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  • Campaign Launch, Creative Updated, Revised Campaign Objectives, Final Push to Sale
  • Rp investor deck

    2. 2. THE PROBLEMS The current rich media landscape is1 insufficient for today’s digital needs2 Emergence of multi-screen world makes scaling difficult Limited real-time capabilities that3 extend to all platforms4 Creative production is costly and time consuming5 Expensive hosting and serving
    3. 3. THE SOLUTIONDevelop a Platform that allowsadvertisers and publishers theflexibility to easily create and changecampaigns to meet real-time needsof their consumers
    4. 4. VALUE PROPOSITION SCALABILITY Real time trafficking and changes TIME/COST MEASUREMENTAd units and web apps Total shares created in a matter of Video completions hours, at a lower cost Interaction rates CROSS PLATFORM USER EXPERIENCE Universal over desktop, iPhone, Android, and iPad devices, social, mobile
    5. 5. Simple – easy to use, fully customizable, rich media creative units for everywhereVideos Social About Merch Photos Theater Music
    6. 6. Key Differentiator #1Videos / YouTube Player Integration I
    7. 7. Key Differentiator # 2Merchandise – Amazon Integration 1
    8. 8. Key Differentiator #3Facebook / Twitter / Google Integrations
    9. 9. SOCIAL SHARING IS HOT! Users can post and share the entire experience via our RP social widget across all blogs and social news feedsShare from any platform and ad unit directly to your Facebook, Google+ & Twitter feeds A
    10. 10. Key Differentiator #4 Live Stream across multiple platforms using Ustream and Google HangoutsLive stream events/interviews directly to allinstances of the units across platforms and social
    11. 11. Key Differentiator #5Optimize Creative - RP has the ability to trackand optimize creative within the unit,in real-time
    12. 12. Storytelling The Un-traditional Ad Connect with consumers by telling engaging and entertaining stories they want to hear. Our platform offers brands a unique opportunity: •The RP platform is fluid and dynamic •Images, video, message, ecommerce and more can change as often as you want—weekly, daily, hourly—with just the click of a button and without having to re-traffic your tags or pause your campaign •Messaging can shift to reach the consumer you are targeting next •It doesn’t cost a penny more Creative Update Final Push to SaleCampaign Launch Revised Campaign Objectives
    13. 13. AD UNITS & AD FORMATS Full line up of units for all platforms DESKTOP & TABLETS MOBILE PHONES:300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x50, 300x250, Mobile web pages and 400x350, 300x600 full screen expandable
    14. 14. ANALYTICS TRACKING Ustream Video Playing Photo Detail Twitter Official Feed, Audio PlayingTrack Merch Detail Event DetailShare on Facebook Share on Facebook Mentions & DetailBuy Link Buy Link Zip Search Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Facebook Wall Product Info Buy Link Embed Code Post to Twitter Share RSVP Link Post to Facebook Deep integration with Google Analytics DoubleClick fro advertisers (DFA) ANALYTICS
    15. 15. PRICING MODEL Affordable Full Service Rich Media Solution for New AgeLicense Fee or CPM $5,000 SaaS Model Social $.50-$1 CPM model Pubs &Mobile Includes all creative for ad units, all ad serving, on a per campaign basis
    16. 16. How To Use Us!1 CREATE YOUR CROSS-CHANNEL AD CREATIVE 2 BUY MOBILE AD PLACEMENTS & RUN CAMPAIGN 3 FREQUENTLY UPDATE YOUR AD CONTENT 4 ENJOY GREAT INTERACTION & ENGAGEMENTCreate your cross-channel Buy mobile ad placements Fresh content is crucial Sit back and watch adad designs based on with our partner ad to your campaign’s units wow your targetpredefined specifications of networks shown below and success and this is audience. Our analyticseach of our promote campaign 1-2x where our and previous campaignsFIREBLAZE™ rich per day on social networks FIREBLAZE™ show dramatic increase inmedia apps. Examples of like Twitter for great technology shines. user engagement andcreative would be intro results. Update your ad unit interaction with our richvideo, custom tab visuals, content at least every media apps. We haveheader elements. other day and keep it seen up to 5xRecommended formats for fresh. This will make interaction rates andoutput of creative are: users keep sharing and up to 10x engagementPNG, JPG, MP4 (for intro buzzing about it. rates on previously ranvideo) campaigns.
