Future of 'Social Media' - 2012


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Where social media is today. Where it's headed. What is HOLDING brands/biz back. Includes a social media maturity framework for digital strategists.

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Laurie Dillon-Schalk's keynote for IBM's Retail Fall Showcase on Nov. 2nd, 2011

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  • Accepted framework – we are all using, Important to recognize – some types are brand led, vs. consumer led. A brand’s social activity is both owned & earned
  • Social media, in particular, is found through out the funnel.Search, reviews, and active communities are inserting stages before consideration.Mobile is surfacing social and making it very easy for consumers to understand how well brands treat their customers.And social is making it easier for advocates to be advocates.
  • shift from:having a strong social media presence to mastering engagement & using social media as an effective marketing tool to becoming a social brand & social business.Social Business - Smarter planet initiatives by IBM
  • http://blog.getsatisfaction.com/2011/08/01/social-business/?view=socialstudiesOriginal from http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/keynote-social-business-forecast-2011-the-year-of-integration
  • MeasuresMarket Indicesperformance relative to its competition and industrySocial media channel importance (splits)Share of voiceSentimentsRecruitmentAbility to attract consumers in search, research , social and buying modesSize of social footprint & growthImpressions (search & display)Visits Growth in traffic Sources of traffic changesEngagementAbility to increase audience involvement in brand activities or communities.Content consumption (page visits, time spent online)Loyalty: return visitorsChurn: abandonment/ bounces, exitsConversionAbility to move visitors to take action, usually monetary.CTRCompletion of non purchase actions e.g. pdf download, etc. Traffic/conversion by source of traffic, conversion by each purchase step.Average revenue/transaction vs site metrics & growth metricsOther channel impacts: call center, customer service, etc.
  • Understand exponential growth
  • Frameworks are developed over time, carried forward between different places of work. This framework reflects a combination of a number of years of work at both IBM and JWT. I really enjoyed using CRM and web analytics maturity frameworks as well as customer experience strategy heat maps in the past. So when I sensed that my clients wanted to understand where they fall within the maturity of social media, I looked for one. But with the lack of social media maturity frameworks, I decided to build one.A number of sources were used to create this framework. I considered frameworks I’ve used in the past. Then started to populate a chart using JWT Intelligence’s Social Media Checklist which interviewed 18 global social media experts - some within JWT and other quite renown in the digital world. I then cross referenced using Mashable’s published ‘how to’ checklists. Then Rick Wolfe (@rickwolfe) from Poststone Corp and I (@ldillonschalk), decided to start holding round table discussion groups in order to further road test this model. We’ve met with over 35 Torontonian social media leaders and leaders who understand brand/marketing frameworks.We’ve purposely made this framework open source. Being social after all is about collaboration. We ask those that use the framework to provide feedback. Some talk about the shape, others talk about how some ‘boxes’ are more difficult that others. Lately, I’ve wondered if we are mixing people, process and initiatives all in the same chart. Certainly – becoming more of aware of social brands and social businesses calls for stronger representation.How to use it:Colour in where you are today and colour the logical phases of where you need to go. It become a discussion tool with executives on what activities need to take place. I also find it helps groups understand that their activities are not mature – or they’ve done a lot of work in step 2&3 but nothing in step 1. So the foundation is weak.Good luck.
  • Future of 'Social Media' - 2012

