solution architecture strategic misrepresentation outsourcing cloud computing enterprise architecture business architecture innovation business process management data governance solution topography skills framework for the information age (sfia) gdpr information and data architecture shadow it integration process oriented architecture digital strategy digital enablement technology iceberg procurement managed services bpm enterprise business process model information management lifecycle togaf ireland pcg - fortuna - cryptographically secure pseudo random number gene pseudonymisation with data salting and peppering hashing and identifier codes schrems ii judgement pseudonymisation and data breaches data breaches and attacks data sharing and access framework data privacy by design and by default data privacy laws and regulations data privatisation topology data privatisation balance general data protection regulation data privacy and risk management differential privacy data pseudonymisation data anonymisation data privatisation browser protection penetration testing network monitoring asset security solution zones data integration cobit 2019 european e-competence framework (ecf) it capability maturity framework (it-cmf) data transformation good regulator theorem gall’s law solution architecture centre of excellence digital strategy and digital transformation introduction to business architecture – part 1 gdpr and outsourcing implementing and operating gdpr designing an enterprise data fabric rich pictures early engagement service architecture infrastructure architecture technical architecture security architecture application architecture we need to talk about it architecture dimensions of solution usability solution architecture and user and customer experi optimism bias conway's law cognitive diversity organisation transformation and solution design access and profile management system development security operational and business systems responsive infrastructure digital specific applications and tools identity channels and facilities external party interaction zones deployment and management digital reference architecture internal interaction management digital transformation and enterprise architecture real time data strategy and architecture organisation operating landscape availability trust services principles and criteria for securit processing integrity confidentiality business architecture engagement so you think you need a digital strategy illusion of attempting to manage outcomes organisation business landscape satisficing groupthink focalism generalised solution architecture it leadership and governance sourcing and supplier management capacity forecasting and planning acquisition demand and supply management accounting strategic and business planning outsourcing trends probability and belief biases investment management decision-making and behavioural biases cognitive bias sourcing supplier management business strategy requirements management it capability maturity framework innovation value institute crm customer relationship management pmbok data development data management book of knowledge reference and master data management data quality management data security management cobit document and content management data architecture management data warehousing and business intelligence managem data operations management dmbok activity based costing it investment management cpic itim the open group architecture framework data journeys design physical data model logical data model conceptual data model data design and modelling for common data plumbing infrastru data architecture and data str shift left of the scope of dat solution architecture data gap traditional scope of data arch data architecture gap data architecture for solution it investment maturity earned value management portfolio management solution overview dashboard risk and contingency solution estimation template solution breakdown estimation journey solution estimation march 2020 – march 2022 covid-19 mortality data numbers of catholic clergy technical debt account ashby’s law v zombie solutions structural debt technical debt security standards and controls solution components classes solution zone types and zones solution architecture and interfaces with other it solution inheritance of security infrastructure solution security is a “wicked problem” illusion of the solution cocoon new technology and new risks operational solution entities and security control operational solution entity types and solution zon solution component types and components solution and technology risks core and extended solution security model solution architecture and solution security data management backup and recovery inventory and control of assets audit log management solution monitoring malware defense application soution security email protection account management access control management solution availability resilience fault tolerance a security controls solution landscape solution components solution security architecture ruleml semantics of business vocabulary and business rule production rule representation (prr) case management model and notation (cmmn) decision model and notation (dmn) process description approaches workflow management (wfm) bpi (business process intelligence) business process automation (bpa) business process management (bpm) business process management (bpm) and business pro solution replacement api management service orientation process mining business motivation model (bmm) enterprise decision management (edm) enterprise process and automation architecture app solution architecture and process automation solut business glossary data catalog vocabulary (dcat) reusable) interoperable accessible fair (findable layers of data profiling activities data profiling stages data profiling toolset options