Its Time for Social Media


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Todd's Presentation to the Association of College Unions International

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  • RSS is not hard, but the learning curve is still steep – why?
  • When will mainstream media catch on? They can use this to cultivate sources, create new story angles, get perspectives and opinions
  • When will mainstream media catch on? They can use this to cultivate sources, create new story angles, get perspectives and opinions
  • Its Time for Social Media

    1. 1. Todd Van Hoosear Principal, Fresh Ground Communications @vanhoosear #acuir1
    2. 2. Todd Van Hoosear Principal, Fresh Ground Communications @vanhoosear #acuir1
    3. 3. Todd Van Hoosear Principal, Fresh Ground Communications @vanhoosear #acuir1 That’s Better!
    4. 4. Good Morning!
    5. 5. I need to ask some questions You should too
    6. 6. Who is this guy? Why should you pay attention to him? PR Professional with 16 years experience Social media early adopter Nerd who takes offense to being called a geek
    7. 7. Not so seriously that you’re afraid of it… But seriously enough that you change more than just how you market
    8. 8. What? Why? How?
    9. 9. Publishing Blogs and splogs Photo, video and audio-sharing sites Podcasts and videocasts News and RSS feeds Mashups and widgets Community Social networks Forums Blog, video and audio commenting Collaboration Wikis Google Docs Event management platforms Aggregation RSS readers Social bookmarking Social tagging and folksonomies Presence Microblogs Live journals IM/SMS Mobile location-based services Optimization Search engine optimization Press release optimization News room optimization
    10. 10. Blogs are changing how media companies do business, and some of them are going out of business Podcasts and online video are disrupting traditional advertising models Social media news releases and news rooms are changing how press releases are distributed Social networks are connecting customers with companies, and empowering those customers Wikis are taking collaboration to the next level Blogs and microblogs are creating new opportunities to join the conversation
    11. 11. The “Command and Control” PR model is dead Honesty and transparency are key Timing is nothing, announcement-wise Event communities form way before events start Criticism is good, failure is acceptable Everyone’s a channel, and everyone is a critic Measurement is becoming easier The “Berlin wall” of information is falling Big brands are devolving, personal brands are evolving Everything is a commodity, except attention and trust
    12. 12. Thanks to iCrossing for this quote Social media is a force that cannot be ignored
    13. 13. Source: NASPA 2008 Profile of the American College Student
    14. 14. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    15. 15. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    16. 16. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    17. 17. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    18. 18. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    19. 19. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    20. 20. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    21. 21. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    22. 22. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
    23. 23. (Nearly) everything’s real-time (Nearly) everything’s online (Nearly) everyone’s a marketer (Nearly) everything’s outsourced (Nearly) everyone’s a freelancer (Nearly) everything’s measurable (Nearly) everything’s cheap or free
    24. 24. List Lurk Listen Learn Lead Leverage
    25. 25. Content CommunityConversation
    26. 26. 1. I suffer from information overload already. 2. So much of what's discussed online is meaningless. These forms of communication are shallow and make us dumber. We have real work to do! 3. I don't have the time to contribute and moderate, it looks like it takes a lot of time and energy. 4. Our customers don't use this stuff, the learning curve limits its usefulness to geeks. 5. Communicators [bloggers, tweeters] are so fickle, better to stay unengaged than risk random brand damage. We don't want hostile comments left about us on any forum we've legitimized. Source: Marshall Kirkpatrick’s “ReadWriteWeb”
    27. 27. 6. Traditional media and audiences are still bigger, we'll do new stuff when they do. 7. Upper management won't support it/dedicate resources for it. 8. These startups can't offer meaningful security, they may not even be around in a year - I'll wait until Google or our enterprise software vendor starts offering this kind of functionality. 9. There are so many tools that are similar, I can't tell where to invest my time so I don't use any of it at all. 10. That stuff's fine for sexy brands, but we sell [insert boring B2B brand] and are known for stability more than chasing the flavor-of-the- month. We're doing just fine with the tools we've got, thanks. Source: Marshall Kirkpatrick’s “ReadWriteWeb”
    28. 28. You Can Do to Get Started…
    29. 29. Get your news “Dugg” to spread the word
    30. 30. + = More relevant, findable, engaging news releases
    31. 31. Create and Cultivate a Network Spread the Word Get Instant Feedback
    32. 32. Brand Yourself and Converse with Peers/Customers
    33. 33. Create Content Place Your Clients in Front of a New Audience
    34. 34. MSM and New Media Feed Each Other
    35. 35. Todd Van Hoosear @vanhoosear #acuir1