    17. 17. MARKET SIZE $18.9B $12B $1BANNUAL DIGITAL SPEND <10% DIGITAL SPEND PENETRATION (WORLDWIDE) (BRANDS, STUDIOS, LIVE EVENTS) Total Available Market Serviceable Available Market Share of Market
    18. 18. VALUE PROPOSITION SCALABILITY Real time trafficking and changes TIME/COST MEASUREMENTAd units and web apps Total shares created in a matter of Video completionshours, at a lower cost. Interaction rates CROSS PLATFORM USER EXPERIENCE Universal over desktop, iPhone, Android, and iPad devices, social, mobile.
    19. 19. INVESTORS 500 Startups Google Ventures Started by Founding Partner Dave McClure, 500 Startups is an early-stage Founded in 2009, Google Ventures is the venture capital investment arm ofseed fund and incubator program that’s become a brand name over the last Google Inc. that invests in start-up technology companies in a variety of fields few years. The group invests in primarily consumer and small-to-medium- ranging from internet, software and hardware to clean-tech, bio-tech and sized Internet startups as well as startups related to web infrastructure healthcare. services. Ludlow Ventures MESA+ Ludlow Ventures is a family company consisting of three partners, and the MESA+ is an early stage venture fund focused on e-commerce, advertisinglatest in a long line of philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. They’re technology and digital content. They co-invest in Seed and Series A roundsmotto is “VC without ego.” They early-stage invest in hard-working people alongside established early stage venture firms concentrating in the digital from across the globe who get results and create value with what they do media market. and the things they make. SamStella, LLC Venture51Founded in 2011, SamStella was formed to promote and support early Venture51 is a seed-and early-stage venture fund built for entrepreneurs by stage growth and acceleration of innovative companies in the rapidly entrepreneurs. They partner with the best founders who are forming at theexpanding AdTech marketplace. Their portfolio consists of companies earliest stages of the emerging Information Technology market. . ranging from e-commerce and content creation, to Ad-networks and mobile initiatives, including associated emerging technologies.
    20. 20. TEAM Because Experience and Knowledge Matters AJ Vernet – CEO/Founder Garrett Brodie – COO AJ Vernet has been responsible for the Garrett Brodie serves as the COO ofincubation of numerous websites, most notably Sharkle and Republic Project. Prior to that, Brodie was Virtue.com (the latter was voted CNN top 25 Executive Director, Business Development and hottest online companies to watch.) He is also CEO Distribution Strategy at The Walt Disneyand Chairman of the Board of Rey Interactive, a Studios which came out of his recognized global resource for outsourced digital and achievement at Disney Studios Home traditional production work. Before that, Vernet was with Digital Entertainment where he served as Director, Broadcasting Group as SVP of Sales where he was instrument in sales Worldwide Digital Distribution. Brodie also was VP, Business Strategy & and business development for the company that went from $1M in Operations for Anonymous Content, a production and management annuals sales in 2008 to $40M in sales in 2011. Earlier in his career, company in the entertainment and advertising industries. Vernet launched sales in the Western US as the Director of Sales foKlipmart Corporation, which was acquired by DoubleClick. Kevin “Skwerl” Boz Bundalo – Cogill – CTO Product As a chief technology officer and user Skwerl learned his first programming language experience architect, Boz has built his at age ten. A graphic artist by education, he reputation designing/developing some of the first worked for Universal Music & Video richest web experiences for Hollywood and Distribution and then joined a development Fortune 500 companies in the past 15 years. team shared by Atomic Online and Gorilla with his award winning creative talent, in-depth Nation. He has is own music website, knowledge and experience in engaging front-end Antiquiet, which has been mentioned by TIME Magazine, Wired interfaces, back-end coding as well as deep understanding of mobile Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine. He also has his own platforms, Bundalo brings important technological value to Republic contracting business, (Dot) Squirrels, LLC, specializing in developing Project and gives ideas exemplary visual appeal. Bundalo is also and executing big, innovative ideas. Cogill also serves as CTO for CTO of Venture51, venture fund for the Information Technology Rey Interactive. market.
    21. 21. DIRECT CUSTOMER PIPE Universal
    22. 22. ARTICLESAd Age Read Article Mobile Entertainment Read Article Marketing VOX Read Article CNBC Read Article Yahoo! Finance Read Article TechCrunch Read Article
    23. 23. AJ VERNETCEO - REPUBLIC PROJECT aj@republicproject.com 310-404-6844