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New England Colonies


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Target Practice for New England Colonies

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New England Colonies

  1. 1. • Targets• I can...• I can explain important events andpatterns of settlement (landformissues, religious issues)• Relations with NativeAmericans(Pequot/King Phillip’s War)• I can explain how they used theirresources to make money(farming, shipping, manufacturing)• I can explain the development ofgovernment*New EnglandColonies
  2. 2. **Puritans*General Court*Religious tolerance*Sabbath*Town meeting*John Winthrop*Roger Williams*Pequot* Learn* Mr. Nussbaum - 13 ColoniesMaps, Regions, Information* 13 Colonies Chart* 13 Colonies Timeline and Events* Colonial Life* Daily Life in the Colonies* Colonial Times in America* Colonial America* Colonial Williamsburg* Triangular Trade Routes Interactive Map* The 13 Colonies Interactive Map* Colonial Life (.pdf)* Practice* Online flash cards* Quiz yourself* More quizzes* Study Stack
  3. 3. **Gain Land*Religion*Gain work*Resources:* Wanted more GOLD!* Surplus of population inEngland*All land hereditary, if yourfather didn’t haveland, you didn’t have land
  4. 4. *New England Colonies*Location in NorthAmerica*Massachusetts*Rhode Island*New Hampshire*Maine*Connecticut*Their religion wasPuritan*Very private andmodest people*Hard working
  5. 5. **Great Migration*Between 1629-1640*15,000 journeyed fromEngland toMassachusetts.*By 1670’s*Nearly 45,000 settlersliving in New England
  6. 6. **Political leaders were theChurch leaders, noseparation* Roger Williams* John Winthrop*Puritan leaders did notlike their religious beliefsto be questioned or howthey governed* Most colonists whodisagreed were asked toleave the colony*Voted on* What roads to build?* How much schoolmastershould be paid?* Gave a chance to speaktheir mind*Strict laws about 15crimes carried the deathpenalty
  7. 7. ** Massachusetts Bay Company* Only stockholders who hadinvested money could vote* Most settlers had no say ingovernment* Then all male church memberswere granted right to vote* Connecticut* Thomas Hooker* Rhode Island* Roger Williams* Religious tolerance- a willingnessto let others practice their ownbeliefs
  8. 8. **Believed that peopleshould worship andtend to local mattersas community*Center of town*common (open fieldwhere cattle grazed)*Meeting House*House of worship*Held town meetings*Sabbath- holy day of rest*On Sundays* No playing, visitingtaverns etc*All citizens required toattend church all day!*Men sat on oneside, women on the other* Children separate* African Americans, Indiansstood in the balcony
  9. 9. * • Poor soil; hard, rocky,• Native Americans taughtthem how to grow• Indiancorn, pumpkins, squash,and beans.• Forest full of riches• Lumber ship/housebuilding• Hunting turkey and deer
  10. 10. *Pequot War