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  • Only men the first 12 yearsAfter 70 years became part of Massachusettes Bay Colony, so it was never one of the original colonies that formed the us.
  • Ch 2 sec 2

    1. 1. Choose one of the following questions to writeabout. WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES! You only have 5 minutes, so get busy!• What does this information tell you about the differences between New England and Virginia in the 1630s?• What more do you want to know about these passengers? What information is missing from these lists? How might you go about finding that information?
    2. 2. New England Colonies
    3. 3. 2 groups that disagreed with the Anglican Church in England• Puritans – wanted to purify the church• Seperatists – wanted to separate from the church
    4. 4. • A group of Separatists moved to the Netherlands• They were led by John Robinson• Settled in Leiden, Holland in 1609
    5. 5. • Worried about morals and corruption so decided to travel to new world• Received money from a group of English businessmen• The businessmen would receive any profits the first 7 years
    6. 6. Headed to New World• Left in September 1620 from Plymouth, England• Other non-puritans were with the group as well. They were called “Strangers”• Spent two stormy months at sea• Landed on November 11, but far north of its intended location• Named the colony Plymouth
    7. 7. • The men signed the Mayflower Compact• It was the first to provide self- government in the New World• John Carver was chosen to be governor
    8. 8. • Rough first winter. ½ of the colonists died.• In spring Squanto (who spoke English) showed them how to plant corn and squash.• Helped them to start a tradingIndustry with the Indians• Squanto helped the colonistsLearn to survive in the New World
    9. 9. • Miles Standish (one of the strangers) trained the men to fight, just in case.
    10. 10. First Thanksgiving• The new governor, William Bradford, called for a celebration of thanksgiving to God.• The Indians came• Lasted three days
    11. 11. Why did Plymouth do better than Jamestown?1. Used Jamestown’s experience2. Entire families came to Plymouth3. The Pilgrims were all used to hard work4. Their motivation was religious freedom
    12. 12. • Formed by a Puritan group• John Winthrop was the 1st governor
    13. 13. • They wanted their colony to be a model for other governments in Europe because its based on biblical principles.• Wanted to create a “city set upon the hill”
    14. 14. The Great Migration• Period in Massachusetts history of rapid growth• Over 15,000 colonists came to Mass.• Started with Salem, then created Boston, Cambridge, Watertown and Dorchester
    15. 15. Puritans ran the colony• Only puritans could vote• The church and state worked closely together• Everyone had to go to church, even non- puritans• Set up a General Court where each town elected two delegates
    16. 16. Puritans came to the newworld for religiousfreedom, but didn’t extendthis to other religions.
    17. 17. If you didn’t agree, you had to leave!
    18. 18. • Roger Williams disagreed and was exiled.
    19. 19. Why did he disagree?1. Thought the church and state should be separate2. Thought the Indians owned all the land3. Thought they should leave the Anglican church
    20. 20. • The Narragansett Indians helped him the first winter• He bought land from Indians and set up Providence
    21. 21. • Welcomed people of all religions• The first colony to have constitution separating church and state.
    22. 22. • Came about because of overcrowding in Massachusetts• Thomas Hooker and his congregation moved and founded Hartford.
    23. 23. Fundamentals of Connecticut• Was the first written constitution in America• Connecticut’s nickname is the “Constitution State”• Became a model for future constitutions including United States.
    24. 24. • Came about because of overcrowding in Mass.