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Plymouth and mass bay colonies


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Plymouth and mass bay colonies

  1. 1. Separatists-People who wanted to separate from the Church of England.  Moved from England to the Netherlands. Could not find work here, had problems with language, and did not like the fact their children were losing their English identity. Pilgrim- person who makes a long journey for religious purposes.
  2. 2.  Separatists create their own Joint Stock Company- Merchant Adventurers. In Sept of 1620 102 Passengers including 41 Separatists/Pilgrims board the Mayflower and set sail for Virginia. Poor weather conditions and sailing mistakes put the Mayflower off course. In November they land off the coast of Cape Cod.
  3. 3.  Before they left the ship the Pilgrim leaders and “Strangers”drew up a plan of government- The Mayflower Compact. John Carver was elected governor of Plymouth.
  4. 4.  Puritans-People who wanted to change or purify the Church of England. Puritans are different from Separatists-usually better educated, wealthier, an d held more power in English society. New England Company- joint stock company started by Puritans.
  5. 5.  New England Company sends people to Massachusetts to start a colony and a year later they change the name of their joint stock company to the Massachusetts Bay Company. Great Migration- during a year’s time more than 1000 Puritans leave England and settle in Massachusetts.
  6. 6.  With the arrival of such a large number of people the first major town in North America emerges-Boston. Boston would be the center of the MBC. John Winthrop- Governor of MBC, he made sure that this colony would be an example to the way other colonies should live.
  7. 7.  Strong belief in duty, hard work, and education were part of their obedience to God. Believed that dancing, playing games, and other amusements would lead to laziness and would take them out of favor with God. Hard Work was the most important belief of the Puritans.