master data management data provenance data lineage data virtualisation metadata harmonisation data catalog data profiling covid-19 mortality statistics for ireland battery electric vehicles (bevs) approaches to implementing an electric car chargin domestic electric car charging electric car charging simulations patterns of vehicle usage in ireland pattern of electricity usage in ireland electric vehicles in norway electric vehicles in ireland impact of uncontrolled electric car charging on pa regulatory risk compliance risk external cyber risk technology risk systems and process risk people and conduct risk legal risk reputational risk operational risk data iceberg risk data path and data provenance fair (factor analysis of information risk) data mo dmbok (data management book of knowledge) failure mode and effect analysis (fmea) fault tree analysis (fta) open risk analysis technical standard (o-ra) open risk taxonomy technical standard (o-rt) open group fair (factor analysis of information ri source push target push data ingestion meta data integration platform external data integration data integration gateway on premises data integration data integration scenarios data entities data landscape data zones data fabric analytic integration data plumbing data interoperability data integration architecture operational integration data integration framework data integration hub deaths of clergy and members of religious orders deaths by first names deaths by surnames deaths by county deaths by quarter deaths by month deaths by week daily deaths deaths by day of the week irish mortality 2014-2020 gnp seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment composition of debt debit and credit card spending tourism statistics flight statistics traffic data mortality residential property price index planning permissions commencement notices mortgage approvals property prices hospital waiting lists petrol and diesel imports gas demand electricity system demand crime statistics ireland 2019 and 2020 compared in data covid-19 organisation capability importance profile dimensions of capabilities capability domains meta-capabilities apqc process classification framework itil v4 it4it reference architecture it function critical capability models realised service model logical service model conceptual service model detect to correct (d2c) request to fulfil (r2f) requirement to deploy (r2d) strategy to portfolio (s2p) primary and secondary value adding activities organisation value chain and it value chain itil it service management managing for supply chain performance (m4sc) design chain operations reference model (dcor) customer chain operations reference model (ccor) product life cycle operations reference model (plc critical review of open group it4it reference arch excess covid-19 deaths agile solution design and delivery estimates agile solution requirements agile solution design and delivery management agile time limits agile success factors agile principles controls and principles techniques agile enablers agile approach to solution architecture and design integrated solution design and delivery organisation agile solution design and delivery wa solution stakeholders and solution consumers solution monolith agile context the agile solution solution component types solution context the solution the paradox of strategic misrepresentation supplier-side strategic misrepresentation overlap of strategic misrepresentations strategic misrepresentation during solution procur solution topography and cloud/as-a-service based s solution acquisition success factors principles underpinning solution acquisition objectives of solution acquisition process slow/unskilled/understaffed it solution acquisitio greater solution complexity and data interoperabil absence of solution architecture involvement in so solution scope not known or defined at acquisition digital initiatives extending it solutions to outs more complex solutions available more hosted/cloud outsourced solutions and fewer o more external solution acquisition and less soluti solution procurement solution architecture and solution acquisition sfia (skills framework for the information age) it function roles and staffing it function – target organisation structure it function structure it function capabilities it function operating model change enablers and indicators change domains it strategy implementation stages and steps specific initiatives in it strategy core and extended activities of an it strategy it strategy in a wider organisation context business and it strategy – responding to demands a it strategy – core principles it strategy scope checklist it function as a lens it function and business strategy feedback it demand drivers business and it view of technology business and it disconnect enterprise data fabric data stewardship capability model data governance capability model data capability maturity model data maturity models data life stages data capability process areas data service management processes data security data process framework extended data landscape data model core data landscape data model data interfaces and data flows data entity relationship data entity data zone data operations data landscape model support and operations management solution usage solution portfolio realisation and delivery solution portfolio design and specification business it strategy business operational model business objectives it architecture bloom’s taxonomy of knowledge solution architecture maturity model segmentation operational excellence value for money consolidation standardisation simplification solution architecture principles standards tools methodologies governance and quality services people asset management vision and strategy sacoe solution complexity dashboard non-linear nature of solution delivery complexity solution complexity factors waterbed analogy of necessary solution complexity roi: it's your job. proceedings of the third inter roger c. conant law of requisite variety w ross ashby an introduction to cybernetics john gall systemantics: how systems really work and how they solution complexity solution architecture and solution complexity guido dedene raymond slot business value of solution architecture solution architecture contribution to the standish budzier and flyvbjerg project organisational chall bent flyvbjerg alexander budzier quality control and due diligence in project manag why your it project may be riskier than you think double whammy – how ict projects are fooled by ran barry boehm six reasons for software project failure brenda whittaker what went wrong? unsuccessful information technolo michelle kaarst-brown chuck millhollan lessons for it project manager efficacy: a review operational solution deficit project success factors standish group chaos report solution architecture and solution experience and solution architecture and digital transformation role of solution architecture why solutions fail rapid solution design engagement solution architecture engagement and the solution problem and solution knowledge and complexity data architecture game of chicken mexican standoff prisoner’s dilemma game theory and brexit outcome analysis solution usage experience is the sum of experience solution characteristics and quality properties maximising solution value throughout lifecycle solution design and delivery issues the journey from idea to successful operation core elements of designops core areas of organisation change solution delivery stages and solution components solution is the sum of its components solution design designops architectural patterns solution space requirements space mapping the problem/solution domain solution knowledge problem knowledge design-related explanatory/predictive theory (drep information systems design theory (isdt) design research design theory evidence-based design design science research in information systems (ds design science research (dsr) design science (ds) science design science and solution architecture orchestration and provisioning architecture for ef poa (process oriented architecture) and bpm (busin rpa (robotic process automation) introduction to business architecture - part 2 bpm implementation success criteria and best pract crm and cross-functional enterprise-level customer bpm (business process management) introduction to business process management business process analysis and design – importance business process design success factors causes of process waste objective of business architecture engagement factors driving business architecture engagement introduction to business architecture mapping external digital interactions to the organ digital solution architecture and the platform applications delivery and management tools and fra digital organisation target architecture solution architecture and digital architecture capital planning and investment management and con outsourcing and managed services - developing a co developing an acquisition centre of excellence for taking a performance-based services approach to im supplier and service provider governance using consistency checking to examine possible dis process transformation and rpa process oriented architecture high level reference robotic process automation process oriented archit process architecture and process automation strate process automation and autonomy artificial intelligence business rules rpa implementation options execution and operational framework implementation governance rpa management presentation layer integration rpa – interfacing with existing applications and p robotic process automation iso 27001 information security management reporting on controls at a service organisation standards for attestation engagements (ssae) 18 iso 16175 standard for digital filing iso 15489 records management personal data landscape risk management security management privacy management data ethics principles of gdpr personal information context of gdpr data warehouse programme notes data data governance: keystone of information managemen review of data management maturity models data audit approach to developing an enterprise da translating big raw data into small actionable inf forget big data. it's all about smart data information and knowledge management framework and solution architecture – approach to rapidly scopin stopping analysis paralysis and decision avoidance the centre cannot hold: making it architecture rel the need for effective early engagement in solutio one common set of rules and one-stop shop limitation and minimisation data protection by design and by default european data protection supervisor (edps) european data protection board (edpb) article 29 working party european union agency for network and information authentication and trust services) eidas (electronic identification directive on privacy and electronic communications eprivacy regulation directive on security of network and information s eu digital single market (dsm) gdpr and data ethics gdpr and data governance gdpr and risk management gdpr and security management gdpr and privacy management data fabric as data plumbing and a data refinery key design principles of a data fabric data fabric and digital enablement creating a data vision newer data technologies and facilities outside the shadow it occurs when the it function cannot deliv analytics capabilities nis directive eidas eprivacy regulation digital single market data regulations cloud offerings and services internal and external digital expectations it function data leadership responding to interrelated data trends core data fabric conceptual model rich picture of the enterprise’s data context mesh enabling the movement of data around the ente paths to resolution dimensions of implementation scenarios resolution attributes and evaluation factors activity model of as-is and to-be situations core early engagement process early engagement is about navigating the problem l objective of engagement is to identify options for resolution needs to be bridge from current situati scope of complete resolution engagement definition journey stages early engagement model remove the barrier that prevents continuity from b early engagement principles getting the scope right find the engagement effort and results saddle poin solution leadership vanguard of solution design it is all about the user experience focus on generating business value quickly it architecture principles build a vision for it architecture it architecture disciplines integrated it architecture function and discipline consequences of failing it architecture – spiral o consequences of fragmented it landscape it architecture is failing cost of lack of usability and poor experience solution architecture and solution design enterprise architecture leadership in solution us solutions bridging organisational silos solution usability corollary to conway’s law operational silos and conway’s law overall experiences cross “vertical” operational o organisation operational silos mapping organisation interactions to solutions inventory of organisation interaction (customer) j customer experiences and external interactions and digital transformation and solution design and usa extending processes and applications outside the o usability measurement and action framework it architecture context of solution usability user experience is the sum of experiences solution usability – taking the end to end design mobile and social computing and perceived inabilit trends in business use of it affecting the relevan wall separating real business concerns with transi outsourcing and the divestment of it functions in the importance of early engagement in it architect business need to respond to the interrelated devel xmission-critical information is consistently out- co-ordinated and business focussed it architecture business shift to cloud service providers offering it architecture as internal business consulting an it architecture function groupthink a culture of distrust persists between the busines it architecture and innovation it architecture – translating what into how smart about data value and benefits smart about data hardware and software architectur smart data means being … smart about strategy development and implementatio not big data smart about channels and interactions – use cas every organisation needs an effective enterprise d having a chief smart data officer and not just a c primary and secondary data framework iceberg trailing/lagging and leading indicators organisational data landscape smart data use cases in the organisational data la organisation structures smart about data processes data explosion primary and secondary data exploitation smart about what to collect organisational data landscape and data interaction smart data conceptual solution architecture framework clearing the analysis paralysis and decision avoid need to start with the objective defined and focus measuring progress and decision making a good plan violently executed now is better than the enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect maintaining the solution delivery momentum the solution journey involves making decisions solution definition journey stages implementation and operation journey is rarely eas the solution design analysis and design can be difficult development requirements space and solution space it is even better to act quickly and err than to h characteristics of analysis paralysis and decision goal of analysis and design is to reduce uncertain uncertainty increases analysis paralysis and decis you cannot avoid analysis requirements are a means to an end dunning–kruger effect value in diversity hypothesis attributional biases solving the design structure reproduction bias how do committees invent? the design organisation organisation comfort zone dr scott page dr melvin conway planning fallacy digital strategy in business and it context lack of an enterprise architecture view leads to u applications delivery and management tools and fr architecture and transformation poa organisation management external interaction paths process classification framework (pcf) achieving a process oriented architecture organisation competency and process definition straight through processing routes of experience process oriented architecture and customer relatio customer experience journey definitions apqc (american productivity and quality center) operations strategy infrastructure and product and service development experience journeys enhanced telecommunications operating breakdown (e process oriented architecture maps actual external mappings from experience journeys to organisation three pillars of any organisation big raw data customer segmentation small actionable information use cases and external party journey stages big raw data and digital definition of use cases use cases across organisation operating landscape identification of high potential value use cases customer journey stages core and extended dimensions of raw data available taking a value-based approach to big raw data business model canvass and use case identification customer value management datalets customer segmentation models and customer segments propensity models and propensities business model canvass what actionable insights can be derived from big d developing a real time data strategy – generalis real time data quality and data governance telemetry strategy internet of things strategy data sensors telemetry real time data principles real time data strategy operational intelligence real time situational awareness tmforum resource domain frameworx etom (enhanced t smartx strategy big data strategy real time situational data smart metering big data internet of things standards for attestation engagements (ssae) 16 itil cmmi esourcing capability model for client organis and privacy facilitator and intermediary international auditing and assurance standards boa reporting on controls at a service organization service organisation controls supplier validation during sourcing and service de management of it suppliers and service providers service organizations it function as mediator assurance reports on controls at a service organiz statement on auditing standards (sas) no. 70 business process redesign technology is both a cause of change and an enable cross functional business processes business process analysis and design summary core areas of business architecture changes business change organisation extended business landscape business architecture analysis business process improvement business architecture change dimensions iso/iec/ieee 12207:2008 systems and software engin iso/iec/ieee 15288:2002 systems and software engin iso/iec tr 24766:2010 information technology - sys the myth of requirements ieee 1220 (iso/iec 26702) systems engineering - ap requirements gathering exercises myth of changing requirements software requirements specification (srs) document iso/iec/ieee 24765:2010 systems and software engin solution is about value obtained a solution is a resolver system operational concept (opscon) document iso/iec 25030:2007 software engineering - software ieee standard 830-1998 ieee recommended practice f iso/iec 25010:2011 systems and software engineerin a provider or an enabler iso/iec/ieee 29148:2011 systems and software engin scope of complete solution system requirements specification (syrs) document stakeholder requirements specification (strs) docu beware of the illusion of outcomes operational silos xactors be careful of the bumpy ride on the hypecycle digital overlap with customer experience strategy unrealistic digital expectations have become a bit fallacies of distributed computing digital+ measuring the return of a move to digital digital operational technology layers the perception chasm - businesses and customers ar digital strategy and business processes digital creates user expectations digital initiative xactor delivery radar customer experience xactor data models cmdb is a key component of productised ito ito transition process and ito delivery lifecycle idealised cmdb components and operation effective cmdb assists the ito process ito appliance dimensions of skus of outsourcing service ito service delivery ito industrialisation and productisation hierarchy of ito offer process-oriented view of outsourcing dimensions of classification of outsourcing arrang ito service configuration sku-based ito service preventing the outsourcing death spiral ito reference architecture ito operation and service management it outsourcing appliance standardisation of ito services generalised ito component deployment framework ito service operation and delivery process framewo effective business analysis prevents discontinuity extended dimensions of overall solution it is not about the project – it is about the so renovation preventing the balkanisation of it solution landsc it funnel of fragmentation and discontinuity business it requirements and it alignment business xnovation enterprise business analysis solution delivery boundaries solution is not just functionality it competitive advantage disconnected and disintegrated solution portfolio enterprise data strategy subject area model organisation information and data landscape leading indicators information systems architecture measurement framework iceberg trailing indicators data and information architecture enterprise data model enterprise data strategy in business and it contex functions actors solution usage journeys system interfaces and interactions extended solution architecture definition elements actor system interfaces and interactions core solution architecture definition elements solution architecture in business context find the information saddle point structured approach to solution architecture solution happy paths maximise the known knowns of the potential solutio project gates – review and decision points actor-actor interactions systems/applications processes solution architecture in the context of the overal galls law kruger-dunning effect where are you on the project success dial and why? ringelmann effect spectrum of project failures and successes brook’s law sunk cost fallacy project death march functional and results view implementation view business and process view management and operation view solution architecture dimensions/views solution architecture design boundaries technical view data view gates activities artefacts components of integrated project delivery and busi saga - stages integrated project/ solution delivery and business service and solution delivery aicpa it initiatives survey service lifecycle management business relationship and engagement service operations continuing disconnect between it and business it management generic structure of an it function it governance gartner it trends business and it disconnect – speaking a differen complex problems have complex solutions complex problems do not have simple solutions simple problems have simple solutions ashby’s law of requisite variety uncompressible complexity necessary/core complexity necessary and unnecessary complexity simple problems do not have complex solutions divestment of non-core functions understand the real costs of outsourcing externalities of procurement-lead acquisition and supplier selection factors outsourcing zone of opportunity coase’s law on the nature of the firm capabilities of a high performing acquisition func avoid