advertising introduction to advertising advertising management entrepreneurship business communication communication entrepreneur research business non verbal communication sales promotion marketing communications management information system business research business plan gestures facial expressions teleconferencing electronic mail group discussions written communication non verbal venture television ad print advertising print ad marketing communication planning introduction to marketing communication planning research process media scheduling media selection media planning ethical issues in marketing communication social issues in marketing communication dagmar aida models of marketing communication imc mis information system statistics systems operations business quiz organizing skills motivation delegation leadership co-ordination time management planning feasibility study feasibility planning blue print small business types of entrepreneurs entreprenedre research questions questions assignment questions null hypothesis eye contact body movements and posture john grinder richard bandler nlp neuro linguestic programming entrpreneur life cycle of an entrpreneural venture conducting interviews chairing gd entrepren franchise franchising video conferencing. fax communicating digitally video conferencing body language nlp; listening - principles of effective listening unit v non-verbal communication visual communication - use of avas para-language kinetics proxemics technology and communication - communicating digit seminars; negotiation skills conversation control. interviewing skills - appearing in interviews conferences attending meetings conducting interviews; chairing extempore speech presentations unit iv oral communication - skills and effectiven principles. planning a talk leaflets reports business communications barriers of commuication verbal communication case analysis application letter business letters effective communication barriers to communication verbal written visual intrapersonal interpersonal communication barrier acquiring an established venture acquiring an established venture acquiring an established venture acquiring an established venture print advertisement television & print ad -creation process television advertisment tv ad marketing communication celebrity advertising surrogate advertising public service advertising covert advertising outdoor advertising types of advertisement broadcast advertising television television advertisement newspaper magazine ethical & social issues in marketing communication brand equity effect of sales promotion on brand equity development of sales promotion campaign sales promotion campaign creative strategy advertising research advertising planning advertising budgeting advertising appeals media research types of media plan budget advertising budget adverisement selecting an advertising agency how do advertising agency earn revenue types of advertising agency advertisement agency advertising communication russel h colley 5 m's of advertising integrated marketing communications marketing communication mix marketing communication tools communications platforms roles of advertising concepts of advertising integrated marketing communication hierarical model object oriented model relationship model database types database models dbms database management systems executive decision support system group decision support system gdss edss dss decision making condepts decision levels types of decisions decisions decision making decision support system information resource management data processing information services information system model information systems role of information technology in business knowledge knowledge workers information data life cycle scaling concepts scaling sample design sampling caricature quiz tkm names company
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