Building Business One Story at a Time


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  • Marketers? Social media specialists? What do you do?
  • Are you content creators? If no, why not? Everyone is constantly creating content and telling stories.
  • Because they were great story tellers
  • Stories have to be based in the reality of your brand – be creative but stay true to your brand promise
  • Fictituous or customer personas
  • Leave them wanting more and wanting to come back to hear or see more
  • Aligns short term attention span on the stories of the day with long term brand narrative
  • Followers know what you sell – why are you trying to sell them? Social media is people having conversations to make decisions
  • The job of brands in SM is not to sell. It is to tell a compelling story that encourages people to action by facilitating conversations between people and giving them things to talk about and guiding the conversations.
  • The best stories are targeted to an audience. What authors do you read and why? Same thing with social media. Who is your audience? What do you need to know about them to tell them the most compelling story?
  • Look at the profiles of your followers/fans and find the patterns. It allows you to find a slant and message that most closely matches what your customers care about.
  • Planned editorial designed to spark conversation – observing the trend of conversation and topics that your fans/followers engage in
  • Answering questions, fielding comments – non-customer service
  • Mirroring audience patterns – includes sharing others content, retweets, etc…
  • You know more about the audience than they know about themselves because you can monitor and collect data. What data and content can you collect and cull on their behalf to help them?
  • Give back what you find out about the audience through the above mix. People on different social networks don’t necessarily know each other. Good storytelling and curation by a brand can bring them together and build community. Communities and interaction encourage brand advocacy.
  • Building Business One Story at a Time

    1. 1. Building Business One Story at a Time Gloria Bell @gloriabell
    2. 2. CONTENT @gloriabell
    3. 3. Social Media Gurus @gloriabell
    4. 4. If you are not telling your story, someone else will @gloriabell
    5. 5. Story Progression Beginning Middle End @gloriabell
    6. 6. Storytelling via Social Media Tease Launch Launch Sustain @gloriabell
    7. 7. Behavioral Storytelling @gloriabell
    8. 8. Classic Narrative Arc = 3 Acts Introduce the characters Conflict and clues Resolution @gloriabell
    9. 9. Classic Narrative Arc = 3 Acts Conflict and clues CLIMAX = Where the audience gets involved = LAUNCH OR PURCHASE Resolution @gloriabell
    10. 10. Participation Inequality 1% will create & drive mass awareness 9% will rate, comment & share 90% will watch the 10% & mimic that behavior @gloraibell
    11. 11. Good Storytelling  Honesty & Transparency @gloriabell
    12. 12. Good Storytelling  Honesty & Transparency  Infuse personalities into stories @gloriabell
    13. 13. Good Storytelling  Honesty & Transparency  Infuse personalities into stories  Create characters your audience will relate to or cheer for @gloriabell
    14. 14. Good Storytelling  Honesty & Transparency  Infuse personalities into stories  Create characters your audience will relate to or cheer for  Don’t Give It All Away @gloriabell
    15. 15. Good Storytelling  Honesty & Transparency  Infuse personalities into stories  Create characters your audience will relate to or cheer for  Don’t Give It All Away  Respect attention spans @gloriabell
    16. 16. SELL @gloriabell
    17. 17. @gloriabell
    18. 18. Engagement Anticipation Brand Loyalty @gloriabell
    19. 19. Target Audience Who Are They? @gloriabell
    20. 20. @gloriabell
    21. 21. Effective Storytelling has a Content/Participation Mix @gloriabell
    22. 22. Observe / Report / Ask @gloriabell
    23. 23. Observe / Report / Ask Reply @gloriabell
    24. 24. Observe / Report / Ask Reply Reflect @gloriabell
    25. 25. Observe / Report / Ask Reply Reflect Curate @gloriabell
    26. 26. Observe / Report / Ask Reply Reflect Curate Share @gloriabell
    27. 27. Sustaining Storytelling Over Time @gloriabell
    28. 28. Build An Editorial Calendar • What should happen each week, each month? • Keep moving the story forward through strategic planning. • What major milestones or holidays need to be celebrated with your audience? @gloriabell
    29. 29. Other tips… • How does your audience represent themselves? What do they like to talk about? • What have you curated in metrics or content that you can share? • Start with more and edit down to less. • Monitor what is going on in the world, don’t just be on autopilot. @gloriabell
    30. 30. Companies doing a good job storytelling @gloriabell
    31. 31. Project Imagin8tion with Ron Howard @Canon_Camera @gloriabell
    32. 32. Superbowl “Dunk In the Dark” ad @oreo @gloriabell
    33. 33. Fiesta & Focus Movement @Ford @gloriabell
    34. 34. Under Armour Protect This House #IWill @underarmour @gloriabell
    35. 35. Doritos Locos Tacos @TacoBell @gloriabell
    36. 36. NCAA Tournament Ads @NikeStore @gloriabell
    37. 37. Email and Video @charitywater @gloriabell
    38. 38. Friend Trips & Location Weeks @Expedia @gloriabell
    39. 39. Product Ideas & Pin It to Win It Contests on Pinterest @DesignByIKEA @gloriabell
    40. 40. Customer Service @JetBlue @gloriabell
    41. 41. What stories does your business have to tell? @gloriabell
    42. 42. Gloria Bell Bell Digital Strategies @gloriabell
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