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Quasar cases


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Quasar cases

  1. 1. Our Work
  2. 2. Case StudiesA List Category Client Brand Details Creative-Viral Lenovo WW ThinkPad Bees YouTube Viral Social Media Microsoft Windows 7 Windows & Me Facebook Page Social Media UB Group Kingfisher Kingfisher Facebook Page Creative-Ideation General Motors Spark ‘Spark Muzic’ for Spark Launch Creative-Ideation Microsoft IE8 Explorer Quotient (Explore My Way) Creative-Microsite Titan Fastrack Army Brand Launch Microsite Creative-Design Apollo Munich - Corporate Website for the Brand Creative-Design UB Group Kingfisher Website Design Media (Large Scale) Microsoft Multiple Because It’s Everybody’s Business Media (Large Scale) General Motors Beat Beat Launch Integrated Campaign Usability Domino’s - Usability for E-commerce Platform Social Apps Microsoft Windows 7 7 Star Challenge Facebook Application Social Apps Uninor - Untakshari Facebook Application
  3. 3. CreativeLenovo Worldwide Marketing Services (ThinkPad) Quasar was tasked to come up with an idea to highlight the lightweight characteristics of Lenovo ThinkPads A video viral was conceptualized which communicated the stated objective in lighter vein through a funny but “viralable” element The concept proved to be the winner with people commenting extensively across social platforms and sharing with friends – which also helped us generateThe Results over 1 million views worldwide Viral Creates WAVES! Covered byq 1 million worldwide views Discovery Channel:q Over 2000 comments across various publishing platforms Creative Gold from Lenovo Worldwide
  4. 4. Social MediaMicrosoft India (Windows 7) Our work involved building a community of Windows lovers in India who now have an official platform to discuss amongst themselves and also, get the correct information directly from Microsoft about the most popular OS in the world Our Achievements: Over 1,00,000 fans attained in 1.5 months Daily contests received about 4,500 interactions in 1 month The overall contest led to over 1100 entries in 1 month
  5. 5. Social MediaUnited Breweries (Kingfisher) Quasar is involved in managing and marketing the complete digital asset for Kingfishers breweries’ division – and its social presence The FB page has over 1 million fans and the Twitter profile has 5.4k followers. Daily interaction is greater than 1000 comments and tweets KFW’s social presence is sustained with events (Tweet Up, Live Blogging etc.) during peak activity periods Great content with contests and gratification sustains KFW during lean periods A classic case of pure B2C marketing on social platforms
  6. 6. CreativeGeneral Motors India (Chevrolet Spark) A classic example of conquering the “elusive” UGC space in India comes with the success of Chevy’s Spark Muzic campaign. The marketing objective of the campaign was to create awareness & interactivity with the brand General Motors and Quasar attempted to bring forth budding singers who have their own panache but pleasant singing style. The defined target audience wasSome Facts young music lovers in the ageq The microsite attracted over 1.5 million users bracket ofq 10,500 people registered 23-30 yearsq Over 1300 anthems were submitted
  7. 7. CreativeMicrosoft India (Internet Explorer 8) Microsoft wanted to launch IE 8 in India - A market inundated with many web browsers promising new and innovative features Our approach needed to stand out from the rest. It had to connect with the youth. The microsite was designed to do just that! A fun quiz that aimed to find out an user’s ‘Explorer Quotient’ was developed. The user came to know about the new features of IE 8 by playing the quizSome Factsq 1.2 million video views (on the microsite) Viral-able elements such as cheekyq 150,000 IE 8 downloads in 1 month (on the microsite) videos which highlighted on uniqueq 5000 referrals to the microsite feature of the new browser
  8. 8. CreativeTitan (Fastrack Army) Fastrack set a daunting challenge for the Quasar team to create a “high impact” digital asset and, quickly for the upcoming “Army” set of watches. The microsite was delivered within 9 days with the following features: q Gaming feature with scores captured q CMS driven product catalogue featuring more than 45 products q MTV Fastrack Contest landing pageSome Facts q CMS driven Store Locator withq The brand microsite attracted 2 million users during the time of over 260 stores across 30 citieslaunch (supported through media buys) q Robust backend to captureq More than a 1000 users participated in the MTV contest within 10 and sort leadsdays of the launch
  9. 9. CreativeApollo Munich Health Insurance The Apollo Munich corporate website is an example of intuitive and minimalistic UI design coupled with user friendly browsing experience The website makes it easy for users to locate exactly what they want by way of prominent tabs on the home page and conveniently navigate through the website through the Quick Links section Other features of the website include simplified processes to get a quote and compare variousSome Facts insurance options from the AMHIq The corporate website attracts over 30,000 unique users every month basketq Over 10,000 users register each month with AMHI through this website
  10. 10. CreativeKingfisher World
  11. 11. Media CampaignMicrosoft India (Because It’s Everybody’s Business) The campaign known as Because It’s Everybody’s Business was aimed at the IT Decision Makers with clear communication which stressed upon making productivity gains using MS technology and lowering costs We executed this with 17 roadblocks across major horizontals and tech portals, over 26 welcome ads, 6 sponsorships including that of Budget 2010 and 6 never before seen innovations CAMPAIGN SPENDS: $1.36 million IMPRESSIONS: 942 million INTERACTIONS: 2.53 million KEY HIGHLIGHTS q Planned and executed the largest and most complex campaign in Microsoft India’s history q India campaign becomes global case study at MS HQ
  12. 12. Media CampaignGeneral Motors India (Chevy Beat Launch) The campaign aimed at getting users excited about the launch of Chevrolet Beat A microsite was developed encouraging users to express themselves by contributing what their hearts beat for The microsite was surrounded with a 360-degree promotions plan utilizing both bought and earned mediaSome Facts Social media channels likeq SPENDS: $ 0.98 million | IMPS: 625 million Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. ereq INTERACTIONS: 1.9 million used very effectively to create buzzq 3600 campaign with 4 sustenance sub-campaigns around the launch of Beatq Over 1000 cars soldq New Innovations: 10
  13. 13. UsabilityDomino’s India Our clients have benefited immensely by way of our usability inputs. This is one of the screens from the usability studies we did for Domino’s India
  14. 14. Social AppsMicrosoft India (7 Star Challenge)
  15. 15. Social AppsUninor (Untakshari)