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Growth profit through external engagement


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presentation made to the Belgian Association of Brand Manufacturers

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Growth profit through external engagement

  1. 1. Grow profit through external engagement 12 December 2010Alexandre Vandermeersch,Patrick Willemarck, Dialog Solutions
  2. 2. End to End External Engagement : E4 R&D Operations Marketing Sales ServiceEnd-to-End External Engagement (E4) is the ability to truly engage withexternal partners continuously in time, for insights, innovation, marketing,sales, HR, Infrastructure, and customer service.E4 is the suresafest way to grow profit from outside your ecosystem
  3. 3. Do you have a choice ? Source agenet wildfire/DDB Tribal Canada
  4. 4. Regaining trust, happens outside
  5. 5. Are alle people outside equals ? Not necessarily.
  6. 6. Lead users ? 2.5% is the average number of consumers buying 80% of a product, the ‘Pivotal Point Consumers’* 2 à 3,5% is the number of first adopters and key influencers to the rest of the community Those are often the same. They are critical to new products and innovations. We name them «LEAD USERS». 6Source: Catalina marketing study
  7. 7. The belgian adoption curve Mains- treamers Early Modern 50% adopters Maistreamers 18% 20% Innovators Laggards 6% 6%7
  8. 8. Leverage the power of WOM?
  9. 9. Our solutions
  10. 10. Grab attention and advocacy Get your own 300-500 private community, online, available for co-creation, 360° feedback, and ambassadorship building Get the social media testimonials back on your web site, open a dialogue section, humanizing your brand, raising credibility
  11. 11. Brandialog is using online dialogue to boost insights & marketingBrandialog, the first online paneldedicated to conversations 11 Private Dialog – people are invited to private spaces by brands
  12. 12. Brandialog is based on 2 years of R&D •  Surveys •  2-level discussions •  Moderator clearly identified •  Calls for •  Vote on reactions anything •  Rich media….And a lot more! Goal : provide a rich set of interactions to12 maximize engagement for all types of users
  13. 13. Why private dialog ? •  Fully confidential, on invitation only •  In or close to context feedback •  Qualitative, with objective quantitative analysis (300-500 people) •  Continuous (co-creation, consumer journey) •  Flexible (give missions, adapt as you go) Proven13
  14. 14. We conduct word of mouth actions through Brandialog •  Ambassadorship actions •  Conversations with friends & family •  Social network sharing Brand Re-enforcement of WoMRelationshipbuilding:•  Sampling•  Feedback•  Read responses •  Word of Mouth/Mouse Consumer in (« This product is great and the panel brand values its consumers – I will go the extra mile to promote them ») Other consumers
  15. 15. ...And PR actions through media You get a high impact visibility through an article: •  Articles on their products in the #1 French-speaking newspaper (online & offline), neutrality assured by Brandialog, and voice of brand manager ensured •  Articles are extremely impactful as the credibility is very high, as well as the likelihood to be read •  Discounted media spaceHow it works -  People are invited to test a new product -  We run the test (free sample, invitation,…) -  Based on the reactions/feedback in private dialog, we ask a journalist to write an article on the product -  Articles in, physical newspaper
  16. 16. Open the dialogue on your site -FOR FREE
  17. 17. Do testimonials matter ?17
  18. 18. DialogFeed is a simple way to gather &maximize value from testimonialsWe launch today!18
  19. 19. DialogFeed – Raz*WarCredibilityConversion rateSalesSEOWord of Mouth amplificationHumanize the brand Powered by:19 Put it on your site
  20. 20. What can we do for you ?
  21. 21. Be a reseller, prescriber or influencer  Marketing co-creation : submit & test mickeys, ask for ideas with a 300-500 lead users right in the target  Campaign barometer: 1 initial survey, 1 group of people you follow, 1 final survey on test group  Grab attention in pitches: in 1 or 2 weeks time you get more insights than any focus group could deliver.  Online ambassadors: sampling to target group + identification of ambassadors, 1 VIP room in Brandialog for those, conversation monitoring & influencing done by the ambassadors  DialogFeed partners: resell our tool & get a share of the license, for ever  More to come : fully integrated dialog platform, monitoring dashboards, thematic platforms
  22. 22. Talk to us • •  Twitter: @dialogordeath •  Blog: •  Alexandre •  Twitter: @alexvdm •  Blog: www.dialogfeed.com22