Social media best practice


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Social Media achieves the best results when used as part of a wider integrated marketing strategy.

Check out our simple best practice tips to help you maximise your social media impact!

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Social media best practice

  1. 1. Social Media Best Practice What you need to know
  2. 2. Social media channels Facebook LinkedIn Soundcloud Twitter Social Pinterest Media Wordpress Youtube and more…
  3. 3. Set your objectives first • Decide what you want to achieve with Social Media in order to set realistic objectives from the start. • Whether it’s brand awareness or increased website traffic, make sure your objectives are: pecific easurable chievable ealistic ime scaled
  4. 4. Integrated Strategy• Social Media achieves the best results when used as part of a wider integrated marketing strategy.• An integrated marketing strategy is where the different marketing channels you adopt work together to deliver your core messages in a similar tone, creating a seamless experience for the end user. Social Media shouldn’t be relied upon as yoursole marketing tool or your marketing mix willbecome unbalanced.
  5. 5. Profiling • Profile your target audiences and get to know their preferences. • Research which Social Media channel(s) is most effective at enabling your message to reach your intended audience. Look to the future and consider broader audiences. Cultivate potential future customer relationships by reaching out beyond your ‘base’.
  6. 6. ‘Content is king’ • Generate content people want to engage with; think about what you would like to read about – original, desirable, interesting etc. • Content must be rich, relevant and varied but try not to push your brand all the time as this will turn people away. Aim to establish your company as an expert in its field.
  7. 7. Copyright• Make sure you are aware of what constitutes copyright infringement.• Don’t copy content and attempt to pass it off as your own. When using external content, seek permissionor reference the source (depending on the context).
  8. 8. Messaging• Set clear messaging guidelines and stick to them.• Define what key aspects of your brand you want to promote and what story you want to tell. Consistent messaging across all Social MediaChannels is vital to accentuate the positives of yourbrand. Don’t send mixed messages.
  9. 9. Social Media Etiquette• The golden rule of Social Media etiquette is ‘don’t write anything on a Social Media Channel that you wouldn’t say in everyday conversation’.• It’s vital to remember that you are representing your brand and everything you say could potentially be seen by thousands of people.• Be gracious to your influencers. Your influencers could enable you to get your messaging spread much further so share their content and thank when yours is shared. Seize opportunities to start conversations ordebates but don’t be controversial.
  10. 10. Engagement• If you allow accounts to lie dormant for long periods of time it sends out a negative message about your company.• Follow the ‘Three P’s of Social Media engagement: respond Promptly, Politely and Personally. You may be too busy to keep social media channelsupdated, but potential customers perceive online inactivityas business failure. If you don’t have time to update yourSocial Media channels, consider outsourcing your SocialMedia Management.
  11. 11. Measure Performance• If you don’t measure results, how do you know what is effective?• Measuring Social Media engagement allows you to see where to concentrate your resources and indicates what types of content are the most popular and are achieving the highest levels of engagement. Use Social Media Management software suchas ‘Hootsuite’ to measure your Social Media channelsperformance.
  12. 12. Stay Focused• Monitor trends constantly.• Social Media is fast-moving; channels rise and fall and user expectations evolve.• Channels themselves change frequently. Be aware of channel changes or updates and use them to your advantage. Listen. Social Media engagement isn’t a one-way street. What do followers want to hear about?Keep your eyes and ears open!
  13. 13. Evolve with Rev MarketingIf you would like to find out more about makingyour marketing activities work as hard aspossible for you, visit today to start your journey to a more evolved marketing approach.