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  • ToutSuite is powerful and FUN! Don't miss the YouTube clips of two real ToutSuite live shows at the finale of this slide presentation!
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  • Introduction
  • The Problem
  • The Solution: ToutSuite - The Social Network for Brands
  • The Market
  • The Technology
  • Marketplace Traction
  • Competition
  • Benefits for Brands
  • Benefits for Members
  • Revenue
  • Seasoned Management Team
  • First Half of 2011 Built Platform Second Half of 2011 Launched prototype, performed rigorous testing, R&D, and built content libraries. Began charging production fees in January 2012.
  • Some of the SF Bay Area Brands Using ToutSuite
  • ToutSuite Social Club

    1. 1. Social Video Advertising  Changing the WayConsumers and Brands Engage
    2. 2. The Greatest Challenge for Brands:Humanizing Positive Communication • Social has changed the way of doing business and has transformed behaviors: Share and Search • Consumers today have vast influential power • Perception is no longer under a brand’s sole control • Brands struggle to facilitate human dialog • Brands must break into the consumers’ social sphere • Users are making their own videos about your product, and brands should be too
    3. 3. Solution: Social Network for Brands•Live streaming video•Users join on camera•Live Twitter interactivity•Purchase products•Advertising/sponsorship•Archives and Video Shorts•Continue conversationon archives with DISQUS
    4. 4. Online Advertising - Huge Market • $80.2 Billion globally in 2011 • 17.2% growth from 2010 – eMarketer
    5. 5. TechnologyEnd-to-end live interactive video streaming platform enables visitorsto interact with their favorite brands, celebrity and artisanal designers,alongside their social peer network.Scalability – cloud-based; built on top of Amazon WebServices• Multiple geographic locations on demand• Multiple machine sizes allow scalability to any audience size on the fly at a predictable per-user cost• No upfront capital expenditure on infrastructure; 100%rental model• SEO from transcripts
    6. 6. Sales & User Acquisition• Brands mailing lists, fans and followers sharing the experience• Satellite studios – New York, San Francisco• Direct sales• Advertising• Word of mouth• Traditional and social media• Strategic partnerships
    7. 7. Unique Offering
    8. 8. Value Proposition for Brands• Destination community: The Social Network for Brands• Authentic Engagement with new and existing consumers• Immense Opportunity to Generate Original Content• Socially Validated Advertising• Immense Savings compared to other forms of Video Production or Video Conferencing
    9. 9. Value Proposition for Users• Access and Experiences• Participate from Home or Anywhere in the World• Interact, Q&A• Fun to SHARE the Live Experience with Peers• Easy to SHARE Archives and Video Shorts
    10. 10. Multiple Revenue Streams• Content Production and Hosting Fees: Suite, SuitePLUS, SuitePRO• Advertising and Sponsorship Fees• Membership Fees• Percentage of Product Sales
    11. 11. Team• Susan Quinn, Founder and CEO• Didier Loustau, Founder and President• Richard “Brin” Brindley, CTO/COO
    12. 12. Susan Quinn, CEO• Founder and CEO of three start ups• Experience in recruiting partners, luminaries and top executives in high-tech• Conceived and developed live event text streaming in 1995 Speech to Text Innovation 1995“Last week’s conference was proof of the technology.Wordcasters clearly has market potential.” -Tim Jackson, Financial Times
    13. 13. Didier Loustau, President • Founder and Owner of two luxury marketing and shipping companies • Expert in sales and marketing for affinity lifestyle products • Relationship builder and visionary
    14. 14. Richard “Brin” Brindley, CTO • Seasoned Chief Technology Officer, Product Innovator and Web Technologist • Experience building new Ad Targeting, Enrichment, and Analytics platform encompassing Contextual, Behavioral, Search, Demographic, and Social Media Targeting • Built online advertising start-up from zero to $100m annual turnover • Adept with hands-on leading edge product development projects and large scale infrastructure design and implementation
    15. 15. Status and Milestones• Seed round – $300K raised in 2011 – $50K raised in 2012• Milestones – Site built and launched in beta on July 14, 2011 – Over 50 major lifestyle brands are engaged in SF Bay Area – 2012 billings = $11,700 (as of Feb 20)