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Intersection Digital Marketing Case Studies


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Intersection Digital Marketing Case Studies

  1. 1. Industry ShowcaseA collection of case studies summarizing our capabilities
  2. 2. CLIENT: INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE Image: Solutions Capabilities Used• Online/offline marketing integration. • We developed an analytics framework that introduced a • Digital strategy measurement protocol for all ongoing social media activity.• Expanding reach across digital • Tactical planning and Our approach mapped key metrics to different phases of channels. implementation interaction users had with the brand online, and connected• Social media measurement. process and formulas to the organization’s measurement • Pay per click advertising capacity and business objectives. • Copy development • We created and managed targeted digital advertising • Work flow design campaigns designed to fuel social network acquisition and recommended/launched relevant third party applications to • Advertising metrics improve audience engagement. • Social media best practices • We developed and implemented tactical plans that integrated offline/online marketing efforts, extending the • Content strategy reach of traditional marketing campaigns across digital channels.Case Study: International Airline
  3. 3. CLIENT: NATIONAL RETAILER Image: Solutions Capabilities Used• Connecting geographically dispersed • We lead brainstorming sessions that helped frame • Workshop facilitation stores/staff. audience information needs and business objectives. • Digital strategy This learning was used to deliver a 12 month social• Increasing employee engagement. media strategy roadmap that guided research, planning, • Tactical planning and• Employee knowledge management. implementation, management and measurement. implementation• Lack of an organizational social media • We launched an internal blog and “blog ambassador” • Content strategy strategy. program designed to fuel employee participation and • Work flow design knowledge transfer across regions and departments. The internal blog also acted as a pilot project that embedded • Information architecture learning and modelled best practices to be used in the second phase launch of a public facing corporate blog. • Website analytics • We developed content for a series of internal videos that • Pay per click advertising communicated organizational social media objectives • Social media training and guidelines.Case Study: National Retailer
  4. 4. CLIENT: BEVERAGE BRAND Image: Solutions Capabilities Used• Effectively communicating with • We conducted a comprehensive digital marketing audit that • Strategic research target audiences across different looked at the brand on its own and against a competitor set, • Digital audit social networks. delivering key takeaways and recommendations that guided the brand to continue/monitor what was working, optimize • Competitive analysis• Building brand awareness in specific ineffective channels and/or address critical digital gaps. markets. • Digital ad planning and • We developed a digital advertising matrix that optimized execution• Understanding the brand’s digital reach and budget. A focus was to introduce landing page presence and structure across • Content strategy and call to action protocols that transitioned visitor traffic multiple organic and paid channels. from the awareness stage towards opportunities for future • Work flow design engagement with the brand. • Social media training • Social media best practicesCase Study: Beverage Brand
  5. 5. CLIENT: INSURANCE COMPANY Image: Solutions Capabilities Used• Development of a thought leadership • We developed a multi channel content strategy and • Audience analysis position within the industry. delivered a 6 month digital marketing roadmap that • Digital strategy presented a clear set of implementation tasks/timelines• Connect with target audiences online. and outlined straightforward ongoing management and • Tactical planning and• No social media presence. measurement activities that took into account the limited implementation capacity of the organization.• Limited administrative capacity • Digital marketing management • We launched a corporate blog and set up multiple digital • Content strategy and channels aimed at providing useful content based on the development information needs of different audiences, positioning the organization as resource for customers, prospects and • Social media monitoring agents. • Blog design and development • We set up a social media management program that helped alleviate capacity issues by assisting with ongoing • Digital channel set up and brand journalism, listening/monitoring and conversation optimization. awareness. • Information architectureCase Study: Insurance Company
  6. 6. About IntersectionIntersection blends strategy with a practical approach to teach organizations how to leveragethe dynamics of web 2.0 to achieve business objectives.Principal, Mark Smiciklas is an established new marketing and social media practitionerrecognized for his strategic thinking – delivering practical, no-nonsense plans andimplementation strategies to companies across a variety of sectors.Intersection’s service offering is framed by Mark’s core beliefs in trust creation, listening,audience analysis and stakeholder engagement. Working with B2B/B2C clients and agencieshas provided rich experience with both supply-side and consumer facing situations, enablingus to offer unique insight beyond tools and tactics.