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Social Image Sharing for BrightonSEO 2015


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Unleash your branding and gather your followers by using the right image in your social sharing. You have the basics down and your images are sized correctly, but now what? You need to figure out how to push your messaging, bring everyone to the party, and pivot quickly.

You'll learn how to:

- Use compelling layouts and typography that psychologically work
- Create messaging to compliment your images
- Work smarter with graphic designers and content marketers
- Quickly pivot your images to be golden across any social media network

Published in: Social Media, Marketing

Social Image Sharing for BrightonSEO 2015

  1. Flare and Pivot ! for Social Image Sharing! Erica McGillivray
  2. Erica McGillivray @emcgillivray Senior Community Manager at Moz
  3. “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” — Allen Ginsberg! @emcgillivray
  4. @emcgillivray
  5. @emcgillivray
  6. Five Basic Design Principles! @emcgillivray
  7. High contrast
  8. Clean
  9. Branded
  10. Bold
  11. Unity @emcgillivray
  12. Five Psychological Triggers for Sharing! @emcgillivray
  13. Match copy with images
  14. Challenge audiences @emcgillivray
  15. Take risks @emcgillivray
  16. Establish credibility
  17. Make human connections
  18. Working with the Team! @emcgillivray
  19. “Higher, further, faster...more.” ! — Kelly Sue DeConnick! @emcgillivray
  20. <3 Designers! @emcgillivray
  21. Get them excited
  22. Quickly pivot
  23. Quickly pivot
  24. Simple and customized templates, aka easy image and text swaps @emcgillivray
  25. @emcgillivray Simple and customized templates, aka easy image and text swaps
  26. @emcgillivray A few technologies to help
  27. @emcgillivray A few technologies to help
  28. <3 Developers! @emcgillivray
  29. Explain your business case
  30. Implement Open Graph tags
  31. Implement Open Graph tags
  32. Implement Open Graph tags
  33. Implement Open Graph tags
  34. Implement Twitter cards
  35. Implement Twitter cards
  36. Build sharing into culture
  37. @emcgillivray
  38. @emcgillivray
  39. All the info for sharing!
  40. Prioritize Repeatable and Evergreen Projects!
  41. @emcgillivray
  42. Missteps Happen! @emcgillivray
  43. @emcgillivray
  44. @emcgillivray Can’t click play button
  45. Clone club
  46. Mix it up!
  47. Be on time!
  48. Learn, Improve, ! and Get Results! @emcgillivray
  49. @emcgillivray Rival IQ top content (90 days)!
  50. @emcgillivray 17 posts 15 posts Average of 468.95% lift per blog post promoted on Twitter Google Analytics traffic data!
  51. @emcgillivray
  52. Thank You!! Erica McGillivray @emcgillivray Senior Community Manager at Moz
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