In-world Meetings • Wiki • Website/community blog • NPSL tag –multiple cross-platform entry points • Management steering committee group –creating arsenal of support • Directory of Nonprofits in Second Life –making them easily findable • Branding as NPO experts and advisors- Rewarding the Rockstars
  21. 21. Impact • 625+ Total Members of the TechSoup group in Second Life • Over 92 Countries represented among NPC participants • 3,453 unique avatars spent 4,254 hours in world • 86 NPC Tenant Organizations • 4843 unique visitors to the NPC Blog • 174,208 visits to the TechSoup Forums in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2011 • 394 members of the Nonprofit Commons Google Group
  22. 22. Every member wants to be a ROCKSTAR
  23. 23. Reward The Contributions • If they tweet about you, RT to your network • Get them on video • Feature the video on your site • Spotlight them in an interview • Comment on their public profiles • Friend them in other social networks • Mention them in a recommended list • #FF on twitter and friendly tweeter lists • Ask them to present in online event/webinar • Write them privately, encourage participation
  24. 24. Online vs Offline, engaging the extended communities • Live Meetups – – NetTuesday events – Online Community Meetups • Virtual Meetups – Weekly NPSL – Weekly Webinars • Connecting the two via Twitter, Flickr, live stream and chat
  25. 25. Contact info • Susan Tenby • Online Community Director, TechSoup Network • SL avatar: Glitteractica Cookie • Follow on twitter • @suzboop @npsl @techsoup Resources: Find this presentation online @: