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hypervisor gen10 global telco telcos hyperscale antonio oriol barat joe baguley telefonica saint francis healthcare system phillip yarbro gravityzone digital medical records citrix servers openfaas intelligent orchestration digitalocean reynold harbin hashicorp nic jackson stackpointcloud matt baldwin serverless federation common crawl mri center for causal discovery democratization of hpc paola buitrago dr. nick nystrom psc pittsburgh supercomputing center bridges project new hybrid it stack mark peters alibaba china edge centers global hybrid cloud global cloud thecube siliconangle wikibon peter burris poc secure browsing gravity zone hypervisor introspection hvi kansas development finance authority kdfa jeff kater data aggregation tirias research paul teich hpe apollo newstack restful api synergy for dummies iis international integrated solutions arthur reyenger compassable infrastructure voa hyper convergent acs jim mckittrick superhuman computing subgame solving game theoretic 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commerce spend mercadolibre.com tony alvarez karen bruck corporate sales director diego cabrera canay e-commerce cost effectiveness nielsen outsideiq due diligence supply chain risk management and analysis direct materials sourcing teamwork dan adamson scale padmini ranganathan james edward johnson digital economy cognitive computing cost reduction director of business analytics and insights procurement strategy procurement professionals benchmarking survey digital marketplace e marketplace value tracking joe fox strategy diamonds crypto currency trusted commerce leeanne kemp bitcoin everledger ledgers las vegas mike vamvakaris fips serge bertini cyber defense global security mssp ddos firewall zayo group managed security service providers (mssps) zayo us federal information processing standard (fips distributed denial of service ethical choices jon stevens rod robinson inclusion diversity global workforce economics m&rdistribution services connxus supply chain optimization data 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