    1. 1. IBM Retail Fall Showcase 2011: Innovation that matters to the bottom line. Putting social wisdom in your SoMe efforts Laurie Dillon-Schalk, Digital Strategy Director, JWT – @ldillonschalk Copyright © November 2011
    2. 2. FOCUS• Where social media is today?• Where is it headed?• What’s holding us back?• WSIDM? 2
    3. 3. In 2012, social media fits among owned and earned medias but roles are shifting… Type Primary Role Other Roles for Brand Use Paid • Drive traffic • Drive awareness • Drive consideration • Generate earned media response • Convert visitors to action Owned • Convert visitors to action • Drive earned media • Provides an on-brand • Build longer term relationships customer experience with consumers Earned • Influence brand perception • Encourage and/or reward brand and conversation through pride and loyalty social web participation.Source: Referencing Forrester Research, Dec. 2009 “No media should stand alone”
    4. 4. Purchase funnels are changing andDIGITAL is playing a role at every stage. Awareness Customers see conversations between brands Interest & satisfied customers. This builds trust. Reviews & active communities show Desire prospects that desired needs will be met. Consideration & Research Customers rely on a number of platforms to Action move to action Engaged new customers become great Advocacy ambassadors Google Forrester
    5. 5. To complicate matters, there are manyowners of SoMe within organizations Marketing Public Relations E-commerce Customer Service Employees Local Store Level Multiple owners need to align on digital strategies.5
    6. 6. Future: Shift from “doing social” to “being social” EXTERNALLY: SOCIAL BRAND • Actively listen & respond • Demonstrate social behaviour – compelling, authentic, transparent. • Community driven. INTERNALLY: SOCIAL BUSINESS • The expertise of company is available to people • Training & development internally for employees & business units to become ‘digital citizens’ • Social turns inward as teams collaborate internally
    7. 7. Today’s social brands & businesses include firmsthat allow employees to be digital citizens. 7
    8. 8. Being social is more than ‘social media’
    9. 9. For the ad business, our technologypartnerships have become very important. In the last two months • Apple releases IOS 5 • Apple releases iphone 4S • Facebook announces F8 Timeline • Google releases G+ • Facebook new page insights API • Facebook stops allowing subdomain access so existing apps start failing • Facebook announces video calling • Facebook & Google announce new ad formats • Twitter announces new analytics. • Google is working on attribution modeling..9
    10. 10. Begs the question:What is holding brands back? All too often, Social Media is relegated to a junior person on the marketing team 10
    11. 11. My rant. As a result, the vision, the ideas, the possibilities are too low, initiatives go unsupported , they get by withrounding error budgets, peeps are focused on tactics not strategies, or they measure the wrong thing..11
    12. 12. Let’s talk about measurement…
    13. 13. Focus measurement on the funnelObjectives DefinedMarket Indices performance relative to its competition and industryRecruitment Ability to attract consumers in search, research , social and buying PEOPLE modes STOP HEREEngagement Ability to increase audience involvement in brand activities or communities.Conversion Ability to move visitors to take action, usually monetary.Advocacy The degree of customer activity post-sale
    14. 14. About the like.. Quality vs. Quantity… Is my brand getting traction with the people I care about?14
    15. 15. Where the “like” breaks down Hello everyone, Our XYZ is asking us to help them increase their number of fans on Facebook. Therefore, if you could please take a minute to go onto Facebook and like the XYZ page, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation. Jane DoeBreak downs• Get anyone to like (not the same thing as asking employees to like)• Bad engagement• Some contests15
    16. 16. Consider social listening for more thanjust verbatim indicatorsHow I use social listening…• Study the evolution of a customer after a new product release• Understand where my communities congregate• Figure out what is driving negative moments of truth• Evaluate if your ‘happy’ customers are ‘happy’ about something brand differentiating things.• ….
    17. 17. How to get started 1. Establish clear ownership • Goal to develop a digital / social strategy 2. Begin social listening 3. Understand where you sit today • Conduct a digital review • Context: Internal, customer, market & competitive context • Perspectives: emerging tech • Assess your social media maturity 4. Partner for brand and technology perspectives • Invite outside perspectives for emerging media, asset review
    18. 18. Social Media Maturity Framework Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Look & Establish a Social Engage Increase Your Build Your Aim for Social Listen Footprint Social Currency Community Sophistication Monitor Social Network Sites Define Voice & Start conversations Reach out to Address issues driving conversations Facebook, Linkedin, Tone brand advocates complaints (alerts) Twitter, Foursquare Regular Media Sites (Youtube, Engage existing Custom response Empower your Social commerce reporting & Flickr) networks advocates Special rpts (external) Social Media Blogs & Podcasts, Wikis Participate in Non social content Empower your Gather ideas from Education & Communities (incl. existing goes social advocates community Forums & 3rd party conversations (internal) And/or UGC (user community sites) generated content) Monitor Supported by SEO Respond to wall, Geo targeting, social Allow for Adapt products & growth of comments mobile community services and policies emerging defense tech. Clear Active growth of social Quality vs. quantity Appropriate staffing Location based Social Media ROI ownership & asset base. follower (governance) community governance refinement building Designate a community Design for social Social web Identify social Social CRM manager longevity integration influencers Use social media Advanced social Content curation marketing tools analysisThis is a framework developed by @ldillonschalk and @rickwolfe. This is part of an ‘open source’ initiativewhere Laurie and Rick hold executive round table discussions on the maturity of social media. See notes.
    19. 19. For more…• At JWT.• @ldillonschalk• Blog: socialwisdom.ca• Slide share on my linkedin profile “Digital Strategy 101”• Social Media Maturity Chart / Framework given to IBM team 19