Social Teaching by Design: 6 Assignment Ideas

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  • 1. Social Teaching by Design Sample Assignments Using Social & Mobile Tools: A Quick Idea Roundup
  • 2. For educators seeking fresh ideas to create social and mobile assignments for students, here's a collection of six examples + online tools. ~ Sidneyeve
  • 3. 1.flipbooks online presentation decks, no narrator required Created with Powerpoint/Keynote/HaikuDeck Uploaded to Slideshare/Google Drive
  • 4. Flipbooks can be research based visual essays, with image credits &"sources cited" on last slide. One of my students saw her flipbook go "viral"~ attracting 47.6K+ views on Slideshare!
  • 5. Once in the cloud, flipbooks can be embedded in the learning management system... sample flipbooks by my students, posted on Slideshare
  • 6. ... shared within a discussion forum, flipbooks can receive peer-to-peer feedback and critiques. sample flipbooks by my students, posted on Slideshare
  • 7. Example of a collaborative flipbook created by students. Click images below to check it out: Thanks Prof Joe Bob Hester @joebobhester
  • 8. flipbook tool: This iPad app is free.
  • 9. flipbook tool: Make 3 for free. Educational pricing is $10/year for 30 student accounts.
  • 10. Example of online flipbook created with
  • 11. flipbook tool: free Add voiceover narration to flipbook slides with this iOS app.
  • 12. mindmaps 2. solo or collaborative online brainstorming
  • 13. mindmap tool: Collaborative, cloud-based, free mindmap app.
  • 14. mindmap tool: Collaborative, cloud-based, free mindmap app.
  • 15. mindmap tool: Mobile app for iOS tablets. Build 3 free. Export as PDF/jpg. Tota! Recal"
  • 16. photoquotes 3. illustrate an interesting textbook quote/fact
  • 17. Photoquotes encourage students to read the textbook closely ... Sample photoquotes created by my students.
  • 18. ...and they can be used to help students understand photosourcing and copyright. advanced image search
  • 19. photoquote tool: Free web-based image editing app.
  • 20. 4.infographics & digital posters Used as a research essay alternative. Shared via LMS for peer-to-peer inspiration & feedback. Sample infographics by my students.
  • 21. infographic tool: Free web-based data visualization app.
  • 22. infographic tool: Free web-based data visualization app.
  • 23. infographic assignment: student feedback " It really exercised my Photoshop skills because I was constantly searching for techniques and tutorials online and ended up with an even bigger and better set of skills. " Quotes and sample infographics by my students.
  • 24. infographic assignment: student feedback " I was very surprised how something that seemed visually simple could have actually taken days to research and design. " Quotes and sample infographics by my students.
  • 25. To accompany the infographic, students can be asked to write an infographic designer's statement, commenting on their research journey and creative process. copy of my template available by request
  • 26. from infographics to digital posters poster by pixienicki poster by Christopher Sledge images sourced from Flickr poster by ARM Climate Research Facility
  • 27. digital poster tool: Free design templates.
  • 28. Pin the posters to create a virtual gallery on Pins enable social sharing and commenting.
  • 29. Plan a live (recordable) digital poster presentation video or text chat .
  • 30. digital poster presentation tool: Free text chat web app CoverItLive allows you to record/embed transcript alongside the poster. iOS app version also available. poster by eddequincey Poster and sample chat transcript juxtaposed for illustrative purposes only.
  • 31. Example of a live poster e-presentation. hangouts Click images above to check it out:
  • 32. flashcards 5. mLearning objects, by students, for students
  • 33. digital flashcards tool: Free web and mobile app. Can add audio voiceover to cards. 2013  FILM240  Flashcards  by  ^SEM
  • 34. digital flashcards tool: Free web and mobile app. Solo or collaborative options.
  • 35. bookmarking discover and share great web finds
  • 36. social bookmarking tool: Free web and mobile app. Solo or collaborative options.
  • 37. social bookmarking tool: Collect media from across the social web, arrange links in a visual narrative, then embed anywhere.
  • 38. (I p#omi$e% 6, bu& he#''( ) bonu$ on'!) 7.booklist online reviews or annotated bibliography Sharing research, writing, and discovering great reads.
  • 39. booklist tool: Using free Listmania list, assemble bibliography, add reviews, share.
  • 40. booklist tool: Pinboard annotated bibliography ~ pin books, add mini reviews.
  • 41. In closing, why teach "socially, by design" in the first place? Because we know... The road to deep learning is students sharing knowledge.
  • 42. About the Author Sidneyeve Matrix teaches about media, marketing, and mass communications at Queen's University in Canada. All Rights Reserved © 2014