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goviral fall 2011

  1. 1. Goviral distributes branded video content,Guaranteeing audience and user initiated video plays For advertisers on a pay-for-performance basis
  2. 2. About goviralCompany Info: Founded 2005, 85+ Employees Offices in London, NYC, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Stockholm & CopenhagenGlobal reach - Distribution in 90 countries AOL since feb -11Network Info: 20,000+ campaigns conducted18,000+ active paid publishers24 verticalsTransactions: 30+ million targeted views monthly Engage over 1+ million consumers every day350+ million unique usersTechnology: Proprietary analytics, distribution and player technology
  3. 3. Goviral distribution In short BRANDED CONTENT GOVIRAL NETWORK DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS 0:30 – 10:00min video 24 vertical categories +365mil UU per month Single/multiple assets +26.000 paid publishers +30mil target views delivered Customized skin & end screen PREPARATION NETWORK PUBLISHERS Compression of video  Upload of video to goviral network  Bespoke recruitment Creation of different formats  Selection of relevant categories  Receive embed codes Embedding of tracking  Application of price per view  Implement on site Selection of player  Release for distribution  Tracking and reporting (standard, branded or  Uploading to all relevant video interactive) destinations
  4. 4. Viral is dead…- Content distribution is born
  5. 5. The opportunity FROM DRIVE TO SITE… Traditional banneradvertising fail to engage the audience and is ineffective as a brand medium…TO CONTENT DISTRIBUTIONDistributing audiovisual content to where users already spend their time on the internetincreases engagement and build brands
  6. 6. Content USP’s Content Pre-Roll Overlay Banner Format Pull Push Push PushActivation Click Autoplay Autoplay Autoplay Duration 30s+ 30s max 15s max 30s max
  7. 7. Editorial placements
  8. 8. Commercial placements GO TO WEBSITE 
  9. 9. How we distribute “socially” The social distribution mechanics1. Player is uploaded to 2. Video content is distributed 3. Video content is posted byFacebook. to contextual publishers. publishers on fan pages. Video 4. Content is viewed by engaged 5. User can like, share and message followers. the content to friends.
  10. 10. Interactive OverlayCreate a bespoke interactive overlay in order to engage viewers and drive them to clients owned media. Click here to win a chance to go on board! To create stand-out in the online environments we recommend creating an interactive overlay to drive users to continue interacting with the brand. The goviral overlay can: - Change the call to action displayed at each port or at specific dates, as desired. - Drive to website or facebook page, depending on the set KPIs. - Support competitions and optimise ways to engage with viewers
  11. 11. Customised End Screens Live Discovery example: end screens open up more available content to the viewer. By placing a video carousel at the end of the content, viewers are able to scroll through other videos and select what they would like to watch. The screen can include a description of the content as each piece is highlighted, as well as individual ratings. Video playlists can be customised or re-skinned for B&O. The playlist after each video can contain other additional content pieces.
  12. 12. Summary Brandedcontent distribution online goviral player Client Videos With tools for social sharing & goviral publisher network commenting Blogs& websites in the long tail• Click-to-play video views – user engagement!• Minimum guaranteed number of views – performance based branding!• Distribute long form content (+0:30min) – the content is the destination!• High CTR – 3-5% in average• Post view engagement – view after options, social sharing, comments• Market leading analytics platform – accountability and transparency!…….build buzz and earn free media
  13. 13. • Adidas • Playstation •Skandia• Nike • Nintendo •Riksgälden• Reebok • Xbox •Nordnet • Activision •Länsförsäkringar•Telenor •Ikano•Comviq • Samsung•Bredbandsbolaget • HP • McDonalds One year in Sweden •Asus •Folkoperan• FOX • Nokia• MTV - some of our clients • LG • Gillette• Disney • Diesel• Lego • MINI •Brothers • Peugeot • L’Oreal • Bestseller •Stimorol •Betsson • Scan •HIV-rådet •Libero • IKEA
  14. 14. •Adidas • Playstation •Telenor•Nike • Nintendo •Comviq•Reebok • Xbox •Bredbandsbolaget • Activision • McDonalds•Skandia•Riksgälden • FOX •Folkoperan•Nordnet • MTV•Länsförsäkringar • Disney • Gillette•Ikano • Lego • Diesel •Brothers•Mutti • Samsung • L’Oreal• Santa Maria • HP • Bestseller• Scan •Asus • Nokia •VW•Stimorol •LG • MINI•Adressändring • Peugeot•HIV-rådet •Libero • IKEA
  15. 15. CADBURY ‘CHOCOLATE CHARMER’ Campaign: Chocolate Charmer (First cross-media FMCG) Launch Date: 9th April 2010 End Date: 3rd June 2010 Distribution: TV, cinema, video-on-demand and online Panel:Media Efficiency Panel, a joint initiative between GfK NOP and Kantar Worldpanel that was seed-funded by Google. 7,500 households
  16. 16. TV vs ONLINE results TV ONLINETV plan was aimed to an older audience Online was used to complement the TV plan and target a younger audience.46% of younger consumers saw the ad onTV. 48% of younger consumers saw the ad online.TV reached a bigger audience but delivered Online delivered two-thirds of the sales driven by60p of short-term sales for every £1 spent advertising in this group. Majority of people – nearly two out of three – who saw the ads online did not see them on TV. 19% additional reach for the campaign. 7% of the budget. Online exposure delivered more than £2 of short-term sales for every £1 spent
  17. 17. Adressändring - Gungan Case - online prelaunch May-June 2011
  18. 18. Campaign Placements
  19. 19. Main KPI’s Metrics KPIs Current results*Campaign Period 2nd of May – 17th of June 2nd of May – 17th of JuneTargeted views 126,315 (100%) 149,482 (118%)Total views incl. spill-over 126,315 (100%) 158,573 (125%)Referrers 1,000 1,425View through rate 35% 79%Average view time 45% 86.67% (26,2 sec)(video length of 30,2 sec)Total view time 500 hours 860.54 hoursClick through rate 4% 7.57% (10,401 clicks)Cost per view 1,85 SEK 1,50 SEK Above target On target Below target *The currentresults shows the results from bothrounds (part 1&2) of the campaign.
  20. 20. Free Media ValueFree targeted media value:Campaign value* 276 541,70 SEKCampaign price - 230 000,00 SEK Free media value 46 541,70 SEKSpill-over media value: Spill-over views 9,091viewsCost per view 1,85 SEKSpill-over value 16 818,35 SEK*149,482 (delivered target views) x 1,85 (original Cost per view)
  21. 21. VALUECHAIN - 300,000 SEK The impressions have been served for free to deliver the guaranteed user initiated clicks.AWARENESS 7,500,000 IMPRESSIONS Free media value from all impressions served : 300,000 SEK @ 40 CPMGUARENTEED VIEWS 166,666 VIEWS ORGANIC VIEWS + 5-40% INITIAL CPV: 1,8 SEKACTION 4000-10,000 CLICKS ACTUAL CPV: AVERAGE CLICK 1,3 - 1,7 SEK THOUGH RATE 2- 5% Client Website
  22. 22. Olof LindblomAccount Director +46 (0) 761 742 825