outsourcing lost value outsourcing death spiral getting good and staying good at (out)sourcing outsourcing relationship management officer (ormo) outsourcing and due diligence strategic and operational skills of high performin acquisition trends data management maturity models iso/iec 15504 mike2.0 (method for an integrated knowledge enviro dmbok (data management book of knowledge) from dam ibm data governance council maturity model - http: enterprise data management council data management change the business it investment equation funding managing the doing - run the business doing - change the business it capabilities it investment profiles run the business doing - run the business it competence skills radar managing the doing - change the business acquisition requirements development project planning acquisition verification acquisition validation acquisition technical management process and product quality assurance project monitoring and control agreement management solicitation and supplier agreement development configuration management integrated project management decision analysis and resolution acquisition maturity model organisational process definition measurement and analysis quality assurance surveillance plan performance-based services contract soo performance work statement performance assessment report qasp pbsc performance-based services approach pbsa par pws statement of objectives business support services (bss) gembus topology and orchestration specification for cloud unibus geysers project - generalised architecture for dyn service management provisioning infrastructure services on-demand provisioning res oasis (organization for the advancement of structu orchestration customer services lifecycle operational support services (oss) aicpa top it initiatives outsourcing and innovation london school of economics outsourcing unit information technology trends transition and transformation within outsourcing marketing and offer management cloud product lifecycle management xaas sipss enhanced telecom operations map service development and management tm forum plm resource development and management product solution and service lifecycle management strategy and commit etom infrastructure lifecycle management supply chain development management strategy infrastructure and product/solution/servi benefits dependency network chief skeptical officer reference class forecasting benefits management and realisation outsourcing relationship event process chain idef-0 uml value chain business process design sipoc unified modelling language integration definition for function modelling swim lanes bpmn business process analysis supplier epc flow charting lovem-e line of visibility engineering method - enhanced business process modelling notation modelling high level process maturity it strategy it cmf high level assessment it value performance it posture first 100 days for a new cio design build and operate outtasking insourcing offshoring hosting infrastructure as a service software as a service utility computing global development centres nearshoring design and build homesourcing commoditisation of information technology application service provider knowledge process outsourcing business process outsourcing xp extreme programming projec failure adaptive software development asd agile fdd feature driven development agile unified process aup scrum rad rapid application development open unified process openup essential unified process essup tdd test-driven development spiral sdlc incremental sdlc crystal clear dsdm dynamic systems development method organisational change business responsiveness agile iterative project delivery approach assessment it investment benefits management maturity valit benefits dependency network benefits realisation validation and realisation benefits identification business analysis requirements definition business value programme and project management project portfolio management business analyst utility information technology services uits economics of utility computing business-oriented information technology strategy ivi managing information technology for business value it cmf enterprise process management bpms process management organisation process transformation process design bpa process performance management process modelling business process management technology review business process management technologies process analysis business process management common body of knowled abpmp association of business process management profess business process management and business analysis iaidq international association for information and data control objectives for information and related tec data management information quality program data stewardship ualr-iq university of arkansas at little rock information and data governance report data quality ponemon institute 2009 annual study cost of a data information management togaf and cobit enterprise business processes process improvement baldrige criteria framework cross-functional business processes iaas - infrastructure as a service paas - platform as a service public cloud saas - software as a service outsourcing for service providers staas - storage as a service outsourcing for end-user organisations iso 20000 rup iso 38500 val it dodaf bisl prince2 trends in information technology dama data management center of excellence dmcoe data management maturity model metadata management data mining customer service overview of effective crm implementation and opera customer lifetime value data warehouse customer relationship marketing continuity of operations business system continuity planning analysis and d business system availability planning analysis and drp disaster recovery planning capital planning and investment control in informa it value management
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