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eBrochure Kit

  2. 2. Transforming User Generated Content into Social Media Capital WHAT IS CITIZENGLOBAL? We help brands and agencies drive new levels of Social Customer Engagement through our Social Video Creation Platform and Technologies.Consumers are generating video content atunprecedented levels. YouTube alone gets 48hours of user generated video uploaded everyminute..and the numbers keep growing. Thisvideo content, however, is rarely monetizabledue to it’s low quality and lack of context. Todate, brands have also struggled to ‘organizethis chaos’ and leverage user-generated videosin delivering authentic and valuable brandcontent and social currency without multipleresources and significant marketing spend.Moreover, the content creators themselveshaven’t been motivated to produce this quality,brand-ready content.“We (brands) must realize the days of controlling the message areabsolutely over. And at best, you will be invited in and you’ll get toparticipate and co-create with consumers...through (user-generated)content creation, consumers are driving the conversations... There are 146million YouTube videos with Coca-Cola mentioned/shown and only 26million were created by Coca-Cola.”Wendy Clark, SVP, Integrated Media, The Coca-Cola Company. June 2011Contact us to get started. 123-465-8347 email@company.com © CitizenGlobal 2011
  3. 3. Transforming User Generated Content into Social Media Capital Our Product Is Transformative USER GENERATED CONTENT CG’S SOCIAL VIDEO CREATION PLATFORM SOCIAL MEDIA CAPITAL • Random Video Bites With No Context • Creative Programming Provides Compelling • Authentic, Focused Audience Expressions For Platform Brand Storytelling • Chaotic, Unorganized, & Often Flat Monologues • Call Outs Invite Specific Participation & Content • Focused, Organized, Delivers an Engaging Content Dialogue • Not Curated and Potentially Damaging To • Content Controlled and Vetted Brand Reputation • Aligned with Brand Needs, Brand Controls • Explicit Brand Ownership & Rights Acquisition Message • Short Shelf Life • Highly Organized Tagging & Folder Taxonomy • Content Leveraged for Social Conversations • No Real Communities Established and Long Term Social Value • Contributors Have Valuable Role In • Paid Media Is Brand’s Only Option Collaborative Storytelling • Brand Advocate Communities Created • Little or No Tangible Reward for Contributors • Video Content Drives Exponential Social • Results In Both Earned and Owned Media Conversations, Sharing, and Virality • Contributors Share In the Reward & RecognitionCitizenGlobal is a pioneering social video World Class Technology & Backend Administrationcreation platform. We empower brands to • Proprietary Social Video Editor and Collaborator™dramatically enhance their measurable social • Video Vetting and Curationmedia capital by inviting their customers to • Rights and Legal Clearancesjoin in the creation of valuable, high-quality • Content Managementbrand content using our proprietary products • Folder Taxonomyand expert services. This results in superior • Analytics Reportingbrand-controlled content, highly-targeted • Transmedia Delivery and Distribution includingbrand awareness, unparalleled depths and HTML5 Video Devicesduration of customer engagement, and • Custom and Branded Mobile Appsongoing brand content virality across the • Product Extensions & Integrations Via CG’s APIsentire social sphere.Contact us to get started. 123-465-8347 email@company.com © CitizenGlobal 2011
  4. 4. Transforming User Generated Content into Social Media CapitalWORLD CLASS FRONT-END TECHNOLOGY Our product array isn’t a menu of options. We provide the entire product range below to all of our clients. This ensures that at every possible customer touch-point, the branded social creation experience is maintained in it’s most powerful state. Branded Studio Mobile The brand’s studio is the home for its custom Mobile video continues to explode while productions as well as the brand’s growing mobile is also a key medium for social social content community. This is where all networking. With social created video, video is uploaded and edited using our customers are not engaged in creation via browser-based editing interface. Productions mobile, but the actually content itself is usually can be based on any type of video content captured via our mobile apps. Mobile is a key creation: movies, shorts, personal expressions, centerpiece of social video from engagement commercials, etc. through content creation, through consumption. Branded Callouts Callouts are well defined invitations for brand Facebook customers to participate. They serve as ‘guard CitizenGlobal’s Facebook API’s are rails’ for UGC, better focusing the content customized to each of our clients brands’ needs as well as the context. Call-outs can be studios and productions. Our app provides integrated across the entire social media seamless integration with our online studio continuum: and can be changed or updated in and all other product features and is a single real time. sign on service.Contact us to get started. 123-465-8347 email@company.com © CitizenGlobal 2011
  5. 5. Transforming User Generated Content into Social Media CapitalWORLD CLASS BACK-END TECHNOLOGY All our products are powered by CitizenGlobal’s proprietary core technology. This highly flexible platform supports our innovative front end products while providing a robust backend that includes media management, analytics, video editing, and real time campaign refinement tools. Analytics Real Time Call-out Updates Our analytics provide more than just CG Callout precision is key to securing the user- platform and social media data and generated video content your brand wants. As metrics. The CG Social Media Dashboard your brand will now be engaged in a ongoing enables marketers to translate data into dialogue with its targeted audience, the actionable, real time intelligence… optimizing callouts can be updated, refined, or changed interactions with their customers and depending on the productions performance prospects across all channels. and the audience behavior patterns that begin to manifest. Media Management System Our media manager offers scalability and Pre Roll, Post Roll, & Watermark Your Videos control for managing your production’s video Integrating pre roll and post roll videos, ads, assets including both user-generated video slates, voice overs, etc. is simple. As we – or and syndicated content. This single admin you work with these assets at the metadata console is clean and simple to use allowing level, integration is seamless while resulting in even non-technical folks to easily manage the highest–quality output possible. And if you media assets.  want the video branded, simply apply your high res logo with one click.Contact us to get started. 123-465-8347 email@company.com © CitizenGlobal 2011
  6. 6. Transforming User Generated Content into Social Media Capital AVAILABLE EXPERT SERVICES Working with you and your CG account manager, we customize our service offerings to best meet your needs. We can provide complete end to end management and services, or simply support your own social creation campaigns. Programming Implementation Our programming and creative team has years CG’s implementation team works with all of experience in architecting successful film clients to ensure the flawless creation, and video storytelling engines. We can help deployment, ensure your ‘storyline treatment’ and social and ongoing refinement of all studios, video creation production compels both products and call outs. Our implementation contributors and services are focused on supporting your audience alike. quantitative and qualitative goals. Social Media Marketing Vetting With proven social media strategists, creatives, Our expert vetting services ensure that only and execution managers, CG can provide a full content consistent with provided brand range of social media marketing services and standards will be approved and uploaded to analytics. Or, we can work with your existing the production. Protecting the brand’s integrity social media agencies or staff facilitating and fidelity is at the core of successful social seamless integration. creation campaigns.Contact us to get started. 123-465-8347 email@company.com © CitizenGlobal 2011