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Aasl cloudpresentation

  1. 1. Taking School Library Education into the Cloud Georgia Southern University Instructional Technology Program
  2. 2. Our Challenge • To ensure that our graduates have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be leaders of 21st century school library media programs.
  3. 3. Our Plan • Create course activities to encourage students to become enthusiastic life-long learners, reflective thinkers, and advocates for transformational use of innovative teaching tools and strategies
  4. 4. Our Learning Environment Cultivate a participatory culture in which our candidates would • Create content • Curate content • Collaborate • Connect with each other and the world
  5. 5. Into the Cloud Instructions: Create a graphic/visual/media product called “My Life as a Reader.” • Student product using • Student product using Dipity
  6. 6. Connecting Instructions: Identify a web site that is blocked or filtered at your school and post the URL to our Banned in My School! Padlet Instructions: You will post a digital picture to illustrate one of these areas you identified previously and tell us which one of the areas your photo is related to. Post the photo to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Padlet
  7. 7. Curating Instructions: You are going to develop your own selection tools toolkit using a Web 2.0 tool of your choice. Using most of the tools from Jody Howard’s articles (plus a few more!) we’ve created an example using Scoop.It. You should create a dynamic resource that you will continue to use and develop as you move into the school library. • Student example using Scoop.it • Student example using BagtheWeb • Student example using LiveBinders
  8. 8. Creating and Curating Instructions: (1) Create a creative, memorable and SPECIFIC presentation about what the curriculum of the school library would add to the grade/content instruction of your teachers. (2) Create a focused list of curated resources (5-7 items) related to teaching information literacy and transliteracy in the grade or subject level you’ve chosen. • Student example using VoiceThread • Student example using Learnist
  9. 9. Creating Strategic Management Plan Instructions: The strategic management plan should be created using a variety of tools and hosted on a PBWorks wiki (make commenting possible). The site should be open to the public. Be sure to include your name on all pages. – Student example with embedded infographic – Student example
  10. 10. Creation Collection Evaluation and Weeding Assignment Instructions: You will complete your assignment using an online tool called Smore. Smore (www.smore.com) allows you to create professional, attractive resources that incorporate visuals. Your Smore should have 5 sections: 1.Topic area and justification for selection of that topic 2.Evaluation of the topic section based on use of data 3.Evaluation of the topic section based on curricular needs 4.Items to be weeded 5.Disposal of weeded items Student Example
  11. 11. Collaborating Reading Lesson Plan Assignment Instructions: Use a Web 2.0 collaborative tool such as a wiki to capture your collaborative conversations and work. Meet regularly with your team member. Document the tasks each team member does in developing both lessons. You must document your collaborative discussions as you develop the two lessons. – Andrea and Angela – Kaitlin and Rebecca – Katie and Jennifer
  12. 12. Up, Up, and Away
  13. 13. Up, Up, and Away
  14. 14. Initial Student Reactions • I started using wikis for this course. I had not used padlet before this course. The web 2.0 tools that I use the most are prezi (for educational use) and more recently sites such as toondoo.com for educational use. If pinterest counts, I am a real pro :) • This isn’t my first wiki, well I don’t think anyway. While working on my bachelor degree I had to purchase a Live Text account. Once I started really working with PBworks I really noticed that they are very similar. I’m not saying that I really totally understand nor am I a pro. But I am learning and really getting the hang of it. • I had used wikis before and still don't like them. This was the first time using padlet and I loved it. There is no specific 2.0 tool I use the most and mainly use them for coursework and trying to incorporate more into my teaching.
  15. 15. Student Reflection The coursework that I have completed as a part of the Instructional Technology masters program has opened my eyes to how many different tools we have as options today. It often seems to be an arduous task to keep up with new technology...as soon as you master one thing it becomes obsolete and is replaced by something else. However, as a result of my classwork, I feel that the constant exposure to different media and tools has helped me to realize that it is imperative that I continue to assess and push myself as an educator so that I can help my students to prepare for their futures. Deedra Long http://deedralongportfolio.pbworks.com/w/page/68477852/Standard%20I http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+Digital+Taxonomy