EA Masterclass, Australia, July/August 2014


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Introductory slidedeck for our 'Enterprise-Architecture Masterclass' series in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in July/August 2014

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EA Masterclass, Australia, July/August 2014

  1. 1. Masterclass in whole-enterprise-architecture CC-BY-NC-SA Michael-Maclean via Flickr Tom Graves, Tetradian Consulting Course Overview See you Down Under in July / August 2014! Adelaide / Melbourne / Sydney
  2. 2. What is enterprise-architecture? CC-BY Highways Agency via Flickr Yes, IT is a key part of EA… the technology around IT… and uses of IT - mobile… …social (sort-of)… …and local, too…
  3. 3. Yet what is enterprise-architecture, really? …it’s the architecture of the enterprise. …so everything here is part of the enterprise-architecture, too…
  4. 4. (because technology is an enabler that makes the enterprise possible) “It’s not not about the technology” (Andrew McAfee) but technology is only a means; whereas enterprise is the ends - don’t mix them up! Enterprise-architecture addresses common themes that must pervade through every part of the enterprise.
  5. 5. CC-BY AllBrazilian via Wikimedia It’s always about people… yes, there’s technology in use)
  6. 6. So… What’s in it for you? Patterns, tools, techniques… ++ + = – – – command and control let go of control – let go of command – passive dysfunction – active dysfunction – (useful-anarchy) (kiddies-anarchy) (rein-in the dysfunctions) Performance Purpose People Preparation Process PoliciesValues Events Completions Success Trust / Commitment shared-enterprise includes community, government, non-clients, anti-clients, others market includes competitors, regulators, otherssupplier- prospects customer- prospects organisationsupplier customer includes investors, beneficiaries Ambiguous but Actionable Not-known, None-of- the-above Complicated but Controllable Simple and Straightforward (boundary of effective-certainty) (transition from plan to action) NOW! Certain (increasingly uncertain) (indefinite future) what caused the difference? what do we learn from this? what do I learn from this? what was supposed to happen? what actually happened? (start here) Trust / Commitment supplier relations value- proposition supplier channels value- creation customer channels customer relations value- outlay value- governance value- return supplier custom er investor beneficiary coordinationdirectionvalidation before before during during after after investment dividend guidanceguidance mgmt- info Links to common EA frameworks… TOGAF PEAF DoDAF Zachman and more…
  7. 7. Adapt automatically to any scope and scale. Start anywhere. Extend everywhere. Consistently. Link across the whole… purpose, strategy, projects, deployment, operations, success. Engage with the organisational politics… that’s essential, for the architecture to succeed!
  8. 8. context EA themes stakeholders story viewpoints skills politics governance frameworks services complexity viability architecting for change innovation sensemaking metrics and more…
  9. 9. Real-world examples… Tom Graves presenting Integrated-EA, London, 2014 Architecture in practice telco, Netherlands, 2012 Architecture in practice hospitality, Guatemala, 2013
  10. 10. an everyday EA guy… a bunch of EA books… see you in July! great ideas for your EA… More detail from TitanVine: http://bit.ly/1kg3yuh